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Chapter 427 – That Figure

Eye-piercing rays of blood-red sword light blossomed across the horizon akin to a blood-red firework, its beauty permeating with heart-palpitating fierceness within.

Countless people in this region were dumbfounded as they took in the spectacle that had just happened before them. Clearly, this had exceeded the expectations of everyone, as not a single one of them had imagined such a result. The Yellow Dragon Sovereign, who should have an absolute control over the entire situation and not let the slightest bit of unforeseen event to occur, had unexpected been sent flying by Mu Chen, with his demonic pillar, before being struck by the astonishing sword light that suddenly erupted from Luo Li.

Across the horizon, the blood-red rays of sword light present gradually dissipated away under the shocked and astonished gazes that blotted the skies. In the next moment, a figure started to reappeared in their lines-of-sight.

As the figure appeared, the continuous sounds of people sucking in breaths of cold air instantly rang out across the world, without a break.

The figure was naturally the Yellow Dragon Sovereign. However, at this moment, the expression on his face was dark to the point of becoming frightening. On his body, his robes were already torn apart, revealing his chest. At this moment, there was actually a line of bloodstain on his chest, extending up from his belly to his throat…

The Yellow Dragon Sovereign was actually injured!

Countless people looked in shock at the ravishing young girl in black robes hovering in the sky. She’d actually injured a First Grade Sovereign with her strength being of Heavenly Completion Stage? How’s that possible…? Let’s not talk about a Heavenly Completion Stage, even one that had passed through their Three Sovereign Tribulations wouldn’t be able to injure a First Grade Sovereign!

“Such a formidable Divine Sword.” Xia Tianyan muttered as he stared at the Luo Shen Sword tightly grasped in Luo Li’s hands, while a sliver of shock flashed within his eyes. He could feel a threatening sensation radiating from that sword. If that sword was to land in the hands of a First Grade Sovereign, he would feel extreme fear and dread.

That definitely had to be a Divine Artifact! Furthermore, it’s definitely an uncommon one amongst all of the Divine Spiritual Artifacts.

“Exactly what is that girl’s background? She’s actually able to wield such a formidable Divine Artifact…” muttered Xia Tianyan in shock and astonishment. A Divine Artifact… That was something that even their Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce was unable to produce. He never imagined that one of them would appear in the hands of a Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy student! Such that it had caused his eyes to turn red with envy.

Nevertheless, despite his envy, Xia Tianyan knew that a young girl that was able to hold such a precious treasure would definitely have quite a formidable background. Whoever dared to recklessly dip their fingers in might have to pay a miserably high price.

Beside him, Xia Youran shook her head while shock and astonishment were present within her eyes. Although she could be considered yo have known Luo Li, she never imagined that the ravishing and quiet young girl would actually possess such a card.

“Nevertheless, she’s too weak and is unable to properly wield the power of that Divine Sword. If not, with the two of them, one holding the demonic pillar and the other holding the Divine Sword, even the Yellow Dragon Sovereign would be hard pressed to achieve victory,” said Xia Tianyan in a regretful tone. “Furthermore, at this moment… the Yellow Dragon Sovereign might have already gotten mad.”

The Yellow Dragon Sovereign was mad with fury. Lowering his head to look at the wound on his chest, a shiver uncontrollably shook across his entire body as his face burned with shame. Although such an injury didn’t do any harm to him, it was undoubtedly a vicious slap to his face. Furthermore, it happened right in front of countless experts from the Northern Heavens Continent… He could already imagine how big of a joke he would be as this matter circulated around.

A Sovereign Realm existence received such a miserable attack from the hands of two Heavenly Completion Stage juniors. A moment of carelessness had resulted in him losing all of his face.

“You two bastards…” Everyone could hear the shivering present in the the Yellow Dragon Sovereign’s voice as he stared towards Mu Chen and Luo Li with incomparable malevolence brimming within his eyes, wishing with all his might to tear the two of them into shreds.

“I’ll make sure that you two wish that you were dead!”

The Yellow Dragon Sovereign roared out, his body explosively shooting out. In a flash, he had appeared right before Luo Li. With a flick of his finger, the space before him shattered apart, as a frightening ripple containing destructive energies swept towards Luo Li at lightning speed.


However, just as the frightening ripped was about to reach Luo Li, a dragon shadow shot out, as Mu Chen grasped his hand around Luo Li’s waist, taking the lead and rushing out of the range of the incoming ripple.

“You can’t even guarantee your own life, and you still want to save other people, little bastard?” The Yellow Dragon Sovereign roared out with a malevolent smile. Tapping his finger out once again, a fluid-like ray of light shot out from it, shattering through space, violently smashing against Mu Chen’s back.

Suffering such a heavy strike, a mouthful of blood spurted out as Mu Chen tightly hugged Luo Li, the both of them flying thousands of metres back in a miserable fashion. Blood and flesh were indistinguishable on his back. If not for him having reached a small level of mastery of his Lightning God’s Physique, that single point from the Yellow Dragon Sovereign might have already pierced through him.

“Mu Chen!”

The blood seeping out from Mu Chen’s mouth dripped onto Luo Li’s silvery hair, appearing exceedingly striking. Nevertheless, not caring about all of these, Luo Li raised her lovable face to look at the pale-faced Mu Chen. Upon staring at him, a tight clutch grasped her heart as a red print appeared on her bitten lip.

“I’m not dead yet.”

Mu Chen muttered with a painful smile. All the bones in his body felt as if they had shattered, causing incomparable pain to rocket through his entire body. Truly worthy of a Sovereign realm expert. Just a slight bit of seriousness had already rendered them totally unable to put up any resistance. He had still underestimated the might of a Sovereign. Even after relying on the miraculous power of the “Page of Sealing”, which allowed him to temporarily seal the Spiritual Energy within the body of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, the two of them combined were still unable to do any genuine harm towards the latter.

“Indeed, you aren’t dead yet. That’s because I want you two to feel pain beyond any death!” An indifferent voice totally devoid of any mercy rang out from behind them. From behind, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign malevolently stared towards them as he raised his finger once again.

Clenching her teeth, Luo Li grasped her Luo Shen Sword as she wiped the tip of the sword with her finger. As her finger made contact, an incomparably complicated blood red rune surfaced on the body of the sword. Extending her hand, she planned to wipe that rune off, completely unsealing the “Luo Shen Sword”.

However, just as she was able to do so, Mu Chen made a furious grasp at the body of the sword, instantly causing his hand to be sliced and bloodied by the fierce sword qi present. Seeing his actions, Luo Li was instantly shocked, causing her to hastily retract the sword qi present on the Luo Shen Sword.
“Let go!” cried Luo Li.

“Don’t do this. Relax, I ain’t gonna die that easily!” replied Mu Chen between his clenched teeth. Mu Chen knew about some of the formidable cards Luo Li possessed. If she was to unleash them, she might just be able to subdue that Yellow Dragon Sovereign. However, the price she had to pay would be her earlier departure, something that Mu Chen didn’t want to happen.

Luo Li knew what Mu Chen was thinking about. She deeply cherished and loved the times she spent together with Mu Chen. Nevertheless, all of this was ranked below his safety within her heart. If she could forsake them in exchange to saving Mu Chen’s life, she would show no hesitation in doing so…

“Believe in me!”

Clenching her teeth, Luo Li looked straight into Mu Chen’s eyes, before finally releasing her seal. Gently nodding her head, she replied, “If you don’t have any more ways, I’ll make my move!”

Her voice sounded resolute and decisive. Clearly, she would not permit Mu Chen to influence her decision in any way.

Giving a helpless smile, a shiver shook through Mu Chen’s body as a giant dragon shadow surfaced beneath his feet. In the next instant, his body shot away like a spectre as a ray of light glanced past his ear. Although it had missed, a slash opened on Mu Chen’s face.

All of a sudden, extremely terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations rushed towards the sky in the distance. As people started to glance over, they saw an astonishing fight taking place where Liu An and Ling Xi was. Ling Xi, who didn’t show any interest in her fight against Liu An had a chilling expression blanketing over her lovable face, with her attacks being incomparable vicious. Frightening attacks headed successively towards Liu An, forcing the latter to the point of being caught unprepared.

“Scram off!”

With a frosty expression covering her lovable face, killing intent erupted from Ling Xi’s beautiful eyes.

Shocked by the sudden burst of astonishing killing intent that had erupted from Ling Xi, Liu An gave a thoughtful glace towards Mu Chen, who was escaping in a miserable fashion from the attacks of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign. Giving a helpless smile, he spoke out. “Miss Ling Xi, can we return to what we’ve done previously? What’s the use in taking action now? It won’t do any good for the both of us.”


However, before he could finish his words, with a wave of her hand, fluctuations appeared in the sky as countless rays of brilliance shot out, forming a gigantic thousand-plus metre large scarlet-red Spiritual Array. Within the Spiritual Array was a majestic thousand-plus metre tall volcano rapidly taking shape.

“Scram off!”

Ling Xi gave a cold roar as she gave a wave of her willowy sleeve. In the next instant, astonishing fluctuations erupted out from the majestic volcano. Lava erupted from its crater, transforming into an incomparably gigantic lava python. Surging forward, it howled as it attacked towards Liu An.

Noticing the incoming attack, the expression on Liu An’s face changed as he did not dare to show the slightest negligence. With a low roar, a gigantic glowing Spiritual Energy figure condensed behind his back. Appearing like a giant that held the sky up, its breath caused gales and clouds to form. Sending its giant, corporeal-like finger rumbling out, it shattered the space before it, smashing head-on against the incoming giant lava python.

Facing against an angry Ling Xi, Liu An had no choice but to summon his Sovereign Celestial Body out.

As Ling Xi and Liu An unleashed heavy blows against each other, Mu Chen’s situation was getting increasingly miserable. The frequency at which the Yellow Dragon Sovereign was sending his attacks grew increasingly fast, causing the wounds to increase in number, flesh blood flowing from all of them.

Embraced in his bosom, Luo Li’s eyes turned red as she saw the growing injuries on Mu Chen’s body. Clutching her Luo Shen Sword tightly, her hands started to shiver.

“You’ve evaded truly well. Are you going to evade this again?”

The Yellow Dragon Sovereign gave a malevolent laugh, extending his ten fingers before furiously pressing down in the space before him.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As he pressed his ten fingers down, ten frightening rays of light shattered through space, enveloping a circular radius of a thousand metres around Mu Chen. Such an attack was completely unavoidable.
Clenching his teeth, a black pagoda shot out from Mu Chen’s hand. Rapidly expanding in size, it transformed into a nine-storey pagoda, enveloping Mu Chen within it.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Rays of light violently smashed against the surface of the pagoda. Faced against such frightening attacks, even with its defensive capabilities, cracks started to appear on its surface. Finally with a loud boom, the greatest defensive card in Mu Chen’s hand was completely smashed apart.

“You two bastards can go and die now!”

With a malevolent smile, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign explosively shot out. With a wave of his large hand, a giant Spiritual Energy hand thousand metres large started to condense. With a violent wave, he sent it smashing down towards Mu Chen and Luo Li, smashing through every inch of space between them.
The Yellow Dragon Sovereign had finally stopped playing and was now attempting to completely erase the life of Mu Chen and Luo Li.

As the Nine-Layered Pagoda shattered apart, Mu Chen spurted yet another mouthful of blood. Within his bosom, an ancient and cryptic blood-red rune surfaced on the Luo Shen Sword within Luo Li’s hand with her finger tip extending out once again.

Now in an extremely bad shape, Mu Chen sensed the frightening fluctuations pressing down from his head. Faced against it, he could only give a bitter smile and sigh. Shaking his head towards Luo Li, he raised his palm up as he planned to forcefully summon Nine Nether, who was currently in the middle of her evolution.


However, just as Mu Chen was attempting to forcefully summon her, he discovered that the Nine-Layered Pagoda that was shattered by the Yellow Dragon Sovereign unexpectedly started to radiate with dazzling rays of brilliance. As the rays of brilliance started to converge together, it enveloped Mu Chen within it. At the depths of the brilliance, a figure of a lady seemed to slowly surface within.

As the figure surfaced from within, a sweet and gentle voice loudly rang out across the world. The voice sounded abnormally gentle. However, despite that, it contained a sliver of fury that caused the temperature of the entire world to turn icy-cold.

“Did you think that a measly First Grade Sovereign can harm my son?!”

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