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Chapter 355 – Pursuit of Life and Death

Hum. Hum.

Boundless and erratic Spiritual Energy started to sweep out from the starry skies. In the next instant, the gigantic Spiritual Array that was seemingly formed from the stars started to immediately revolve, causing starlight to condense, while fluctuations that caused people to shutter started to spread out.

Mu Chen's expression was now grave and solemn, and did not dare to show the slightest moment of neglect. If he made the slightest mistake under a Spiritual Array of such a rank, he might truly be unable to walk out of this Spiritual Array House.

His gaze swept acutely over the complicated Spiritual Array in an attempt to find the pattern of its orbital tracks. However, very quickly, he gave up this idea. The Spiritual Array here was no longer those simple ones that he had faced during his training, true killing intent was permeating from it.

Furthermore, this Spiritual Array was clearly being controlled externally, and it wasn't by Ling Xi. This was due to this "Spiritual Array House". Being a Spiritual Artifact of such a degree, it had already formed a basic level of consciousness. Without needing any control from Ling Xi, it was already able to display the might of this Spiritual Artifact.

Therefore, Mu Chen wanting to find the Array Core of the Spiritual Array formed by it with ease and break it was obviously impossible.


The Spiritual Array furiously revolved, condensing the ray of starlight. Unexpectedly, it immediately transformed into a giant meteor. At an extremely astonishing speed, it split apart the horizon, instantly enveloping a hundred metre radius around Mu Chen.

This incoming pressure caused Mu chen's clothes to start ripping and tearing. With a grave expression on his face, he swiftly retreated, while forming a seal with his hands. Boundless Spiritual Energy erupted from him, before transforming into a similar stretch of starry sky behind him, where a white tiger came bounding over.


As the white tiger roared, it strode over the starry sky. Transforming into starlight, he violently smashed head-on against the incoming meteor.


At the instant of impact, the entire stretch of the starry sky seemed to shuddered. Erratic Spiritual Energy shock waves wreaked havoc as they spread out, before shattering the resisting white tiger starlight into bits.

Receiving such a heavy strike, Mu Chen's body was miserably forced back. A sweet taste erupted from the back of his mouth, but was forcefully swallowed back down. At this moment, his gaze grew increasingly grave as he thought, This Spiritual Array truly is not easy to deal with.

Bang! Rumble!

As the attack started to open the heavy curtains, the Spiritual Array had completely erupted out. As it revolved, it fluctuated with thousands of brilliant rays, before the starlight started to condense one after another, forming shapes of meteors once again.

Mu Chen's forehead started to wrinkled as he thought, I have to get break and get rid of that Spiritual Array as fast as possible. If not, I might be consumed to death by it, sooner or later.

"Since I can't see through you, I'll just have to forcefully break you!"

A cold glint erupted within Mu Chen's eyes. In the previous training, due to Ling Xi's instruction for him not to forcefully break the Spiritual Arrays, Mu Chen could only rely on another way. However, if he continued using that method, he might not even be able to hold onto his little life.

If the Spiritual Array was to truly revolve, its might could be comparable to a true Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase expert, even stronger than Xue Shi by a sliver. Therefore, Mu Chen had to break it as fast as possible.

With that intent in his head, Mu Chen did not continue to hesitate. Spiritual Energy burning with black flames pervaded out, before transforming into a starry sky behind him. However, this time, the starry sky was exceedingly vast, while three gigantic beastial figures rapidly took shape within it.

"Four Gods Constellation Scripture, Divine Seal of the White Tiger!"

"Divine Seal of the Black Tortoise!"

"Divine Seal of the Vermillion Bird!"

At this instant, Mu Chen launched his attack. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, the three great Divine Seals simultaneously flew out. As torrential Spiritual Energy pervaded the sky, the three giant beasts raised their heads and roared towards the sky. At this instant, their might had already reach a considerably terrifying level.

Swish! Swish!

Within the Spiritual Array, the numerous meteors were already formed. Hiding the skies and covering the earth, they rumbled straight at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's expression turned icy cold. Bringing his hands together, he formed a seal, before sending a fist rumbling out.


Instantly, bringing along incomparably erratic Spiritual Energy fluctuations, three gigantic beastial figures roared and shot out from the starry sky behind him. Akin to the exceptionally savage beasts, they violently smashed head-on towards the meteors that blotted the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meteor after meteor rapidly shattered as they impacted against the three beastial figures, while the three beastial figures appeared to be smashing through twigs, before finally smashing into the gigantic Spiritual Array. The astonishing Spiritual Energy wrecked havoc as the Spiritual Array violently shook, before finally breaking apart.

As the points of light that blotted the sky started to descend, Mu Chen looked towards the collapsed Spiritual Array, before heaving a huge sigh of relief, as if a heavy load had come off his shoulders. All things considered, he had broken the Spiritual Array.

However, a number of breaths after he had started to relax, his expression slowly started to turn ugly, bit by bit.

This was due to what he was seeing before him; boundless Spiritual Energy was condensing once again at the place where the Spiritual Array had collapsed. As brilliant rays of light rippled out, a Spiritual Array surfaced once again. Although this Spiritual Array was different from the previous one, the fluctuations that radiated from it were just as strong.

Furthermore, Mu Chen was able to see what seemed like an even bigger Spiritual Array condensing and taking shape at the outskirts of this completed Spiritual Array.


This scene before him caused Mu Chen to suck in a breath of cold air as his expression started to turn slightly pale. This Spiritual Array House was actually able to arrange other Spiritual Arrays! What kind of Spiritual Artifact was this?! This was simply akin to facing a Spiritual Array Master with a considerably rich experience in arranging Spiritual Arrays!

Furthermore, it was a Spiritual Array Master that was of a higher rank than him. Maybe, it had already reached the realm of a rank.

"Such a terrifying Spiritual Artifact," muttered Mu Chen, as his heart started to tremble. This Spiritual Array House was really too powerful. Anyone that possessed it would basically possess the most obedient Great Spiritual Array Master. Furthermore, there would never be any emotional qualms with its actions. It would do what you asked it to do, with the greatest strength possible.

No wonder why Su'er said that it possessed the capability to trap a Sovereign within it. Previously, Mu Chen still had a little bit of doubt. However, as of now, he did not dare to have a single shred of doubt about that anymore.

"Look's like this way simply doesn't work."

Mu Chen's expression was extremely serious and solemn. Although, according to the words of Ling Xi, this was seemingly just the first level of the Spiritual Array House. However to deal with him, it appeared that this was more than enough. To put it bluntly, he was clearly not this Spiritual Array House's match.

Since using the brute force method wouldn't work, the only way was to search for a way to truly dispel it.

Mu Chen's forehead tightly scrunched up. After quite a long while, he took a deep breath. From the looks of it, the only way for him to walk out from this Spiritual Array House would be to open his Heart's Eye.

Furthermore, the time he could endure in there wasn't long. Within this period of time, if he was unable to open his Heart's Eye, what might lie for him, would be death.

"There truly isn't any other road to walk."

Mu Chen muttered to himself. However, there wasn't a single shred of dread within his eyes. Instead, present within them was the brilliance, sharp and incisive gaze. Staring at the gigantic revolving Spiritual Array, he proceeded to slowly close his eyes.

He had entered into the Heart Array State once again, in order to find the mystery behind all of this.

Bang! Bang!

While Mu Chen was closing his eyes, the Spiritual Array was already revolving. Like a giant dragon's roar, surges of Spiritual Energy flooded out, crushing down against Mu Chen.

At this moment, Mu Chen had already activated his Dragon Soaring Art to his maximum ability to evade the incoming floods. As for those attacks that he was unable to evade, the only thing he could do would be to forcefully receive them with his body. Therefore, within a short span of half a minute, blood had started to flow out of his black lightning-encased body. From the looks of it, he appeared extremely miserable.

Ignoring the gradually intensifying injuries appearing on his body, Mu Chen's state-of-mind was akin to an endless abyss; without the slightest ripple, while the outside world was totally shut off. At this moment, his state-of-mind had seemingly sunk slowly down to the deepest part of his consciousness.

From the outside, Su'er's face turned pale as she saw the scene unfolding within the light screen in front of her. Surges of frightening Spiritual Energy howled from within the light screen, while Mu Chen's figure appeared extremely small. Every single time an attack landed on him, the latter's body would violently tremble, before spurting out blood. As of now, he appeared as if he was made from blood.

By his side, Ling Xi's beautiful eyes were also focused on the light screen. The only difference being that her gaze was clearly much more calm as she quietly stared at the figure of the youth surrounded by the perils of boundless Spiritual Energy surges. Her present feelings were as if nothing that happened in the world would able to cause an overly strong emotional reaction in her.


Mu Chen's body was struck by a Spiritual Energy surge. A gruesome-looking wound appeared as the muscles on his chest were slashed apart. His bones were visible within it as blood bubbled and poured out. While this happened, black lightning flashed erratically, trying to reduce the damage caused by the injury.

The Spiritual Energy surrounding Mu Chen's body had already become weak, similar to his vitality at this moment.

Mu Chen's consciousness had similarly discovered this faintly lethargic and weak feeling that had a faint taste of death.

That fantastic feeling had already appeared. However, he was still unable to truly open his Heart's Eye.

Just a bit more!

Furious roars seemed to ring out within Mu Chen's heart. Just that little bit more! However, his Heart's Eye located within the depths of his consciousness was still unable to be opened!

It's not enough! The threat from death isn't enough!

Mu Chen's eyes opened furiously, as some craziness surged within his eyes. Although he had already suffered heavy injuries on his body, it was still not enough!

With a hard clench of his teeth, he shot out in a perfectly straight line, heading towards a Spiritual Energy surge sweeping towards him.

Upon seeing such a crazy action by him, Su'er was frightened to the point of screaming out.

Ling Xi's gaze was still calm and serene. However, her beautiful eyes had started to narrow.


As the Spiritual Energy surge swept across Mu Chen's body, blood spurted out, akin to a fountain. His body instantly shot back, while appearing to have somewhat caved in. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations erupting from his body had started to slowly grow dim.

Almost as if it was about to dissipate.

Mu Chen's consciousness had similarly started to slowly grow dim and dark, while a thick flavor of death erupted from his heart. Under the embrace of death, his mind and consciousness seemed to start sinking into the unending darkness.

As this darkness continued on without end, there seemed to be something trembling within it. Finally, something akin to a newly born eye slowly opened up.

As Mu Chen's mind descended into the darkness of death, the Spiritual Array House did not stop due to that. Spiritual Energy surges howled out, hiding the skies and covering the earth as they rumbled towards the floating Mu Chen.

"Please save him quickly, Elder Sister Ling Xi!" Su'er cried out anxiously as she frantically grabbed onto Ling Xi's arm.

With a soft sigh, Ling Xi faintly raised her jade-like hand.

However, just as she was able to take action, within the light screen, humongous rays of black light suddenly erupted of Mu Chen's body. In the next moment, after enveloping him within, they rapidly condensed together, forming a gigantic black pagoda, protecting him within it.

Bang! Bang!

The Spiritual Energy surges violently impacted against the black pagoda, causing resplendent rays of brilliance to instantly erupt out.

"Eh?" Su'er gawked in response to the changes happening before her, before breathing a huge sigh of relief. Looks like Big Brother Mu Chen was prepared for this.

"Elder Sister Ling Xi."

Raising her head, Su'er looked towards Ling Xi, only to be astonished by what she saw. At this moment, the latter was staring blankly towards the black pagoda, within the light screen, that had enveloped Mu Chen as her delicate figure was faintly trembling. Her expression and current appearance were things that Su'er had never seen before.

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