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Chapter 382 – Demonic Dragon Brand

When Mu Chen and the group returned back to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they had undoubtedly attracted countless stares from everywhere. This was especially true when news of the astonishing fight between Mu Chen and Mo Longzi was disseminated out, causing the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to go into shock.

Any student that heard about this matter would have their jaws drop wide open in shock, turning into a seemingly petrified state. Obviously, this news was somewhat of a fantasy story to them.

That number two on the Bounty Board, the super fierce character that even Senior Brother Lin Zheng and the Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings, Shen Cangsheng, had lost to had, unexpectedly, suffered a defeat in Mu Chen’s hands?

The atmosphere within the entire academy was in a fiery state as countless people endlessly sought out the news about the astonishing battles that happened within the Western Desolated City. Within this fiery state, Mu Chen’s fame and prestige had seemingly rose up in a vertical line, with signs of even surpassing Li Xuantong.

This kind of growth rate caused quite a few students to sigh in admiration. After all, Mu Chen had just entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for only a year. However, an achievement of such a degree caused countless students to feel ashamed and respect for him.

At this stage, there wouldn’t be one that would doubt Mu Chen’s strength anymore. Everyone knew that it wouldn’t take long for Shen Cangsheng’s title as the Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings to change hands…

Facing such a fiery atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the lead character, Mu Chen, didn’t show too much care about it. Upon reaching the academy, he had quietly holed himself up in the Freshman region to recover and rest from the injuries he had suffered in this life-risking clash with Mo Longzi.

He wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the title of the so-called ‘Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings’. Strength was something that only belonged to oneself, and not something that could be changed by a title. Furthermore, the finally risk-filled victory in the battle at the Western Desolated City didn’t make Mu Chen feel any arrogance. On the contrary, he had even felt some pressure due to it.

After all, from the news that he had obtained, although Mo Longzi was the number two on their Bounty Board, he wasn’t considered the genuine peak of the younger generation within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Within this vast and expansive continent, there were still some people that represented the true strength at the peak of the younger generation of this continent.

If he wanted to chase after that group of people, he would clearly need to work even harder. Although those fellows had cultivated longer than him, and were also older than him, Mu Chen didn’t wish to use these as excuses.

True strength wasn’t separated by age.

On the third day after Mu Chen had returned to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he could be considered to have completely recovered from his injuries. Although he had relied on the demonic energies of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, it had caused injuries within his body. It was fortunate that his fleshly body was exceedingly tyrannical, possessing quite a bit of resistance against the corrosion of the fiendish and demonic energies. Therefore, he wasn’t left in a condition as miserable as last time.

After recovering from his injuries, he received a transmitted message from Dean Tai Cang.

Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Conference Hall

Looking at the six figures within the large hall, shock and astonishment clearly filled Mu Chen’s heart. Not only did he see Dean Tai Cang here, the other five Heavenly Seated Elders were actually present within. Such an impressive lineup could be considered as the highest level within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Haha. You’ve done a pretty good job this time, Mu Chen. Firstly, I have to express the gratitude of the Punishment Hall to you. If not for you, our Punishment Hall would suffer a huge loss of face this time.” Upon seeing Mu Chen, the Punishment Hall Hall Master, Mo You, took the initiative and spoke out with a smile.

Next to Mo You was Zhu Tian, as well as the other three Heavenly Seated Elders. Other than the youthful appearance of Zhu Tian, the other three Elders appeared white-haired and ancient, with deep and abstruse eyes akin to being shrouded by starry skies. Not a single trace of Spiritual Energy fluctuations were present around their bodies. However, one would feel the frightening sensations of them being about to shatter the heavens and rend the earth with a single move.

“Five Sovereigns…with Dean Tai Cang, that should be six Sovereigns.”

Shock shook through Mu Chen’s mind. Obviously, this was the most powerful strength of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The reason why the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was a leviathan in the Northern Heavens Continent was due to their existences, causing the academy to be unshakable.

Only after an instant did Mu Chen gradually regain his clarity. Giving a respectful bow towards the five Heavenly Seated Elders, he turned towards Dean Tai Cang and said, “Is there any instructions for me, Dean?”

With a faint smile, Dean Tai Cang replied, “The main reason I’ve summoned you here is due to the matter of that ‘Great Meru Demonic Pillar’ within your body.”

The five Heavenly Seated Elders immediately cast weird gazes towards Mu Chen’s body. They were clearly familiar towards the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. During that year when the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was in a great war with the Demonic Dragon Palace, if not for the White Dragon Sovereign suddenly betraying the Demonic Dragon Palace and taking away the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, their victory would be more hard pressed.

They understood the ominous fame of the “Great Meru Demonic Pillar”. It was a strong weapon that would shake even the hearts of Sovereign Stage experts. Although it was ominous and fiendish, once one was able to control it, one would be able to display its terrifying strength.

However, as of now, such an ominous object had unexpectedly landed in the hands of such a young and weak Freshman. This truly caused people to feel surprised.

Mu Chen was also startled as his heart skipped a beat. Could it be that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wants me to hand over the Great Meru Demonic Pillar?

“Hoho. Relax. If our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy does such a thing, how are we different from the Demonic Dragon Palace?” Seemingly able to see the worry within Mu Chen’s heart, Dean Tai Cang spoke out to quell the unease Mu Chen was feeling.

Having his inner thoughts exposed, Mu Chen felt awkward. However, he wasn’t to blame for having such thoughts. Who allowed the “Great Meru Demonic Pillar” to be so tyrannical to the point where it would tug at the hearts of even Sovereign Stage experts?

“As of now, although the Great Meru Demonic Pillar has landed in your hands, it still isn’t considered totally yours…” Mo You spoke out with a smile as he continued explaining. “Do you think that the treasure of the Demonic Dragon Palace will get snatched away by other people in such an easy fashion?”

Immediately, Mu Chen gawked. Starting to frown, he asked, “Hall master’s meaning is that…the Demonic Dragon Palace is able to retrieve it?”

Speaking until here, his expression turned slightly grave as he thought about the actions that the Black Dragon Sovereign had taken. At that time, if not for Dean Tai Cang, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar might have truly broken out of his body…

“The Great Meru Demonic Pillar was in the hands of the Demonic Dragon Palace for many years. According to what I know, there should be a Demonic Dragon Brand from the Demonic Dragon Palace. With your strength, it’s clear that you’re unable to discover it,” explained Dean Tai Cang.

“Demonic Dragon Brand?” Mu Chen was stunned as he blankly stared back at Dean Tai Cang. Indeed, he didn’t discover the so-called ‘Demonic Dragon Brand’ within the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.

“This is the special method of the Demonic Dragon Palace, and it was personally arranged by a Sovereign Stage existence. It hides within the depths of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar and won’t show any activity on any ordinary occasion. However, once the Demonic Dragon Palace activates it, you’ll immediately lose control of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Furthermore, if they have slightly more killing intent then, your little life will be under their control. With just a single thought from them, they’ll be able to cause the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to erupt from your body.” The person taking this time was the youthful-looking Elder Zhu Tian. Rubbing his chin, he grinned as he stared at Mu Chen.

Hearing those words cold sweat erupted from Mu Chen’s entire body. If this was true, that would mean that the Great Meru Demonic Pillar had became an explosive? As long as the Demonic Dragon Palace activated the Demonic Dragon Brand, he would definitely be decimated by the energy that was unleashed.

“In the past, you didn’t expose the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Therefore, there’s no danger of that. However, as of now, as long as you’re in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they won’t recklessly activate it. However, once you leave the academy… perhaps that explosive hidden within your body might explode.”

Mu Chen wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he felt a chill seemingly spread throughout his aurasea. He was afraid that the Great Meru Demonic Pillar would completely explode. With his current strength, he was completely unable to endure it.

“I don’t think that you’ve called me over just to give me a scare, right, Dean?” Although his heart had skipped a beat, Mu Chen quickly calmed down. Raising his head to look to Dean Tai Cang, he spoke out with a smile.

“Truly a smart fellow.”

Unable to resist it, Dean Tai Cang gave a laugh before answering, “You’ve completed your mission this time without a hitch, so a reward should be given to you. After discussing, we’ve decided to help you remove the Demonic Dragon Brand within the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. This way, it will completely break its connection with the Demonic Dragon Palace. In the future, when you’re able to completely tame and control it, it’ll truly be yours.”

Upon hearing those words, Mu Chen was immediately elated. The Demonic Dragon Brand was planted by a Sovereign of the Demonic Dragon Palace, and Mu Chen clearly didn’t possess the ability to remove it. The only one that could help him in this matter would only be Dean Tai Cang and the Elders.

“Thank you very much, Dean!” Mu Chen showed his heartfelt gratitude.

Replying with a wave, Dean Tai Cang nodded towards the other five Heavenly Seated Elders, before the five scattered in different directions.

“Summon the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.”

Upon hearing that, Mu Chen hesitated awhile. At this moment, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was suppressed by the mysterious black paper. However, once it was released, it might creat a great commotion…However, after seeming the faint smile on Dean Tai Cang’s face, Mu Chen’s felt much more at ease. With six Sovereign Stage existences guarding him over him, he didn’t believe that the Great Meru Demonic Pillar could create an upheaval!

Thinking till here, Mu Chen no longer hesitated. Faintly narrowing his eyes, with a thought, the mysterious Mandala flower in his aurasea slowly blossomed. As this happened, the purple-coloured chains that were wrapped around the Great Meru Demonic Pillar started to slowly retract.


Just as the purple-coloured chains retracted, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar started to crazily vibrate. With a bang, it transformed into a scarlet-red streak of light, rushing straight out of Mu Chen’s aurasea.


As the scarlet-red streak of light rushed straight out of Mu Chen’s crown, a black demonic pillar followed along the streak of light and rushed out. Demonic energies originating from the ancient antiquity swept out, filling the entire large hall in an instant.


The entire large hall vibrated as storms whipped up with the arrival of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Instantly piercing towards the sky of the large hall, it tried to escape and flee this place.


Looking at the gigantic pillar, Dean Tai Cang gave a cold snort. With a wave of his hand, a dazzling brilliance furiously erupted from the ceiling of the large hall. Countless gigantic rays of brilliance formed into chains that explosively shot out. Piercing through space, they immediately wrapped around the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.

“Suppress it!”

A deep cry rang out from Mo You, Zhu Tian and the three other Heavenly Seated Elders. Five boundless Spiritual Energies flowed out, akin to liquid streams, while howling from their palms. Wrapping around the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, the demonic energies radiating from it were completely suppressed.

Humm! Humm!

The Great Meru Demonic Pillar crazily struggled as it attempted to escape its restraints. As it did so, shattering patterns appeared in the surrounding space.

A slightly grave expression appeared on the faces of Mo You and the other four Heavenly Seated Elders as slight shock appeared within their hearts. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar was undoubtedly an ominous weapon from the ancient antiquity.

However, although the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was powerful, the lineup it faced was overly luxurious. As time elapsed, the shock created by the Great Meru Demonic Pillar gradually turned quiet.


Upon seeing this, Dean Tai Cang brought his hands together to form a hand seal. In the next instant, a ray of boundless Spiritual Energy shot out. Akin to a liquid, it enveloped the entire Great Meru Demonic Pillar within it.

This liquid-like Spiritual Energy slowly seeped into the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. As it seeped in, Mu Chen noticed some dark and abstruse black light appearing on the surface of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. From afar, it appeared akin to a pattern of an entrenched demonic dragon!

Obviously, this was the Demonic Dragon Brand that Dean Tai Cang had talked about!

“Dispel it!” Chilling intent erupted from Dean Tai Cang’s eyes. Looking towards the Demonic Dragon Brand that appeared akin to a living thing, he gave a shout.


Boundless Spiritual Energies howled from the six people, sweeping towards the Demonic Dragon Brand.

As Dean Tai Cang and the five Elders were attempting to dispel the Demonic Dragon Brand, within a giant black hall in a far place, the Black Dragon Sovereign, who was cultivating in a sitting position, furiously opened his eyes, while a chilling glow flashed within them.

“Tai Cang, you really dare to dispel our Demonic Dragon Brand! Okay! Since you want to fight, our Demonic Dragon Palace will have a fight with you first! Let’s see if you have the capability to dispel our Demonic Dragon Brand!”

Quickly standing up, a low dragon-like roar resounded as spatial fluctuations radiated to far distances.

As his low roar rang out, a number of furious dragon roars rang out within the deepest depths of the black, giant imperial tomb-like hall. In the next instant, the space in front of the Black Dragon Sovereign distorted as five figures immediately step out of it, appearing within the large hall.

Following their appearance, a terrifying pressure started to radiate out.

These five people had impressively possessed Sovereign Stage strength!



Chapter 383 – Battle of the Sovereigns

Boundless Spiritual Energy flooded the large hall. The Spiritual Energy present here was extremely pure, with faint signs of being liquid-like. With the level of Spiritual Energy within each clump being comparable to the maximum amount a Heavenly Completion Stage expert could condense within one’s body…

Within the centre of all that boundless Spiritual Energy, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar continued to endlessly emit humming noises. However, the frightening demonic energies were unwaveringly suppressed by the Spiritual Energy, unable to spew out as previously.

The Demonic Dragon pattern squirmed about on the surface of the demonic pillar, as if the Demonic Dragon Brand had seemingly sensed the impending danger. Low and deep roars rang out from it as a dark and sinister black brilliance radiated from it, defending against the corrosion brought by the boundless Spiritual Energies.

Humm. Humm.

However, faced against the collaboration of six Sovereign Stage existences, the Demonic Dragon Brand was by itself and appeared clearly weaker. Even though it had taken root within the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, and was unable to borrow some of its demonic energies, with signs of it starting to dissipate under the corrosion of the boundless Spiritual Energies.

At this moment, Mu Chen was standing at the furthest position possible, while he was unable to move a single inch of his body. That was due to the immense pressure created by six Sovereigns unleashing their Spiritual Energies.

With nothing he could do about it, he could only bitterly laugh in helplessness. With his strength only at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, he was not even at the level of an ant in front of a Sovereign Stage expert. Just the Spiritual Energy pressure created by them was enough to make him incapable of budging.

However, the only thing that could make Mu Chen feel comfort was that the Demonic Dragon Brand was being dispelled. That was undeniably removing an extreme danger hidden within.


However, just as Mu Chen had exhaled a breath of relief, extremely terrifying energies furiously gushed out from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. The Demonic Dragon Brand, which was gradually being corroded by the boundless Spiritual Energies gushing from Dean Tai Cang and the five Elders, radiated with intense black rays of light at this moment. Dragon roars howled out as storms were whipped up by the Demonic Dragon Brand. Separating itself from the demonic pillar, it had unexpectedly transformed into a rather frightening demonic dragon.

As the demonic dragon coiled up in the air, frightening fluctuations radiated from its jet-black body. Being somewhat unable to endure them, the surrounding space even started showing signs of shattering.

“Tai Cang, are you planning to take the treasure of our Demonic Dragon Palace for your own? It isn’t that easy!” In a seated position, the gigantic eyes of the demonic dragon roared with incomparable rage and ferocity towards the people present in the large hall.

“Black Dragon Sovereign?!”

Upon hearing that familiar voice, Mu Chen’s heart was instantly overwhelmed with shock and dread.

“Look’s like you’re unable to endure it after all, huh, Black Dragon Sovereign?” Upon seeing this, Tai Cang gave a faint smile as if he didn’t feel the slightest bit of surprise. Obviously, he had long expected the outcome of this situation.

“Hmph! The guts of your Demonic Dragon Palace ain’t small! You’re really asking for trouble by daring to send a remnant shadow to charge into our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!” A cold snort rang out from Hall Master Mo You as his expression turned dark.

“Hmph! In this Northern Heavens Continent, our Demonic Dragon Palace can go wherever we want! Do you think you can stop us?!” Another cold voice rang out from within the demonic dragon. This voice was different from the Black Dragon Sovereign. However, it appeared similarly cold and frightening.

“Haha. If not for you guys activating the Demonic Dragon Brand, we wouldn’t have been able to cast our projections over. Today’s a good day. Relying on the power of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, we’ll completely butcher all of you!” A laughing voice brimming with cruel tyranny rang out from within the demonic dragon.

“So, it’s not just a single projection. Can it be that the Six Great Hall Masters of the Demonic Dragon Palace have arrived?” Elder Zhu Tian spoke out with a sneer.

“Six Great Hall Masters?”

Mu Chen was startled as he heard those words. Looking towards the gigantic eyes of demonic dragon, a black brilliance erupted from within as six blurry figures were faintly discernable from within. Those six figures were akin to figures of demon gods, causing people to feel extreme pressure and oppression.

“All of you guys have finally gathered together. However, it’ll not change the result one single bit.” Chilling intent flashed within the abstruse eyes of Dean Tai Cang. With a wave of his sleeve, the boundless Spiritual Energy gushing out of him transformed into a sea of Spiritual Energy. As the waves surged out, they shattered space, sweeping straight towards the sitting demonic dragon.

At the same time, Hall Master Mo You and the other four Heavenly Seated Elders launched their attacks, causing boundless Spiritual Energies to sweep out.


Upon seeing this, the demonic dragon gave a roar. Extending its claws, it grabbed onto the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Violently fanning it out, it smashed the incoming Spiritual Energy sea apart.


At this moment, frightening demonic energies erupted from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. As the demonic pillar was waved around, the surrounding space was split and shattered apart, completely blocking against the boundless Spiritual Energies heading towards the demonic dragon.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As a frightening fight erupted within the large hall, the startled Mu chen hastily shot out of the large hall. In the next instant, cracks started to appear and split apart on the surface of the Spiritual Array-reinforced large hall.


As the cracks extended to their extremities, unable to endure the frightening shock waves forming within, the large hall exploded apart. As the frightening Spiritual Energy shock waves rushed out, storms were whipped up in the air above the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, attracting the shocked and horrified gazes of countless students.


As countless shocked and terrified gazes looked over, the large hall exploded apart. In the next instant, a gigantic dragon with a demonic pillar grasped within its hands rushed towards the sky. Six streams of light rushed towards the horizon from the surroundings as boundless Spiritual Energy seas enveloped over, continuously sweeping towards the demonic dragon. As the Spiritual Energy seas came pressuring over, space started to shatter, piece by piece, showing their extremely terrifying destructive powers.

Such a terrifying exchange appearing out of nowhere caused all the students to stare in dumbfounded shock. Did they ever see a fight of such degree?

Alarm cries quickly resounded across the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, causing numerous higher levels of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to swiftly shoot over. Looking gravely at the fight taking place in the sky, shock and astonishment appeared within their eyes.

At a secluded peak far away, a big and small figure could be seen observing the battle up in the sky. It was Ling Xi and Sun’er.

“Such frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations… even the Dean and the other Elders have actually taken action.” Sun’er cried out in shock.

“That’s…the people of the Demonic Dragon Palace.” Ling Xi’s crescent moon-shaped eyebrows slightly bunched up. Staring at the demonic dragon, she spoke out in response.

“Aren’t you going to take action, Elder Sister Ling Xi? That demonic dragon seems extremely formidable!” Sun’er replied in worry. This was, after all, the inner region of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If students were to be swept up in the collateral energies radiating out from the fight, this would be too grave and serious for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Gently shaking her small head, Ling Xi replied in a faint voice, “There’s only the projections of those fellows from the Demonic Dragon Palace within that demonic dragon. How can they contend against Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders? Therefore, there’s no need for me to take action.”

Speaking until here, her gaze turned slightly towards the mountain peak located below of the fighting radius. There was a thin figure faintly discernable over there, which was precisely Mu Chen.

Upon seeing Mu Chen’s figure, faint fluctuations appeared for an instant within her eyes.

At this moment, Mu Chen didn’t notice the gaze coming from Ling Xi in the far distance as his head pointed towards the sky. Although the commotion coming from the sky was extremely huge, he wasn’t overly worried about that. The fight happening there was clearly in the control of Dean Tai Cang and the five Elders. After all, the Six Great Hall Masters of the Demonic Dragon Palace had only sent their projections over. Although they were relying on the might of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, they were still unable to truly contend with Dean Tai Cang and the five Elders.

If this continued, it would be no surprise to anyone that Dean Tai Cang would obtain victory.

“Is there any point in doing such useless actions, Black Dragon Sovereign?! Today, none of you will be able to bring it out of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!” Dean Tai Cang spoke out with a cold and detached expression.

“Hmph! Is that right?!”

Black Dragon Sovereign’s sneering voice rang out, while sinister and chilling intent seemed to surface within the eyes of the demonic dragon. In the next instant, its body suddenly started to crazily inflate. At this moment, the six blurry figures within the giant eyes of the demonic dragon had unexpected exploded.

“Careful! They want to self-destruct their projections!” Dean Tai Cang’s eyes instantly contracted as he cried out.


At the instant when his cry rang out, the demonic dragon had already inflated to a size nearing ten thousand feet. Hiding the sky and covering the earth, it completely exploded in the next instant. Seemingly destructive fluctuations swept out, enveloping the academy below.

Upon seeing this, Dean Tai Cang and the five Elders instantly retreated. Sending a palm patting out, boundless Spiritual Energy seas expanded out underneath, enveloping the academy below them.

Bang! Bang!

As the destructive fluctuations smashed against the Spiritual Energy seas, deep and low sounds erupted out. However, they were unable to pierce through them in the end, causing the pale faces of the countless students below to regain some colour.


After Dean Tai Cang and the five Elders had successfully blocked the destructive fluctuations, a bloody light rushed towards the sky. The Great Meru Demonic Pillar swiftly followed suit as the space before it violently distorted, transforming into a pathway.

“Don’t let it escape!” Dean Tai Cang’s expression sank. Those Demonic Dragon fellows were really decisive and ruthless. They had actually wanted to let the Great Meru Demonic Pillar escape by itself.

However, relying on the explosive force due to the explosion of the projections, the speed of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar drastically increased. In a flash, it had already rushed into the spatial pathway, and was just about to disappear within.


However, just at the instant when it was about to shuttle through the spatial pathway, the entire stretch of the world suddenly turned dim. Overwhelmed with shock, countless people raised their heads, only to see a ten thousand foot long feathery wing unfurling across the horizon. This entire stretch of the world was shrouded by the shadow it created.


Under the feathery wing, sharp black claws were thrust out, causing the spatial pathway to completely shatter apart. Piercing deep within the spatial path, it grabbed onto the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within.

As the feathery wing that hid the skies and covered the earth rapidly disappeared, sunlight came enveloping back. As the strange scene suddenly disappeared, countless students looked at each other, slightly confused over what had just happened.

“Just now, that’s…”

“It looked like a wing…”

“Such a big wing! Could it…could this be the Divine Beast Protector of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Lord Northern Sea Dragon?”

“…so formidable! Even space was captured!’


A Clamoring of emotional voices erupted across the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

On the mountain peak, Mu Chen’s face was filled with shock and astonishment. However, before he could regain his clarity from it, a black streak of light shot over the horizon, shooting straight into his body.

It’s the Great Meru Demonic Pillar!

With a thought, the Mandala flower within his aurasea immediately bloomed. Countless purple-coloured chains shot out, rapidly wrapping around the demonic pillar, before pulling it back into the centre of the flower. In the next instant, purplish light radiated, before suppressing and sealing it up once again!


Seeing that the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was sealed once again, Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief akin to having a heavy weight lifted off his shoulders. For the sake of dealing with the Demonic Dragon Brand, the peak existences of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had all taken action…

Dean Tai Cang and the five Elders shot down, appearing beside Mu Chen.

“Haha. We’re fortunate to have lord Northern Sea take action. If not, we’d have really lost it,” said Mo You with a smile.

“Those fellows are really decisive. Exploding their own projections. That will definitely cause damage to their true bodies.” Elder Zhu Tian added with a frown.

With a smile also present on his face, Dean Tai Cang looked towards Mu Chen and said, “However, it’s good that we didn’t lose it. From today onwards, the Demonic Dragon Palace will no longer be able to control the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. As long as you’re able to control it, it will be yours.”

“Thank you very much, Dean!” Mu Chen was unable to express how much gratitude he had from them. They had helped settle a gargantuan hidden danger for him. He would absolutely have been unable to achieve it by himself. After all, he didn’t have the strength to face against the projections of six Sovereign Stage experts.

With a wave of his hand, Dean Tai Cang didn’t continue speaking anything as he turned around, planning to leave.


Upon seeing him leave, Mu Chen hastily called out to him. When Dean Tai Cang had turned around and faced him, Mu Chen hesitated for a moment. Summoning his courage, he spoke out, “I’ve some interest towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain…”

“Divine Spiritual Mountain?” Hall Master Mo You and the other four Elders were all startled, before starting to slightly frown. This matter was, in fact, a thorn in the heart of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After all, they were a leviathan and the Overlords of the Northern Heavens Continent. However, they had always been unable to participate in the biggest occasion of the Northern Heavens Continent, causing quite a few tongues wagging outside for the past few years.

“It’s too dangerous.” Shooting a look at Mu Chen, Dean Tai Cang shook his head, before turning around and walking away.

Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh, shrugging his shoulders in disappointment. Looks like I’ve no affinity with this Divine Spiritual Mountain.

Dean Tai Cang’s footsteps suddenly paused, before he entered the large hall. Placing his hands behind his back, he pondered deeply for a moment, before a faint voice rang out from him.

“If you really want to go, there’s a possibility. Make a breakthrough to Heavenly Completion Stage in a month.”

Upon hearing those words, Mu Chen immediately felt elated, before becoming dejected the next moment. Make a breakthrough to Heavenly Completion Stage in one month…this level of difficulty was too high…

Chapter 384 – Idea

Freshman Area

Mu Chen lazily laid on the small building with his hands resting behind his head. Looking blanking at the fluttering clouds in the sky, an expression of helplessness was present on his handsome face.

At this moment, Mu Chen was having a headache. The reason was naturally due to the goal of reaching Heavenly Completion Stage within a month given to him by Dean Tai Cang.

As of now, his strength was at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. Although it seemed as if he was only one step away from it, he was extremely clear how hard it was to take that step forward. According to his estimates, even if he were to do his utmost and cultivate, while using all of the methods he could use, it would take him three months or even longer time before being able to take this step.

As for one month, it was clearly too short.

Sitting up, Mu Chen grabbed at his hair in frustration. He knew that Dean Tai Cang was doing this for his safety in mind. After all, those people with the qualifications to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain were seemingly all peak-level existences of the younger generation within the Northern Heavens Continent. There were some people that were even stronger than Mo Longzi. If he were to participate with his strength at Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, even with all the various methods he possessed, it would still lead to disaster for him.

I’ve no other way but to find someone to help me. thought Mu Chen as he shrugged his shoulders in helplessness. Raising his head, he looked towards a quiet and secluded mountain peak within the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. That was the place where Ling Xi lived.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the number of Elders Mu Chen were on familiar terms with weren’t many, with Ling Xi being one of them. The time they knew about each other wasn’t considered too long. However, for some unknown reason, Mu Chen always had an extremely indescribable feeling of trust towards Ling Xi. It was as if Ling Xi would never ever do anything that would harm him, no matter what.

This feeling made Mu Chen even feel at a loss during certain times. However, faintly, he had a certain feeling that this was seemingly related to his mother.

Ling Xi had a painting of his mother with her. This was sufficient proof that she should have some relationship with his mother. However, he was still unable to guess exactly what kind of relationship that was.

Although Mu Chen didn’t know if Ling Xi had any way of helping him. In such desperate times, the only thing he could do was to try everything possible.

Thinking till this point, Mu Chen no longer continued to hesitate. Shooting towards the sky, he headed straight towards the quiet and secluded mountain peak in the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. For the past few days, Luo Li had started her dedicated cultivation regimen once again, giving the cold shoulder to Mu Chen, causing him to harbour a hidden bitterness for her.

Mu Chen’s figure descended on the quiet and secluded mountain peak. Upon him landing down, the tightly shut the clean doors of the courtyard that had already started to quietly open, no longer being tightly shut as they were before.

With a smile, Mu Chen walked into the courtyard, before seeing a beautiful lady in a snow-white dress sitting on the platform before the bamboo house At this time, Ling Xi’s jade-like hand was resting on her cheek, while a slender finger was playing with a lock of black hair. Upon Mu Chen entering, those pair of quick-witted eyes rested on his body.

At this moment, there wasn’t any of the cold and detached chilling aura radiating from her lustrous and white face. Her beautiful face that displayed a gentler expression had undoubtedly possessed much more allure and soul-stirring emotions to be born upon seeing her.

“You’ve not come here for many days since your return to the academy. Suddenly coming here to find me, is there a problem?” Ling Xi said out softly. Her voice was clear and melodious, akin to the voice coming from the deep valley, sounding extremely pleasing to one’s ears.

With an awkward smile, Mu Chen walked forward and replied, “I was injured during the mission; therefore, I’ve spent all this time recovering and recuperating…”

With a gentle nod, Ling Xi didn’t continue speaking again.

Not too used to such silence, Mu Chen gave a laugh to break the quiet atmosphere before saying, “ Oh, yes. I’ve to thank you for giving me that array drawing the previous time. It had really helped me a lot this time.”


Ling Xi nodded her head, while her slender fingers were still twirling with a lock of her black hair. After allowing it to fall down and cover her voluptuous chest, she quietly cast her beautiful eyes towards Mu Chen.

The latter obviously had some matters in his mind to be seeking for her this time.

Being stared at by her, Mu Chen was a little too unused to such an action from her. Tilting his head from side-to-side, he spoke out after drumming his courage up, “Would you be able to help me on something?”

“Speak,” replied Ling Xi with a blink of her long and slender eyelashes.

“Is there any way that can allow me to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month?” Mu Chen spoke out the trouble he faced while shrugging his shoulder, before continuing, “Naturally, I’m talking about ways that don’t have any after effects or repercussions.”

“Breaking through to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month?”

Ling Xi was startled by his words, before slightly knitting her eyebrows together. “Other people are unable to step into this stage even after cultivating for one or even two years. And here you are, wanting to accomplish that within a month. Aren’t you too naive?”

Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh. This wasn’t him demanding for instant success. However, Dean Tai Cang had only given him this amount of time. Regardless of whether he could accomplish it or not, he wanted to give it a try. Furthermore, it wasn’t him trying to arrogant about his capabilities. He truly had the confidence in himself that he would be able to handle the power requirement of promoting into Heavenly Completion Stage.

Ling Xi stared at Mu Chen with her beautiful eyes. If anyone else were to beg her in such a way, she might not even care and think about it. However, faced with the current Mu Chen, she was unable to have any thoughts of rejecting him.

These feelings caused Ling Xi to feel somewhat inconceivable. After all, she had only know Mu Chen for no more than two months. However could she treat him so differently?

Could it be due to him having cultivated the Great Pagoda Art? Or perhaps that the lady within the painting that was extremely important to her, was actually his mother?

Ling Xi’s beautiful eyes faintly sparkled, as confusion and disorder was momentarily present within her heart and mind.

“It’s alright if there isn’t any way to go about this…I’ll head back first.” Looking at the silent Ling Xi in front of him and assuming that she didn’t have any way to help him, Mu Chen could only speak and say such words.

After speaking out, he planned to turn around and leave. Ling Xi was the only person staying here. Him remaining here seemed to not be too good of an idea.

“Wait.” Ling Xi’s clear and melodious voice suddenly rang out.

Turning around, Mu Chen immediately noticed Ling Xi extending her slender and jade-like hand towards him. Under the illumination of the sunlight, it appeared as if her hand was sparkling with a white luster.

“Show me your hand,” said Ling Xi as she slightly curled her lips.

Immediately, Mu Chen gawked, hesitating for a moment, before walking over. Extending his hand, he placed it on Ling Xi’s jade-like palm. The extremely wonderful feeling he felt on contact was as if he had touched a piece of top-quality white jade, causing people to not want to part with it.

However, Mu Chen didn’t have too many other thoughts at this moment as he stared with a strange gaze at Ling Xi. With the latter’s disposition, she seemed to be the type of person that wouldn’t do such senseless actions.

“Export one strand of your Spiritual Energy,” said Ling Xi in a soft voice.

Mu Chen had some doubts present in his mind. Nevertheless, he had followed her words and pressed a strand of Spiritual Energy out. As the jet-black Spiritual Energy erupted from his palm, black flames were present, burning around it.

Shooting a look at it, a strand of Spiritual Energy erupted from her palm. Her Spiritual Energy was also, unexpectedly, a jet-black colour, with the only thing different being the absence of black flames burning on it.

Mu Chen was startled and astonished. It was exceedingly similar to the Spiritual Energy that he had built up after cultivating the Great Pagoda Art. It looked like Ling Xi had truly cultivated in the Great Pagoda Art before.

As the Spiritual Energies erupted from their palms and came into contact, the two different energies unexpectedly started to slowly fuse, bit by bit.


With the fusion of the two Spiritual Energies, the two of them could clearly feel that their Spiritual Energies had started to miraculously expand by many times. Furthermore, this fused Spiritual Energy had become exceedingly stronger than each the previously combined strength of the Spiritual Energy strands.

Looking at the fused Spiritual Energy, Ling Xi didn’t retract her portion back. With a light tap of her slender finger, the clump of Spiritual Energy was flicked straight into Mu Chen’s body.

A faint shudder shook through Mu Chen’s body as the greatly expanded Spiritual Energy started to automatically revolve along the same pathways he used when cultivating the Great Pagoda Art. Finally, drilling into his aurasea, it was devoured by his Divine Spirit in a single breath.

However, when his Divine Spirit absorbed this clump of Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen immediately felt that the Spiritual Energy within his body had instantly increased by a portion.

“This…” Shock and astonishment filled Mu Chen’s face as he immediately turned to look at Ling Xi with a weird expression in his eyes. Why would such a change happen to their Spiritual Energy when they came into contact with each other? It was able to treat his wounds, and was also able to act like a sacrificial offering, letting his Spiritual Energy expand and become much more dense and strong.

“I, too, don’t know what enables this.” Seemingly able to understand his doubts, Ling Xi learnt from him and shrugged her little shoulders.

“Looks like there truly is something special between the two of us.”

As Ling Xi stood up, her snow-white dress made her beautiful figure appear slender and full, showing off her alluring curves. With a sudden smile, she spoke out, “If the lady in the painting that’s extremely important to me is truly your mother, do you think that I’m the child bride that she has found for you?”

Overwhelmed by shock and horror, Mu Chen retreated a step back. He had almost been scared to death by Ling Xi’s words. Only after quite a long while did he manage to regain his clarity, replying her with his forehead dripping with sweat, “That joke’s not one bit funny.”

“I hope so.”

Ling Xi replied while nodding her head. Turning around and walking towards the depths of her courtyard, she spoke out, “Follow me. Due to the unique situation between us, it seems that you promoting to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month isn’t absolutely impossible.”

Looking at the alluring and beautiful figure of Ling Xi, Mu Chen exhaled a long breath of air, before following her in quick steps. Ling Xi’s previous words had given him quite a heavy freight.

As they headed into the depths of the courtyard, layers of cloth and mist obscured their vision.

Stopping in her tracks, Ling Xi panned her head over, looking towards Mu Chen before saying, “You’ll come in when I call for you.”

Mu Chen didn’t know exactly what she was doing. Thus, he could only nod his head in doubt.

After walking through the hanging cloths, a clear pond was present before Ling Xi. Biting her lip, she lowered her head to look at the beautiful snow-white reflection present on the water’s surface. In the next instant, she gave a smile, appearing exceedingly soul-stirring.

Slowly walking into the pond, the pond water turned her white dress wet, causing it to tightly adhere against her proud and lovable body, extending her astonishingly heart-stopping curves.

After entering the pond, Ling Xi sat within it. Boundless Spiritual Energy proceeded to erupt from her, assimilating within the water at that point. Instantly, the water started to gradually turn jet-black, while sparkling with a beautiful luster.

“Come in.”

Mu Chen, who was waiting behind the layers of cloth, finally heard Ling Xi’s voice. Extending his head over, he walked pass them, before finally seeing Ling Xi, who was sitting in the water.

Although the majority of her lovable figure was covered by the jet-black water, her upper body was still above the water line. Being drenched by the water, her slender and fair neck was shown through her white dress, before showing the voluptuous curves present below.


Upon seeing such an alluring and erotic scene, Mu Chen was completely dumbstruck and stupefied.



Chapter 385 – Aunt Jing

Faint puffs of steam rose from the pond. However, they were unable to mask the alluring and erotic scene before Mu Chen.


Discovering the gaze coming straight from Mu Chen, a crimson shadow surfaced on her white, lustrous face. With a wave of her jade-like hand, a pillar of water rushed out, spraying towards Mu Chen.

As the icy-cold water drenched his body, Mu Chen finally regained his clarity. Hastily turning his gaze away, he felt awkward and embarrassed, while not knowing what Ling Xi was planning to do.

“Enter the pond and absorb all the Spiritual Energy within.”

Ling Xi tried her best to submerge all of her body within the pond. However, due to the water level being quite shallow, it was unable to cover the entirety of her body. Puffs of steam rose into the air, causing her cold and indifferent-looking face to appear a pinkish-red. Gently biting her lip, she said, “Also, please mind your eyes. If you dare to look at me, I’ll expel you from here.”

Immediately, Mu Chen nodded his head in succession, before proceeding to jump straight into the water. Upon feeling the water in the pond, amazement erupted within his eyes. He clearly felt the pure Spiritual Energy contained within the water.

These fluctuations were clearly the Spiritual Energy from Ling Xi. She had actually assimilated her Spiritual Energy into the pond for me to cultivate!

Mu Chen was baffled for a moment, while a slightly complicated expression appeared within his eyes. Looking at the beautiful figure that still appeared exquisite and lovable within the thick clouds of mist, the rather spectacular curves on her body continued to extend out.

“Why did you do this?” asked Mu Chen in a soft voice. What Ling Xi had done was simply using her Spiritual Energy and giving it to him. Although it would increase his cultivation speed, her cultivation would temporarily come to a standstill. Although it was just for a short period of time, was there anyone in the world that would do such a thing for a stranger?

Sitting within the pond, upon hearing Mu Chen’s words, a blank expression appeared within Ling Xi’s eyes. That’s right. Why would I help Mu Chen to such a degree? And yet, why wasn’t there the slightest bit of rejection to such a thought within the depths of her heart…?

“I also don’t know… Perhaps, this is something that I ought to do.”

In a soft voice, Ling Xi replied, “Although I’ve lost my memories, the feelings within the depths of my heart didn’t disappear. With them, I can feel that it’s quite good for me to do such a thing.”

After remaining silent awhile, Mu Chen started to sit down within the pond, while mist sprayed across his face. After quite a while later, a faint smile appeared on his face as he said, “Elder…Sister Ling Xi. Can I address you this way?”

A tremble shook through Ling Xi’s lovable body. Raising her beautiful eyes, she looked towards the handsome youth smiling radiantly across the pond. For a while, she was unable to say anything. Within her heart, surging feelings seemed to impact her spirit. This caused a warm and gentle feeling to surface within her quiet and cold heart.

Therefore, a faint smile surfaced on her beautiful face as she gave a gentle nod.

“Relax, Elder Sister Ling Xi. Although I don’t know exactly what relation you have with my mum, you have to believe in me that I’ll definitely help you regain your lost memories! Regardless of who it was who did that to you, I’ll definitely help you!” Mu Chen spoke out resolutely and decisively, while a firm and bright light flashed within his eyes.

Looking blankly at the firm and resolute eyes of the youth in front of her, the warmness Ling Xi felt in her heart caused a sliver of warmth to appear within that frost-covered heart of hers. That was a feeling that had seemingly not appeared for a very, very long time, causing even her eyes to turn slightly red. Slightly tilting her head around and wiping her eyes with her hand, a gentle smile appeared on her face as she said, “That’s good. I’ve now have a little brother. However, just firing off words isn’t useful. As of now, you’re too weak.”

With a cheeky laugh, Mu Chen replied, “I’ll try my best.”

“Okay. You should start cultivating first,” said Ling Xi with a faint smile.

Although he didn’t know what this pond was, Mu Chen wasn’t one bit affected. There were times when knowing such feelings within one’s heart was enough. Speaking from one’s mouth would instead make one appear hypocritical.

Therefore, gently nodding his head, he started to slowly close his eyes. The Great Pagoda Art within his body started to revolve, while black rays of brilliance extended from the surface of his body.


The water in the pond surged as if it possessed a conscious, and was rapidly gushing towards Mu Chen. As this happened, the black colour within the water endlessly continued to drill into Mu Chen’s body.

All of this was the Spiritual Energy coming from Ling Xi.

This Spiritual Energy drilled straight into Mu Chen’s body, instantly fusing within the Spiritual Energy within his body. At the instant when they fused together, abstruse black rays of brilliance erupted within his body. These black rays of brilliance irrigated throughout his body, flooding through every corner within.

The Spiritual Energy within his body started to increase at a furious rate!

Boundless Spiritual Energy rapidly revolved within his meridians. Continuing to pour endlessly into his aurasea, it was completely devoured by his Divine Soul sitting within with a single gulp. Black rays of light radiated from its entire body, appearing exceedingly abnormal and mysterious.

A feeling of his Spiritual Energy gradually growing more tyrannical rippled through Mu Chen’s limbs and bones.

As Mu Chen sunk into the miraculous feeling of his Spiritual Energy growing stronger, the revolving speed of the Great Pagoda Art seemed to grow increasingly faster, greedily devouring the endless Spiritual Energy gushing into his body.

Within the pond, Ling Xi looked towards Mu Chen, who had entered a state of cultivation. Faintly curling up her slender legs and resting her snow-white chin on her knees, Spiritual Energy continued to erupt from her body. After assimilating into the water, it replenished that which had already been absorbed by Mu Chen.

As Spiritual Energy continued to flow out of her, Ling Xi could feel a faint feeling of weakness starting to erupt from the depths of her body. However, instead of stopping, wrapping her jade-like arms around her knees, a slightly vacant expression appeared within her beautiful eyes as she started to slowly close them.

A feeling of dizziness started to spread within Ling Xi’s mind, Unknowingly, her consciousness started to gradually grow dark and dim.

Ling Xi’s consciousness fluttered within the darkness, the feelings of helplessness caused her to feel afraid and frightened.

Within the darkness, there seemed to be fluctuations present, rippling out as they undulated. Faintly, there seemed to be some blurry pictures surfacing within her mind.

It was a stretch of bloody ruins, filled with the flames of war. A little girl, completely covered in dirt and grime, shivering as she curled up within the rubble within. Trembling and shivering, the neverending rain continued to pour down, causing her already weak and frail body to appear even more pitiful.

A stretch of dull-gray was already present within her eyes, while she was able to feel the encroachment of death. However, there wasn’t much fear or dread within her. Although she was young, she had seen too much of the cruelty and indifference within the secular world. There was no one that cared, no one that liked her. Even if she was to disappear, it would not attract anyone’s attention.

Ever since her birth till now, she had seemingly not felt a single sliver of warmth.

Her consciousness started to grow increasingly blurry. It seems that I’m about to die like this…

Unknowingly, the rain drops falling on her body had stopped. A figure seemed to appear before their eyes. Raising her head, she could faintly discern a gentle figure right in front of her.

The gentle figure extended her palms, rubbing Ling Xi’s head. Under this gentle caressing, her originally cold and icy body unexpectedly started to warm up.

Within her blurry eyesight, she could feel this gentle figure giving her incomparable warmth, something that she had never felt before.

In the next moment, the gentle figure before her gently placed some food beside her. After rubbing her head once more, the figure rose up and walked off.

Looking at the figure gradually disappearing in the distance, a breath of courage that sprouted out from an unknown place erupted forth. Grabbing the food left for her, she stumbled and staggered, walking towards the direction the figure had walked to.

She continued walking, and walking. Time was not a concept to her now, continuing till all the energy within her body was drained. In the end, finally seeing the gentle figure that she couldn’t seem to catch up to, her petite body finally collapsed.

Nevertheless, her body didn’t hit the hard ground below, instead she landed within a warm and gentle embrace.

“Planning to follow me, little thing?” The gentle figure rubbed her head, while the voice ringing out was similarly warm and gentle.

“Em.” Within her weakness, she tightly grabbed the sleeve of the lady, wanting to grab onto the last remnant of warm within her life.

“However, the place I’m going to is extremely dangerous. It’s hard to predict whether it’ll be fortunate or disastrous if you follow me…” After giving a gentle sigh, the gentle lady spoke out.

She drilled herself into the lady’s bosom, greedily seeking the warmth within. For the sake of that warmth, she was willing to pay any price.

In the end, she followed the gentle lady and left.

“What’s your name?”

“Ling…Ling Xi…”

“A really nice-sounding name.”

“Really?…How should I call you…?”

“Okay, call me Aunt Jing.” The gentle lady replied with a faint smile.

“Okay…Aunt Jing…”

“Come Ling Xi, I’ll teach you how to cultivate… Firstly, you’ll have to chose a Spiritual Art. Come, take a pick. These few are very formidable…”

“Okay. Let me see…is this alright?” Looking at the glowing scrolls before her eyes, radiating with astonishing brilliance, Ling Xi hesitated for quite a while. In the end, she looked towards the unassuming black scroll that was floating at a corner.


“Is there a problem? I can’t choose it, Aunt Jing?”

“No…This martial art is split into two scrolls, Yin and Yang. The scroll before you is the Yin Scroll. I’ve left the Yang Scroll for my Little Mu’er. If you cultivate it, you’ll suffer a lot in the future.”

“Little Mu’er? Is that Aunt Jing’s child?”

“Haha. That’s right. He’s a very cute little fellow, and is a little smaller than Ling Xi…”

Looking at the happy smile that had radiated from Aunt Jing’s heart, a sour feeling erupted within her heart as she spoke out, “Then, why did Aunt Jing split up with him?”

Rubbing Ling Xi’s head, Aunt Jing’s expression turned into one of grief and dejection as she replied, “That’s because I want to protect him…therefore, I can only leave him…”

Half-understanding Aunt Jing’s words, Ling Xi nodded her head, and said, “Then, I’ll cultivate in it.”

“If you cultivate it, it’ll bring a lot of trouble and danger for you…”

“I’m not afraid. Since Aunt Jing misses Little Mu’er that much, I’ll cultivate in the same martial art. In the future, if I manage to find him, I’ll bring him to see you.” Ling Xi replied. As long as Aunt Jing became happy, she was willing to do anything.

Looking at the young and childish face of the little girl before her, the gentle lady gave a faint sigh. Raising her head to look towards a distant place in the endless horizon, that was a place she needed to returned to. A place that possessed strong power, and yet was extremely cold and heartless. Compared to that, she truly prefered staying in the small Northern Spiritual Realm. Her husband was there, with a little fellow that she was willing to give her all to…

Therefore, there were times that she had to make a choice. Due to that, for the sake of protecting that little fellow, even though she couldn’t bear it, the only thing she could do was to leave.

Within the pond, Ling Xi’s long eyelashes faintly trembled, Her eyes started to open, bit by bit, revealing the sparkling gem-like tears brimming within them. Gently wiping away the slashes of water on her face, she started muttering.

“Aunt Jing…”

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