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Chapter 418 – Demonic Rune

The patterns created by the blood on Mo Xingtian’s face formed a blood rune that caused people to feel their hair stand on their ends. Upon forming, the blood rune started wriggling and squirming about as if it possessed some form of life. If one looked at it closely, one would notice that the blood rune appeared to have pierced into Mo Xingtian’s face, with the squirming actions unexpectedly due to it feasting on Mo Xingtian’s fresh blood.

At this moment, his face started to grow slightly slimmer and paler than before.

Such a feeling was indescribably mysterious.

As Xia Youran and the rest noticed this spectacle, all of their faces turned deathly pale, while their eyes were overwhelmed with shock. Never, in their wildest dreams, did they imagine that Mo Xingtian would actually be so ruthless as to pull that card out in this fight. From the looks of it, he truly intended to deal with Mu Chen here, once and for all.

Devouring Dragon Demonic Rune.

This was one of the extremely frightening secret techniques of the Demonic Dragon Palace. It’s said that by rearing the blood of a true dragon within one’s body, when activated, the demonic rune would devour the host’s blood and strengthen itself, allowing the host to erupt with extremely frightening strength.

This secret technique possessed extremely powerful might. However, the requirements it possessed were also abnormally harsh. Of the entire younger generation within the Demonic Dragon Palace, Mo Xingtian was the only person that was able to successfully achieve this. Even Mo Longzi was far from being able to achieve success in this. However, over the past few years, this was the very first time that Xia Youran and the rest have seen Mo Xingtian activate the “Devouring Dragon Demonic Rune”, since, in the past, the latter didn’t even activate it when crossing hands with them.

Clearly, the need to kill Mu Chen was deeply entrenched in Mo Xingtian’s heart.

Under the countless terrified and shocked gazes focused on him, Mo Xingtian trained his deadpan-eyes to look indifferently at the divine imprint enveloping over. With a flick of his finger, the blood-red demonic rune on his face started to slowly peel away, before rapidly expanding to a height of 300 metres. As the bloody glow squirmed and wriggled on its surface, it appeared akin to a coiled-up giant dragon, and a dragon roar brimming with anger erupted out from it.


Pointing towards the sky, a voice completely lacking in emotion rang out from his mouth.


Shooting straight out, the blood-red demonic rune slammed straight against the divine imprint pressing down from above, causing blood-red light to blossom across the horizon. At this moment, the divine seal, which had smashed through Mo Xingtian’s Spiritual Energy like twigs a moment ago was now being completely blocked by the blood-red demonic rune, completely unable to move even an inch forward.

Upon noticing this, Mu Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed as he felt a chill sweeping across his entire body. At this moment, he could feel an extremely life-threatening flavor from the blood-red demonic rune.

Chi! Chi!

Akin to a net of blood, the blood-red demonic rune started to expand, corroding the divine imprint under its bloody glow. Under that corrosion, the divine imprint rapidly trembled as its vast and boundless might started to slowly decrease. Clearly, the Four Divine Seals weren’t a match for the blood-red demonic rune.

Although Mu Chen possessed his cards, Mo Xiantian similarly possessed cards that were sufficient to turn the situation to his favor.


Mo Xingtian spoke out with an indifferent smile as he gave an abrupt clench of his hand, a chilling glint flashed within his deadpan-eyes.


The blood-red demonic rune blossomed with blood-red rays of brilliance, appearing akin to a sea of blood. Under the corrosion of this sea of blood, the divine imprint was completely submerged in an instant.


As the divine imprint was broken, Mu Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood as a hint of paleness flashed across his face. Clenching his teeth, he thought, This Mo Xingtian truly is formidable. He never imagined that the Four Gods Constellation Technique, which he had mastered to the level of great accomplishment, wouldn’t be able to allow for him to obtain victory. Naturally, however, Mu Chen also knew that it wasn’t that the Four Gods Constellation Technique was weaker than the latter’s demonic rune, but that his own strength being at a disparite distance from Mo Xingtian’s.

Even after supplementing himself with the fiendish energies of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, which had allowed him to close much of the distance, his original strength was still at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase.

“This is the end.”

Staring apathetically towards Mu Chen, whose cards had been broken, Mo Xingtian gave a wave of his sleeve, sending the blood-red demonic rune howling out. Covering the earth and hiding the skies, it enveloped over Mu Chen as a bloody glow radiated from it, seemingly sealing away all of Mu Chen’s retreat paths.

At this moment, everyone present could see that Mo Xingtian had already decided to wrap up and conclude this fight.

Will this fight come to an end here?

Countless people waited quietly in bated breaths.

At the outskirt of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, the Elders from the various places had their gazes towards the gigantic light screen present, with quite a few people quietly taking a sigh. That Mu Chen from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy truly was formidable to be able to force Mo Xingtian to such a step with his strength at only the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. If he was given a number of years more to cultivate, there might not be anyone within the younger generation that would be able to match up to him.

However, its a pity that geniuses always died young.

From the looks of its, Mo Xingtian had clearly decided to unleash his killing move. It looked like he had also discovered the astonishing potential the youth before him possessed; therefore, he decided to not leave a future disaster to haunt him in the future.

A few gazes turned towards the direction of Dean Tai Cang and the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, on the contrary, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Dean still had a calm and collected expression, eyes continuing to focus on the Spiritual Energy light screen. The image displayed within it showed that the blood-red demonic rune had already covered all of the retreat paths Mu Chen could take, while a sea of blood billowed out from it as a murderous aura flared and gushed out.

At this moment, Mu Chen was clearly in an extremely life-threatening situation.

Behind Dean Tai Cang, Luo Li tightly grasped her longsword, with her slender fingers already turning white due to the force she had exerted. Clearly, the situation present before her eyes caused worry and unease to rise within her.

Standing beside her, Ling Xi grasped Luo Li’s slender hands before speaking out in a soft voice, “Relax. Nothing will happen to him. If there’s truly an unforeseen change, the Dean and I will definitely take action.”

Hearing that, Luo Li nodded her small head, before focusing her beautiful eyes towards the light screen. Being somewhat clear about the cards that Mu Chen possessed, she was completely unable to think about exactly how Mu Chen would break away from this life-threatening situation.

The atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was a stifling and oppressed one, with all of the students tightly locking their gazes towards the Spiritual Energy light screen. Even Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the others had hands filled with cold sweat. Clearly, they were able to sense the unfavourable situation Mu Chen was in right now. However, there was absolutely nothing that they could do right now. At this moment, the only thing they could do was to pray for Mu Chen to be able to endure the onslaught. Although, they knew that it was an extremely difficult matter to accomplish…

“Come on, Mu Chen! All of us are watching you right now…”

Shen Cangsheng and the rest spoke out with a soft sigh. The only thing they could do was to support and cheer for him. As for the fight, the only person Mu Chen could rely on would be himself.


Akin to a demon god, the blood-red demonic rune brought about a blood of sea that blotted the skies over. The earth-shattering spectacle appearing before them caused the scalps of countless experts below to turn numb. This Mo Xingtian’s undoubtedly the person at the highest peak within the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent. This move by him might even be comparable to those peak experts that had passed their Spiritual Energy Tribulation.

From the looks of it, it’s already extremely hard for that Mu Chen to turn the current situation around.

Xia Youran’s beautiful eyes started to fluctuate with her surging emotions. Finally, with a clench of her teeth, she prepared to take action.

However, before she could even make her move, Liu Ying and the other two before her had already blocked and obstructed her path, before speaking out with an indifferent tone. “Looks like that Mu Chen’s dead, without a single doubt. Is there anymore need to cause trouble? In the off chance that you’ll provoke Mo Xingtian, it’ll not be something nice for you guys to endure then.”

Furiously clenching her teeth, Xia Youran shot a vicious glare towards Liu Ying and the other two. However, in the end, she did not make her move, since she knew that she wouldn’t be able to shove her way past the obstruction created by the three people in front of her.

Standing behind Xia Youran, both Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu gave a sigh in the end. Faced against such a strong and powerful Mo Xingtian, they had truly lost quite a bit of their courage and daringness. From the looks of it, they might have to return empty-handed in this Divine Spiritual Mountain’s opening.

Under the attention of countless pitiful and sympathizing gazes, a serious expression was present on Mu Chen’s face as he looked towards the blood-red demonic rune enveloping over him. The aura of death blasting towards his face caused his heart to rapidly start pumping. In the end, he gave a bitter laugh, while a malevolent shadow started to slowly condense within those black pupils of his.

I, Mu Chen, have faced numerous life-or-death situations in the past few years! However, at the very end, I’ve endured and passed all of them. I’m afraid that it isn’t easy as you, Mo Xingtian think to take away my life!

With a furious wave of his sleeve, a dozen jade bottles appeared in a flash. Appearing to be transparent, those jade bottles were filled to the brim with scarlet-red flames.

Flicking his fingers in succession, Mu Chen smashed all of the jade bottles up, causing the scarlet-red flames to instantly spew out as they shattered apart. As the volume of the flames expanded, they transformed into a sea of scarlet flames, spreading out across the skies with Mu Chen in its centre.

As the temperature skyrocketed, the surrounding space started to warp and distort. Being in the core of the sea of flames, intense bouts of pain racked Mu chen’s body. Being completely unable to control those flames, he was being injured just by releasing them in the air.


Mu Chen’s actions caused some cries of doubt as everyone clearly didn’t understand what he was planning to do.

Xia Youran had also slightly gawked upon seeing his actions. The flames in those jade bottles were a favor that Mu Chen had asked her to gather for him. However, at that time, she didn’t know what he was planning to do with them. From the looks of it, is he planning to use them to contend against Mo Xingtian’s demonic rune? That’s absolutely impossible! Not to mention the fact that he cannot even control those flames! Even if that’s a possibility, it’s impossible to defend against Mo Xingtian’s attacks with only those flames.

Ignoring those doubtful gazes coming his way, Mu Chen continued to stare at the scarlet-red flames that continued to expand out. Disregarding the intense burning pain racking his body, he took a deep breath, before sitting down in the air. Extending his palm out, a purple-coloured flame started to quietly rise from within.

That’s the Undying Fire!

During that day, when Mu Chen had helped Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong dispel the poison within their bodies, he had managed to obtain a bunch of Undying Fire from Nine Nether!

This Undying Fire was the divine flame that the Nine Nether could produce within her body after her evolution. Compared to the Nine Nether Fire he had fused with before, the might of the Undying Fire was numerous times more powerful. Therefore, it was the final card that Mu Chen had up his sleeves!

Creating a seal with a single hand, a low and deep roar rang out as a suction force erupted from his palm.

Hu! Hu!

As the suction force erupted out, the scarlet-red flames in the surroundings howled as they condensed together, finally transforming into a pillar of flames that rushed straight towards Mu Chen’s palm. The flame seedling present there gently flickered, cleanly devouring all of the flames that came into contact with it.

In a short span of a few breaths, the scarlet-red sea of flames that had pervaded the surroundings had completely disappeared. As for the clump of Undying Fire within Mu Chen’s palm, it had grown larger by a few sizes, with its dim purplish colour appearing extremely mysterious.

As the flame seedling within Mu Chen’s palm surged and increased in size, rays of light radiating from it illuminated Mu Chen’s face, causing him to appear exceedingly abstruse.

Raising his head, Mu Chen sent a faint smile towards the distant Mo Xingtian. Merely, the smile was frosty, with not a single trace of emotion present on it. After doing a move that caused everyone to exclaim in shock, Mu Chen raised his palm and swallowed that extremely frightening purple-coloured flame straight into his mouth.

“Since you want my life, let me accompany you. Let’s see exact who’s the one that will be buried at this place.”

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