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Chapter 426 – Power of the Demonic Pillar, Might of the Divine Sword

Killing intent that blotted the skies gushed across the horizon, transforming into something corporeal as it enveloped over the young girl standing tall in the sky. Despite being faced against the enveloping pressure coming from a Sovereign, not a single shred of fear was present in the eyes of Mu Chen and Luo Li. Their bearings made quite a few people quietly sigh in admiration, before looking at the two of them with regret and pity present in their eyes. The scene before them was truly one that led to death.

Feeling the killing intent surging towards him, Mu Chen darkly stared towards the Yellow Dragon Sovereign. Tightly clenching his hands, he could feel the gigantic threat looming over him. This threat was upteen times more than what he had felt when faced against Mo Xingtian; after all, the former was simply not on the same level as the Yellow Dragon Sovereign present before him right now.

Although the Yellow Dragon was only a First Grade Sovereign, a Sovereign was a Sovereign. Regardless of what Grade he was, everything he did would seemingly be able to suppress Mu Chen.


Clenching his teeth, Mu Chen looked towards Luo Li in an attempt to get her to leave. This place was too dangerous for her.

However, before he could finish his words, Luo Li opened her beautiful eyes wide as she looked over, her eyebrows turning vertical as angry fluctuations appeared on her lovable face. Despite that, she didn’t say a single word, continuing to stare at Mu Chen, approximately telling him that she was flipping at him.

Seeing her response, Mu Chen gave a helpless smile. Extending his hand to grasp the slender and jade-like hand of the young girl, he shrugged his shoulders before saying, “Alright. I’m wrong. We’ll always be together. Screw them and whatever bird Sovereign he is. Let’s chop him up before talking.”
“However, the matter before us is extremely troublesome. You have to listen to me.” Staring at Luo Li, Mu Chen spoke out in an earnest tone.

After hesitating for a slight while, Luo Li gently nodded her head. She wasn’t the type that loved to be pampered, but she just didn’t like Mu Chen always putting her behind him. This always resulting in him shouldering all the wounds and injuries, which made her heart hurt. She had already given consideration towards the overall situation. Indeed, the situation before them was extremely unfavorable.

“The Yellow Dragon Sovereign’s too strong. However, it’s because of him being too strong that we might just have a sliver of a chance. That’s because such an expert would always care about their face in such a situation. They won’t immediately take action and unleash their true moves right at the beginning. Our chance would appear when this sliver gets bigger.”

Rays of brilliance faintly flashed within Mu Chen’s black pupils as his soft voice rang within Luo Li’s ear. “Therefore, I will take action first. With your Luo Shen Sword, I’ll try my best to create a sliver of an opportunity for you. At that moment, you should take action. Remember, we only have one chance. If that’s not possible…”

Gentling biting her lip, Luo Li knew that Mu Chen had clearly handed the most dangerous task to himself. Nevertheless, this time, she didn’t rebuke his decision, as she knew that between the two of them, the only thing that could pose a threat to the Yellow Dragon Sovereign would be the Luo Shen Sword in her hands. Although Mu Chen had the so-called ‘Great Meru Demonic Pillar’, which was incredibly formidable, within his body, it was too ominous. At this current moment, Mu Chen was simply unable to control it. Therefore, the only thing they could rely on would be the Divine Weapon of the Luo God Clan in her hands.

“Be careful,” replied Luo Li in a soft voice.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen stopped speaking, turning his gaze towards the leisurely-looking Yellow Dragon Sovereign as a chilling glint flashed within his eyes. If the situation ended up being the most disastrous outcome, the only thing he could do would be to forcefully summon Nine Nether out. Although this would disturb her evolution, it’s much better than the three of them dying here. After all, having the bloodline link with him, if Mu Chen dies in the hands of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, the Nine Nether would be hard pressed to keep her life.

“Are you two done discussing on how to deal with me?” asked the Yellow Dragon Sovereign with an apathetic smile as he shot a slightly amused look at the two. He didn’t care about what countermeasure Mu Chen seemed to be discussing with Luo Li, just like how a hunter wouldn’t care about two rabbits fighting it out in a cage. His strength as a Sovereign was his greatest and most absolute card.

With an emotionless expression on his face, Mu Chen gave a clench, causing black rays of lightning to erupt from the surface of his body. As his body grew taller by an inch, two lightning runes appeared on his chest, his Two Rune Lightning God’s Physique immediately being activated. Furthermore, at this instant, a gigantic surge of ominous energy erupted from within his body, power coming from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.

Mu Chen was extremely clear about the frightening disparity between him and the Yellow Dragon Sovereign. Therefore, he absolutely didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of restraint. All of his cards have now been unleashed, with not a single one left hidden.

Fluctuations started to radiated from Mu Chen’s body and his robes started fluttering about, causing quite a few big shots present to gasp in shock and astonishment. A youth that was able to defeat Mo Xingtian, had truly caused people to have a whole new level of respect for his capabilities and strength.

Tightly clenching her jade-like hands, Xia Youran stared at Mu Chen, who was unexpectedly planning to take action against the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, as worry filled her lovable eyes. Turning her head around, she spoke to Xia Tianyan standing beside her, “ Father. In’t our Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce not planning to do anything? Isn’t letting the Dragon Demonic Palace suppress the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy not a good thing for us?”

Shooting a look at Mu Chen, Xia Tianyan gave a smile and replied, “Are you worried about that brat?”
Hearing his reply, a tinge of red appeared on Xia Youran’s lovable face as she replied in embarrassment, “I’m discussing a proper matter with you!”

Giving a sigh, Xia Tianyan replied, “Now’s not the right time to take action and provide assistance. This time, the Dragon Demonic Palace has made ample preparations. We have to give more consideration into this. If we are inattentive, our Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce might invite a catastrophic disaster.”

Hearing his reply, Xia Youran kept quiet for a short while. Both the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Demonic Dragon Palace were gargantuan existences in the Northern Heavens Continent. Even their Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce would be lacking when compared to peak-level influences like them.
“Relax. That brat’s considered to have saved you in the Divine Spiritual Mountain. I’m not an ungrateful person. If there’s truly no other way, I’ll make a move and help him escape with his life,” said Xia Tianyan slowly.

Hearing her father’s words, Xia Youran gave a quiet sigh. In this situation, that might be the most her father could do.


As the tyrannical fluctuations around Mu Chen’s body reached their extremity, Mu Chen abruptly shot forwards. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar shot towards the skies, before landing in Mu Chen’s embrace. Carrying along surging fiendish energies, it violently howled towards the Yellow Dragon Sovereign!
The demonic pillar casted its shadow as its fiendish energies enveloped over the Yellow Dragon Sovereign. Despite the incoming attack, an indifferent expression remained on his face, with no signs of wanting to dodge or evade the attack. Extending his hand out, he raised it, letting the demonic pillar to heavily slam onto his palm.


Gigantic fluctuations, visible to the naked-eye, rippled and spread out, causing the surrounding space to shake to the point of showing signs of warping. Despite such a huge impact, the figure of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign hovering in the sky unexpectedly showed not the slightest sign of moving. Although his body was disproportionate to the gigantic pillar above him, his frail-looking figure contained earth-shattering power within it.

“The Great Meru Demonic Pillar’s truly been wasted in your hands.”

Giving an indifferent smile, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign gave a backhanded slap, which heavily landed on the surface of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.


Metallic sounds reverberated across the horizon as the gigantic Great Meru Demonic Pillar was unexpectedly sent flying by a single slap from the Yellow Dragon Sovereign. Hugging the demonic pillar, the shock travelled back to him, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood. Despite that, a malevolent shadow flash within his eyes, not backing away a single step. Shooting forward like a madman, he waved the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, sending it howling through the air, sending continuous heavy blows towards the Yellow Dragon Sovereign.

Clang! Clang!

Not moving a single inch, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign leisurely sent slap after slap out, causing astonishingly loud sounds to erupt every time his palm landed on the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Each time it did, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar would intensely vibrate, with Mu Chen successively spurting out mouthfuls of blood. In an instant, his robes were stained by his blood, causing him to appear frightening in people’s eyes.

Behind him, Luo Li furiously bit her lip as her jade-like hands tightly grasped her Luo Shen Sword. Dark red blood continuously flowed down the body the sword. At this moment, faint rays of dark red brilliance radiated from the Luo Shen Sword, seemingly forming a faint blood-red rune on the body of the sword. As this formed, slivers of sword aura that caused people’s hearts to palpate that were gradually dissipating started to ripple around her entire body, causing even the surrounding space to get sliced and chopped up.


Clear sounds that caused people’s heart to jump reverberated across the horizon as everyone present in this region noticed the valiant attacks successively launched by Mu Chen were completely ineffective. Instead, his injuries were growing more and more severe, causing all of them to quietly smack their lips. This brat’s truly not giving a care about his life! He actually dares to engage in a fight against a Sovereign! Even if this continues on, he might be killed by the counter impact he receives.

Clearly, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign felt interested in this aspect of his, grinning as he stared at Mu Chen, who continued to launch his attacks akin to seeing a mouse struggling comically around in vain.

A scarlet-red glow flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as a furious roar rang out from his throat. In the next instant, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar violently slammed towards the Yellow Dragon Sovereign once again, while the fresh blood seeping out from the corner of his mouth appeared exceedingly scarlet and eye-piercing.

“It’s about time,” said the Yellow Dragon Sovereign with a smile, eyes brimming with cruel ruthlessness as rays of brilliance started to condense within his hand. Giving a backhanded slap, he heavily sent a hand towards the Great Meru Demonic Pillar that was rumbling towards him.

At the instant when the two made contact, a chilling glint erupted within Mu Chen’s eyes. Within his aurasea, glowing purplish runes furiously erupted from the “Page of Sealing”. In the next instant, a ray of purplish light erupted out, shooting as it travelled along the length of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Finally, it shot through the palm of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, rushing straight into his body.

As this happened, the smile present of the face of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign abruptly froze up as he felt the vast and unending Spiritual Energy within his body unexpectedly dissipating away. In the next instant, the power pressure he was radiating had quickly dissipated away.

As if it was sealed!


The Great Meru Demonic Pillar violently smashed against the body of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign as frightening energies torrentially poured out from it. As a huge bang reverberated out, countless people stared in shock as they saw the Yellow Dragon Sovereign being sent flying across the horizon.

“Luo Li!”

As the webs between Mu Chen’s thumbs and forefingers split apart, Mu Chen gave a loud roar.

Hearing his roar, the young girl in the distance shot up towards the sky. At this moment, the longsword within her hands appeared with an abnormally deep red colour. On its surface, a blood-red rune appeared to quietly melt away the blood present on the body of the sword.


A sword cry resounded across the horizon, causing the surrounding space to shake. In the next instant, countless people stared in shock as the absolutely beautiful young girl with her slender waist had her silvery hair flutter around and a chilly expression on her lovable face as she sent a stab thrusting out.

The scarlet-red longsword erupted with eye-dazzling rays of blood-red light. In the next instant, a blood-red ray of sword light shot out, transforming into river of blood. Wherever it travelled, space shattered apart. Finally, as sounds of people sucking in cold breaths of air rang out, the river of blood slashed down on the body of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, who was sent flying by Mu Chen with not the slightest bit of mercy.


Rays of blood-red light spread out across the sky as Sword Aura that blotted the skies howled out, causing the surrounding space to appear as if it was being pierced full of holes.

Seeing the spectacle before them, the various big shots present were completely dumbfounded.

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