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Chapter 411 – Ascending the Steps

“Remain here for me!”

An explosive roar abruptly rang across the skies, as a male in green robes lunged down like a falcon as tyrannical Spiritual Energy erupted from him. Golden-like light sparkled and radiated on his body, giving people a feeling of incomparable destruction. Under his fist, the air before him had completely shattered and exploded apart, causing deep explosive sounds to resound across the horizon.

The green-robed male that had suddenly taken action had immediately attracted the attention of countless people, whose gazes immediately shivered in shock in the next instant.

The green-robed male was called Qing Hu, and possessed extremely tyrannical strength, allowing him to dominate a region of the Northern Heavens Continent, similar to what Wu Dong had done. Although his strength was still lacking when compared to the three great Chambers of Commerce, as well as peak influences like the Western Extreme Palace, he could absolutely not be considered as weak.

The strength of the person in front of Mu Chen, Qing Hu was absolutely not weaker than that Wu Dong from before. Therefore, upon him unleashing his full strength, the imposing aura radiating out caused people’s hearts to palpitate. At this moment, all of them were wondering exactly how Mu Chen would be able to rush up under such a tyrannical obstruction from Qing Hu.

Everyone knew in their hearts that if Mu Chen was to show just the slightest bit of being obstructed by Qing Hu, his movement up the steps would end at this level. That’s because every other expert standing on the stone platforms at this step were not any bit weaker than the latter, and would absolutely not allow anyone not much stronger than them to leap over their heads to reach the second highest step and enjoy the most perfect Divine Spiritual Baptism.

Standing on the stone platforms at the second highest step, the seven figures standing proudly there were also observing the scene unfolding on the step below them. At this moment, Xia Youran couldn’t help clenching her hands tightly as she looked at the impending attack towards Mu Chen. If Mu Chen wanted to climb all the way up to the second highest step, he would need to demonstrate a strength that would be able to intimidate Qing Hu, since those other experts on the same step weren’t any bit weaker than the latter. If Mu Chen was unable to awe and intimidate them, the others might not allow him to do as he wished and climb up to the second highest step.

“Ha.” A soft sneer rang out from Liu Ying, with a dark gaze filled with amusement shot towards the figure of Mu Chen below.


Under the attentive gazes of everyone present, a low roar rang out from Qing Hu as tyrannical Spiritual Energy was brought along with the frightening windy fists shot out from his fist. Enveloping Mu Chen’s surroundings, that swift and fierce punch was more than sufficient to kill a Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase expert!

Clearly, upon taking action, this Qing Hu had immediately unleashed a killing move; he obviously had no intention of showing any mercy to Mu Chen.

Boundless windy fists rapidly grew larger within Mu Chen’s vision, while a chilling atmosphere erupted like a tsunami.

Spiritual Energy in the form of black flames furiously erupted from Mu Chen, with black arcs of lightning travelling around the surface of his body. At this moment, a jet-black glow started to surface from his skin as his body grew taller by an inch, while two lightning runes abruptly appeared on his chest!

Diplo Rune Lightning Physique!

At the instant upon the activation of his Lightning Physique, the air around Mu Chen exploded apart, booming outwards due to the eruption of powerful energies from his body. Lines of cracks appeared on the ground below as the earth shattered apart, while an indescribable surge of power undulated within his body akin to a giant tsunami.

Pouring out his emotions.

As an emotionless expression hung on Mu Chen’s face, his sleeves started to flare up and ripple, causing flapping sounds to ring out. Taking a step forward, black lightning surged and erupted from his body, while a punch as sent flying out.

Windy fists akin to lighting.

Not the slightest intention of retreat!


Black lightning crazily arced around his fist. In the next instant, brimming with astonishing power, the fist collided head-on with the incoming windy fists!


Akin to the collision between two meteors, an energy wave visible to the naked-eye instantly radiated from the point of impact, while the air within a hundred feet of the two people shattered and exploded out, turning into a vacuum-like zone.

At this moment, Qing Hu’s face had violently contorted.

The power coming for Mu Chen’s fist was incomparably overbearing, akin to lightning striking down from the nine heavens. In an exceeding tyrannical fashion, it had shattered his windy fists apart, before erratically gushing into his body, completely shattering his Spiritual Energy defenses apart.


Fresh blood uncontrollably spewed from Qing Hu’s mouth, with the bold and powerful figure starting to intensely tremble while he flew across the sky. Landing on the ground below, deep grooves appeared on the hard stone platform as he retreated back dozens of steps, before finally regaining his balance.

At that instant, the Nine Heavenly Steps appeared to have turned completely silent.

The faces of quite a few experts started to fluctuate, while a shadow of graveness appeared in the gazes the sent towards the young figure in the air. Although they had previously heard about the news of Mu Chen wasting one of Wu Dong’s arms, they had all treated that as a rumor. However, the scene that unfurled right before their eyes was no less than the actual truth. Indeed, the youth from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy possessed the qualifications to rush towards the highest step in the Nine Heavenly Steps.

On the second highest step, happiness and jubilation gushed out of Xia Youran’s beautiful eyes as she watched the scene that had unfolded before her, while shock and astonishment appeared within her heart. The fist that Mu Chen had unleashed a moment ago was truly too ferocious! Even someone like Qing Hu was instantly smashed back by it! How could a person of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase unleash such strength?

Only at this moment did Xia Youran understand why Mu Chen was selected to represent the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy with his measly strength at Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. Indeed, this youth was truly extraordinary.

As opposed to her, Liu Ying’s eyes had slightly narrowed, while his expression grew dark and cold.

On the third highest step, after stabilising himself, Qing Hu wiped away the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth. Staring at Mu Chen, he retreated back two steps, not uttering a single word. Nevertheless, the meaning of his actions were clearly stated, that he would not take action again to obstruct Mu Chen.

“Is there anyone out there that wants to make a move?” Looking around at the third highest step, Mu Chen spoke out in a soft voice.

Standing tall against the crowd of experts, no trace of fear was present on the youth’s face. Under the erupting Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies, the tall and thin figure, with his handsome face, caused people to be unable to resist taking a few more looks at him.

As for the experts at the third highest step, faint emotional fluctuations could be seen on their faces, while fear and dread filled their gazes that were sent towards Mu Chen. With their strength being at the same level as Qing Hu and the former being able to smash the latter away with a single punch, it was extremely clear that his combat capability had truly exceeded theirs. Although inconceivable feelings gushed out in their hearts towards how Mu Chen was able to achieve this with his strength only at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, the only thing they could do was to accept the reality that was present before them.

Therefore, everyone present remained silent towards Mu Chen’s question.

Seeing this, Mu Chen gave a faint smile in response. The tyrannical power of the Diplo Rune Lightning Physique had similarly exceeded his expectations. The intimidation and awe caused by it could clearly be rated as utterly perfect.

“Many thanks.”

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the stone platforms present on the second highest step. That was the prime location for the Divine Spiritual Baptism, and the cause of envy within countless experts. Seemingly all of the people that were able to stand on those stone platforms were elites at the top of the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent. Clearly wanting to firmly stand there and obtain the qualifications for the Divine Spiritual Baptism would definitely result in a genuinely heaven-shocking battle.

However, he, Mu Chen, would not fear and dread it!

Steely intent erupted from the black pupils of the youth as he stomped on the ground. Shooting up into the sky akin to a giant Peng, under the attentive gazes of the countless people below, he rushed straight towards the second highest step high up in the sky.

“There’s yet another person that’s trying to ascend to the second highest step!”

As Spiritual Energy erupted out within this region of space, astonished voices started to ring and reverberate across.

Outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain

Countless powers and influences of the Northern Heavens Continent stood in the air, with various elderly figures all casting their gazes towards the spatial fissure in front of them. Presently there was a gigantic glowing light screen, with the live image of the Nine Heavenly Steps shown within. However, it only showed the second highest step of the Nine Heavenly Steps. Clearly, the various elderly figures didn’t have the heart to observe those meaningless battles below. Only the fights that happened at the highest step would be of interest to them, since only the people present there would be able to obtain the best out of the Divine Spiritual Baptism!

Standing in the sky with his hands crossed behind his back, not a single emotion was displayed on Dean Tai Cang’s face as he looked at the image displayed on the glowing screen. The seven figures shown there were the elite figures at the top of the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, this this point, he had yet to catch a single glimpse of Mu Chen’s figure.

Some indistinct gazes shot over towards him from the surroundings, especially from the people of the Demonic Dragon Palace. At this moment, a faint sneer curled up from the corner of the Black Dragon Sovereign’s mouth as he thought, That brat by the name of Mu Chen doesn’t even have the qualifications to climb up the Nine Heavenly Steps? Look’s like I’ve overestimated that brat. This time, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would truly lose all of their face here.

The person that they had placed their hopes on didn’t even have the qualification to rise to the place where the other top elites of the younger generation were at in the end.

Shooting a ridiculing look towards Dean Tai Cang, he casually shot a glare at the stretch of the world before him, while chilling intent flashed within his slightly narrowed eyes. This time, I’ll make sure that you stay here, Tai Cang! The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will alway shatter and break apart!

Dean Tai Cang appeared to have not noticed that glare shooting towards him, only training his eyes towards the glowing Spiritual Screen.

Behind Dean Tai Cang, Luo Li and Ling Xi were also training their beautiful eyes towards the glowing screen before them. At this moment, a slight wrinkle appeared on Ling Xi’s forehead as she spoke out in a soft voice, “What happened? With Mu Chen’s strength, there’s no doubt that he possesses the qualifications to climb up to the top…”

“There’s no need to be impatient, Elder Sister Ling Xi. He will appear,” said Luo Li with a faint smile. Towards Mu Chen, she clearly had more than sufficient confidence in him.

Nodding her small head, Ling Xi tilted her gaze towards the glowing screen, which was now showing some signs of activity taking place.

At this moment, in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy

Within the air above the spiritual academy, there was a similar incomparably large glowing Spiritual screen present, with the image shown within being the Nine Heavenly Steps.

Countless students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy stood in the air around the glowing Spiritual Energy screen, with the sea of humans extending across the endless stretch of the horizon. At the front few positions, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Su Xian, He Yao and the rest of the other top students were tightly staring at the gigantic glowing screen before them.

Within the glowing screen, seven figures quietly stood on the stone platform, radiating with a pressure that caused people to suffocate. At this moment, every one of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students had solemn expressions hanging on their faces. Those are the top figures in the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent? They’re truly formidable.

However, where is Mu Chen? Up till now, there’s not a single glimpse of him…

However, just as doubt and worry surfaced in the eyes of some of the students, a commotion suddenly appeared within the glowing screen, causing everyone’s vision to immediately shoot towards it.

Within the glowing screen, the sea of clouds suddenly split apart, while sharp whooshing sounds rang out. In the next instant, a glowing figure shot through the air at lightning speed, before diving downwards. Proceeding on to the next instant, an unexplainably fierce feeling erupted from the figure of the familiar youth that had appeared in front of their eyes.


His figure landed heavily on the stone platform on the second highest step within the Nine Heavenly Steps. At this moment, appearing like an eagle swooping down from the sky, the youth appeared exceedingly dazzling.


Ferocious clamoring and cheering voices sprung up across the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, with the sounds deafened everyone reverberating across the entire stretch of world.

Mu Chen, has finally appeared!

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