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Chapter 357 – Relation


Mu Chen's exceedingly hoarse voice rang out within this speckless bamboo house, before causing the two people within the bamboo house to suddenly turn quiet.

With extreme astonishment, Ling Xi tilted her head and stared at Mu Chen, as if she was still doubtful as to what she had heard. The figure of the lady within the painting, she was actually Mu Chen's mother?

An extremely complicated feeling started to unknowingly rise within her heart. This feeling was unable to be explained using words; however, it made her feel somewhat stifled within her heart.

"Are you saying that she's your mother?" slightly raising her eyebrows, she asked while pointing towards the paint with her slender and jade-like finger.

A surge went through Mu Chen's gaze as he stared at Ling Xi. At this moment, unconcealable emotions surged within his eyes as he replied, "Elder Ling Xi, where did you get this painting from? Do you recognise the lady in this painting?"

For the last few years, this was the first time he had managed to obtain any information regarding his mother. Although the figure in the painting was extremely blurry, there was an unquestionable feeling that she was definitely his mother.

Upon hearing his questions, her beautiful gaze turned slightly blank and vacant. Shaking her head, she replied, "I, too, don't know about it…I only know that she's extremely important to me. However, a problem seems to have appeared within my memories, because I've forgotten about a lot of things. I've also forgotten about her…"

"Furthermore… how could she be your mother?"

Although there were problems with her memory, an unknown feeling that stemmed from the deepest part of her heart made her feel inconceivable as she stared at Mu Chen.

"Although I've never seen my Mother before, I can confirm that I've definitely not made a mistake." replied Mu Chen resolutely and decisively. That was a feeling that stemmed from the closeness of their bloodline. This was something that was absolutely correct, even though he had never seen his mother since he was young. The only thing left was a remnant shadow of a gentle figure within the deepest parts of his memory.

"You've never seen her before?"

For some unknown reason, Ling Xi quietly breathed a sigh of relief. However, in the next instant, her expression became complicated, since she felt as if she was one of two kids fighting over who their most favourite sweet would belong to.

Mu Chen nodded his head, before replying in a soft voice, "She had left when I was very young."

He didn’t go into the details; after all, this was considered to be a family matter, and it was not needed for other people to know.

"Elder Ling Xi, do you truly not have even the slightest bit of information about her?" Mu Chen could not help asking as he looked towards Ling Xi. After finally obtaining some news after so much difficulty, he wouldn't let it easily slip out of his grasp.

Sitting on the praying mat, Ling Xi continued to look towards the figure of the lady within the black pagoda and replied, "My memories came to a halt to five years ago. After that, it becomes extremely blurry. I think it should be the handiwork if someone…"

Speaking until there, Ling Xi's voice became extremely cold and frosty, while hatred filled her words. If she knew the person who had done this to her, she would definitely kill that person!

"However, I can occasionally feel some fragments of my memories. Many, many years ago, I should have been together with her… I also know that she's a very important person to me. Therefore, regardless of anything, I want to recover my memories…" Ling Xi muttered to herself while looking at the lady within the picture in a daze.

Hearing her muttering, Mu Chen gawked, before staring at Ling Xi. Unexpectedly, she's been together with Mother in the past? Exactly what relationship does she have with Mother?

While Mu Chen was still in a daze, Ling Xi had turned her head around, sending a slightly odd gaze towards him.

Seeing this, Mu Chen gave a dry laugh. In the next moment, his face turned somewhat green as he spoke out, "You really better not tell me that you're my long-lost sister or whatever…Me and my dad might not be able to endure such shocking news."

However, upon hearing his words, Ling Xi had truly thought about it, before asking, "Should we test it by dripping blood?"

Black lines instantly covered Mu Chen's face as he replied, "Don't fool around. That's useless."

Upon seeing the sweat-filled appearance of Mu Chen, Ling Xi could not help letting off a gentle laugh. At this moment, the cold and detached expression on her beautiful face had completely disappeared, causing her to appear exceedingly alluring.

"Okay, I'll not tease you." replied Ling Xi, "As of now, we're both not clear of the precise situation of this matter. However, I think that there would definitely be a chance to completely solve this mystery."

Mu Chen faintly nodded his head, although there was still some unease within his heart. If what Ling Xi said was true, that she was at his mother's side in the past, why did she suddenly leave? Furthermore, why did Ling Xi's memories get wiped? Could it be that they were met with some very big trouble, and was his mother still well, as of now?

"Now, can you tell me about the black pagoda within your body? If I'm right, she also possessed it…"said Ling Xi as she pointed towards the painting.

Remaining silent for a while longer, Mu Chen finally nodded his head. There was an unknown feeling telling him that the Ling Xi before him was worthy to be trusted. Although this feeling might be related to his mother, it was a simple decision for him to make the selection to trust her.

"The cultivation technique that I'm practising is called the Great Pagoda Art. This was something that was left to me by my Mother, before she left. As for this black pagoda, it should be something that appears after cultivating in this technique."

Tilting his head, Mu Chen continued, "However, its might isn't as strong as I've imagine. Although, its defense is very strong, and is able to protect me."

"Great Pagoda Art?"

Hearing those three words, a flash of brilliance appeared within Ling Xi's eyes. Standing up, fluctuations appeared within her expression as this name gave an unknown feeling of familiarity within her.

Taking two steps forward, she appeared before Mu Chen. Extending her icy-cold jade-like hands, she grasped his hands, before linking their palms and ten fingers together.

Her lands appeared slender and fair, and was smaller than Mu Chen's by a size, which was just nice for Mu Chen to turn around and grasp hers. Naturally, as of now, Mu Chen would obviously not dare to do such a thing, with the only thing he could do was to suit her wishes.

"Don't resist."

When Ling Xi's palms were touching Mu Chen's, she spoke out in a soft voice. In the next instant, a wave of boundless Spiritual Energy erupted from her palms. Conveniently flowing through Mu Chen's palms, it entered his meridians, before unexpectedly making contact with Mu Chen's Spiritual Energy.

Mu Chen was instantly shocked, since this was an extremely dangerous thing to do. The Spiritual Energy produced from various forms of cultivations were all different. Once they made contact with one another, intense repulsion would erupt from them, causing extremely serious damage towards both parties.

However, just as Mu Chen was hesitating to break the contact off, the two Spiritual Energies came into contact. In the next instant, something that caused Mu Chen's heart and mind to tremble started to happen…

As the two Spiritual Energies made contact, the repulsion that he had imagined did not appear. Instead, the two Spiritual Energies had actually started to fuse together.

As the fused Spiritual Energy surged within Mu Chen's body, he discovered, with a shock, that the heavy injuries that he had suffered earlier were actually starting to recover at an astonishing speed.

After a short span of less than ten minutes, the injuries within Mu Chen's body were completely healed… the rate of recovery caused Mu Chen to turn dumbfounded by the sight before him. Even with his small accomplishment to his Thunder God Physique, he would need to rest and recuperate for at least an entire day to recover from the injuries that he had previously suffered.

In shock, Mu Chen raised his head, and looked in disbelief towards the Ling Xi in front of him. At this moment, the bafflement within his heart was getting increasingly thicker. Why would this happen?

Only when all the injuries on Mu Chen's body had completely recovered did the fused Spiritual Energy start to slowly dissociate, bit by bit. After that, the wave of Spiritual Energy travelled through his meridians, before reentering Ling Xi's body.

As the Spiritual Energy returned to Ling Xi's body, her delicate figure faintly shivered, before a faint reddish hue surfaced on her skin. Withdrawing her jade-like hands, her long eyelashes started to faintly flutter.

"How could it do that?" Unable to hold it back, Mu Chen asked aloud. After his Spiritual Energy had fused with Ling Xi's Spiritual Energy, why would it possess such strong regenerative power?

In a soft voice, Ling Xi replied, "It's because I've previously cultivated the Great Pagoda Art…"

A faint shudder went through Mu Chen's heart and mind as he thought, Ling Xi has actually cultivated the Great Pagoda Art? From the looks of it now, those words that she had previously said were definitely true.

However, could it be that people that have cultivated the Great Pagoda Art would be able to fuse their Spiritual Energies? This should be impossible! Even considering both parties had cultivated the same kind of Spiritual Art, the Spiritual Energy cultivated by everyone would have differences present within. Thus, they wouldn't be able to achieve such a perfect degree of fusion.

However, why would they be able to fuse their Spiritual Energies to such a degree?

After thinking for a long time, he was still unable to get the slightest clue about it, and could only give up in helplessness. The bodies of the two of them seemed to be hiding some secrets, and these secrets should have ties to Mu Chen's mother.

Raising his head, Mu Chen gazed towards the figure of the lady within the painting that made people feel calm and peaceful, before gently sighing in his heart. Mother, exactly what is this all about…?

"Let it be, don't get frustrated over this. All secrets will be revealed at one point. Although my memories have been tampered by someone, following the increase of my strength, I'll one day be able to retrieve all of my memories back. At that time, I'll be able to know exactly what had happened to me in the past." Seeing Mu Chen frowning and pondering in deep thought, Ling Xi consoled him in a soft voice.

Mu Chen nodded his head, before feeling slightly unnatural. In the past few periods of time, he had already gotten used to Ling Xi's cold and detached treatment towards him. However, with the sudden gentleness, he truly wasn't used to it.

"In addition, the Great Pagoda Art isn't as simple as you think. That black pagoda isn't as weak as you imagined. The only thing resulting in that is due to you still being unable to touch on that marvelous point."

Ling Xi started her warning, "Also, its best to reveal the black pagoda as little as possible. Although I've lost quite a lot of my memories, I'm able to feel that this thing would lure some very dangerous things if it's exposed. Therefore, if it's been discovered…you might end up with a lot of trouble."

Mu Chen pulled his head back. The consideration and care shown by Ling Xi truly made him feel slightly terrified.


However, at this moment, he could only nodded his head.

"Let's go. Let's head out of here first." Looking once again at the painting on the wall, Ling Xi spoke out.

Hearing her instructions, Mu Chen nodded his head. Looking fondly at the blurry figure of the lady within the painting, he truly wished to take that painting away. However, it was obviously something that was extremely important to Ling Xi. Therefore, it would not be good for him to hog everything for himself.

"Mother, I've promised Dad that I'll definitely find you."

Looking towards the figure of the lady once again, Mu Chen took a deep breath of air, before turning and leaving the bamboo house.

As the two left the bamboo house, the atmosphere around them turned silent. In a short span of less than half a day, they had suffered an extremely huge emotional impact. From being originally having not the slightest bit of relationship, to a relationship so deep it was even binding…

Although they didn't talk about it, when their Spiritual Energies had perfectly fused, the two of them already knew that their relationship wasn't that simple after all.

"Ling Xi…Elder Ling Xi."

Mu Chen finally broke the silence, before saying her name with some unnaturalness.

"Just call me Ling Xi." Ling Xi replied after a moment of hesitation.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen also faintly hesitated. Nodding his head, his said, "I'll come back tomorrow."

Ling Xi nodded her small head.

Looking at the current situation, Mu Chen didn't continue talking anymore. Just as he had turned around to leave, something went into his mind as he raised his head. He looked towards the northern position of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. There, in the middle of a giant hall, a scarlet red pillar of light suddenly rushed towards the sky. At the same time, an ear-piercing and urgent bell rang out, resounding across the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Such an urgent bell ring caused Mu Chen to gawk. Casting his gaze towards the direction of the sounds origin, it seemed to be the location of the Missions Hall. Exactly what had happened?

Chapter 358 – Blood Toll Bell

As the scarlet pillar of light rushed towards the sky, the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy could clearly see it. As for the ear-piercing and urgent bell sounds, they had also resounded across the heavens and earth, continuing for a long, long time.

Seemingly all of the students within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had noticed this spectacle. Countless shocked gazes turned upwards, facing towards the direction where the scarlet pillar of light had shot towards the sky with bewilderment brimming within their eyes.

"What is that…?"

On the peak of the mountain, Mu Chen was also looking at the spectacle before him in shock.

"That’s the Blood Toll Bell…" Looking at the spectacle before her, Ling Xi's eyebrows knitted together awhile before speaking out.

"Blood Toll Bell?"

Mu Chen gawked.

"That's a special Spiritual Artifact of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It can be purchased within the Spiritual Values Hall. However, not only is it expensive, normal students don't have the qualifications to even purchase it. This Spiritual Artifact possesses the effect of an alarm toll. Once its wielder falls into a life-threatening situation, it would shatter. When that happens, its accompanying subordinate bell within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would shatter and produce such a spectacle, allowing for rescue or reinforcements to be called," replied Ling Xi.

"Rescue?" asked Mu Chen with some astonishment. Could it be that someone who was training in the Northern Heavens Continent had met with a life-threatening problem?

"This Blood Toll Bell can only be purchased by students placed within the top ten ranks on the Heavenly Rankings. From the looks of it, someone from the top ten ranks of the Heavenly Rankings has met with great trouble in the Northern Heavens Continent." replied Ling Xi.

"Top ten ranks in the Heavenly Ranking?" Mu Chen muttered while his forehead started to faintly wrinkle up. In the next instant, he seemed to have thought about something, and his expression immediately contorted.

"It's Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong!"

As of now, of the top ten ranks in the Heavenly Rankings, the majority of them were within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, with the only exceptions being Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. The two of them had already formed a team and were pursuing and hunting Mo Longzi. However, it had already been a month since their last-known contact. Could it be that they'd met with trouble?

Mu Chen's expression started to turn grave as he thought, That Mo Longzi is unexpectedly that formidable? Even the collaboration between Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong isn't enough to deal with him?

"This will be troublesome."

Mu Chen said in a deep voice. Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were the two most outstanding people within the current batch of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students. If anything were to happen to them, not only would it cause a huge impact towards the fame and reputation of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it would even cause all the students to feel terror and dread. After all, the two were being used as benchmarks by them.

As Mu Chen stared at the gigantic pillar of light, he could already feel a panicky atmosphere spreading throughout the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Whooshing sounds were present within entire stretch of the world as countless students shot towards the sky, looking with panic-stricken gazes towards the scarlet pillar of light.

This panic and dread had started to envelope over everything.

This panicky spectacle had similarly shocked the various higher-ups with immediate effect, as Elders appeared in the sky, one after another. Boundless Spiritual Energy rippled out from them, pacifying the panicky atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

At the same time, the atmosphere within a great hall at the centremost position of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was exceptionally solemn, with Dean Tai Cang sitting in the centre seat, surrounded by various other Elders below.

"Dean, what's the matter?" asked the Punishment Hallmaster, Mo You in a deep voice.

"Did something happen to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong? Although Mo Longzi is formidable, with the strength of them two, he's absolutely unable to present too much of a threat to them. Could it be that the Elders of the Demonic Dragon Palace have taken action? If that's the case, are they forcing us to go to war with them?" asked another Elder in a deep voice. As he continued speaking, killing intent started to surface within his words.

On the centre seat, Dean Tai Cang's face was sunken to its lowest possible state as he replied, "From the little bit of news relayed by the ringing of the Blood Toll Bell, it shouldn't be that the Elders of the Demonic Dragon Palace had taken action. Although they're getting increasingly rampant and wild as of lately, they still wouldn't dare to engage in a head-on war with our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

"So, what's the matter?" asked Mo You with a frown. With Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong collaborating together, they could be considered as first-rate team within the Northern Heavens Continent. If it weren't people of Elder status, who was able pose a threat to them?

"It's Mo Longzi…"

Dean Tai Cang explained in an indifferent tone, "This time, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had collaborated to hunt and kill Mo Longzi. However, who would have known that that guy would have such a deep plan hiding within his heart? He acted weak on the surface, but had secretly gathered all of the people from our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's bounty from the third place to the tenth place. Afterward, after manipulating the situation, he had trapped Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong within his encirclement. As of now, their situation isn't clear."

Upon hearing the news, the faces of many Elders faintly changed. That Mo Longzi had truly used a vicious method. Furthermore, he was actually able to gather the top ten places on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's bounty list, with the exception of Mo Xingtian, together. From the looks of it, he seemed to have planned to execute this scheme of his long ago.

The top ten people in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's bounty list were not easy to deal with. Due to various reasons, they had ascended onto that bounty list. Placed within the Northern Heavens Continent, they could all be considered as figures that would resound across a region.

As of now, they gathered together. This lineup could be rated as luxurious. No wonder even Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong would be forced to the point of shattering the Blood Toll Bell and calling for help.

"Dean, what should we do now? Absolutely nothing must happen to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. If not, during the Great Academy Competition half a year from now, the strength of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would definitely have a steep decline. At that time, I'm afraid that there will be people eyeing and coveting our place within the Five Great Academies." said an Elder in a deep voice.

"Why not send some Elders out to provide help and rescue them?" Some people suggested.

"That's not possible. There're crouching tigers and hidden dragons within the Northern Heavens Continent. Although there's no one that could shake the position of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there're those peak level influences that have always been staring at us. Previously, we still had some agreements with the Demonic Dragon Palace, where both parties aren't allowed to call upon Elder-level people. The grudges and grievances of the younger generation should be be settled through their own abilities. If we Elders take action, I'm afraid that the Demonic Dragon Palace would also take action. From the looks of things, they definitely know about this. Maybe, they might even be waiting for us to get flustered and act in confusion," some people refuted.

"How should we deal with this matter? Could it be that we're to stare with our eyes and see matters happen to them?"

"Exactly. This matter needs to be settled as quickly as possible. Since Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were forced to the point of shattering the Blood Toll Bell, their situation would definitely be extremely dangerous and desperate…"

Seeing the Elders engaging in their discussions, Dean Tai Cang finally waved his hand. Suppressing the numerous voices within the hall, he looked towards Punishment Hallmaster Mo You, before asking, "How would the Hallmaster look at this matter?"

After pondering awhile, Mo You replied, "We definitely cannot send out the Elders to take action for this matter. If we do, I'm afraid that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would be gossipped by others for using our age to bully the young. Therefore, we can only let the youths settle it by themselves. Naturally, that's also the best solution."

"Are the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall within the academy?" asked Dean Tai Cang slowly.

"Lin Zheng and the other two are all here." replied Mo You while nodding his head, before continuing, "However, with this matter being so urgent and rushed, we need to send out the most extraordinary team to save Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. However, within the younger generation of the Punishment Hall, we might not have enough manpower. Afterall, as of now, Mo Longzi has gathered together nine of the top ten names on our bounty list…"

"What are you trying to say?"

After hesitating awhile, Mo You replied, "Perhaps we can pick some amongst the students. However, the number of people needn't be too many, and must have adequate strength."

"Amongst the students?"

Dean Tai Cang suddenly gave a faint smile before nodding his head while saying, "We definitely have quite a good selection of people. I've originally wanted him to peacefully cultivate for a period of time. However, from the looks of things, we can only send him out."

"Go. I'll leave this matter to the Punishment Hall. We have to bring Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong back. I'll go and stare at the Demonic Dragon Palace…if they truly interfere in this matter, I'll go and prevent them."

"Since that Mo Longzi wants to play, we'll let the youths of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy accompany him and play, and see exactly who's stronger than who."


Mo You immediately accepted the order respectfully.

The entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was still within the panic-stricken mode. Figures were present everywhere as people were discussing with one another. Within such a short span of time, a large number of students had already guessed the approximate reason behind this matter.

Afterall, the number of people within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that possessed the qualifications to possess the Blood Toll Bell weren't many. As for those that have left the academy, there were only two people.

Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong.

Mu Chen could also feel the current atmosphere within the academy. Therefore, not continuing to remain at Ling Xi's place for long, he immediately planned to leave.

"Wait." Ling Xi suddenly spoke out.

Feeling puzzled, Mu Chen turned around and looked towards Ling Xi, who was currently in hesitation over something. With a toss, an old, yellowish-coloured scroll flew towards him, before the latter said, "This is a Rank 5 Spiritual Array, and possesses power comparable to a Heavenly Completion Stage. If you've opened your Heart's Eye, you should be able to arrange it."

Mu Chen felt slightly confused as to why Ling Xi would suddenly hand him a Rank 5 Spiritual Array. However, regardless of that, he didn't reject her offer, and easily caught it as it flew over. A power that was comparable to a Heavenly Completion Stage. This was simply more formidable than the double lotus form of the Demonic Butchering Lotus Spiritual Array. As of right now, he truly needed a Spiritual Array of such a rank.

"Thank you," said Mu Chen with gratitude. Without continuing to stay behind, he rapidly turned around and left.

Looking at the back figure of the leaving Mu Chen, Ling Xi gave a faint sigh, while a complicated expression flashed within the depths of those beautiful eyes.

When Mu Chen arrived back in the Freshmen Area, the entire public square was seemingly filled with figures. All of them were gathered together as they looked towards the blood-red pillar of light that seemed to pass through the heavens with solemn expressions.

Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the rest were all present, with even Luo Li being startled to the point of appearing. Sending a smile towards them, Mu Chen walked towards the side of Luo Li.

"Mu Chen, do you know what has happened?" upon spotting Mu Chen, Ye Qingling and the rest immediately shot their question over frantically.

Mu Chen shook his head in reply. Just as he was able to speak, he suddenly sensed something and turned his head towards a stretch of sky not far away. A ray of light suddenly shot over from there, before appearing in the air above this public square.

"It's Hallmaster Mo You."

Upon seeing the figure, Mu Chen instantly gawked.

In the air, Mo You revealed himself. Looking at the public square below him, his gaze instantly locked onto Mu Chen, before speaking out in a deep voice, "Mu Chen, as of now, you've been temporarily assigned to the Punishment Hall. Follow Lin Zheng and the rest and immediately leave the academy to complete your mission!"

Clamoring noises immediately broke out in the public square below as countless students had faces full of astonishment and shock. What did it mean to be temporarily assigned to the Punishment Hall? Wasn't the Punishment Hall a place that only graduated students had the qualifications to enter?

However, there were many students who were quick with their thinking and guessed the reason in a short moment. After all, just after the Blood Toll Bell rung, the level of activity from the Punishment Hall had ramped up. Due to that, people could not help associating the two events together.

Mu Chen had also put these two pieces of the puzzle together and understood what was going on. The so-called 'mission' would most likely be to save Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong.


There wasn't a single bit of hesitation within him as he immediately responded in a deep voice. He had a very favourable impression towards Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. As of now, since they're in trouble, he would naturally take action to help them. Although, he also knew that this mission would most likely be exceedingly dangerous.

"I'll go as well."

Just as Mu Chen's voice had rang out, a clear and melodious voice rang out beside him, only to see that Luo Li had walked up and stood beside him. Tossing her head up, she looked towards Mo You floating in the air.

Upon seeing this, Mo You slightly pondered, before nodding his head. As of now, Luo Li's strength was no weaker than Mu Chen's. With her going along with him, it would increase their team's strength by quite a bit. After all, the lineup of their opponent was also extremely luxurious.

With a wave of his sleeve, Mo You shot towards the distance, with his roaring voice ringing over.

"The two of you, immediately head to the Punishment Hall, and set off with Lin Zheng and the rest."

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