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Chapter 321 – Kicked out of the Hunting War


A resonant and clear cry rang across the world as countless gazes looked in shock at the giant black bird that had surfaced from within the torrential black flames across the horizon. As the giant bird unfurled its giant wings that could encompass mountains, black flames surged and swept out, causing the temperature of this stretch of the world to rise even higher.

“The Nine Netherbird…”

Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong looked at each other, noticing the astonishment within each other’s eyes, as they mutter, “He is actually able to transform into a Spiritual Beast form even at this level…”

Everyone knew that once one steps into the Spirit Stage, everyone would possess a power, and that was to refine the Soul Essence of Spiritual Beasts. It’s exactly this power of the Soul Essence that allowed Spirit Stage experts to possess the might of Spiritual Beasts.

However, from a certain perspective, this kind of possession wasn’t eternal, as even the Soul Essence of the Spiritual Beast would one day dissipate. Furthermore, following the increasing strength of the refiner, gradually breaking through from Spirit Stage to Heavenly Fusion Stage and Heavenly Transformation Stage, the power gained from refining the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence would gradually be replaced.

Naturally, not all of the refined Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence would dissipate. If one was able to reach a considerably high level of fusion with their Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, the power gained from the Soul Essence would continue to exist. However, for that kind of situation to occur was not simple. After all, a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence had a natural rejection to mankind. Even though the Spiritual Beast was already killed, its remnant thoughts would still resist this fusion. That is, unless they were willing to get refined. Only if this were to happen would the power from the Soul Essence be able to follow alongside the refiner.

However, with untamed and arrogant Spiritual Beasts, after being killing, would they be willing to be refined?

Therefore, following the increase in strength of people, after breaking through to Heavenly Fusion Stage, Heavenly Transformation Stage and Heavenly Completion Stage, the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence present within them would gradually dissipate. This kind of power from the Soul Essence would gradually be replaced by an even more powerful strength.

This was the reason why Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had shown such astonishment when Mu Chen transformed into the shape of the Nine Netherbird, and, in addition, into such a complete form.

“I truly don’t know exactly how Mu Chen was able to reach such a point of fusion with the Nine Netherbird’s Soul Essence…” Shen Cangsheng smiled in startlement, before saying, “Over these last few years, this is the first time I’ve seen someone who was able to transform into such a perfect form of the Nine Netherbird.”

Li Xuantong slightly nodded his head in approval, as he looked towards the incomparably large Nine Netherbird. At this moment, a complicated expression arose on his face, since the current Mu Chen truly had a monumental change since a number of months ago.

“He’s too formidable! He’s actually able to transform into such a perfect form of the Nine Netherbird at this moment…”

On the ground, Wang Tong and the rest were also exclaiming in astonishment. All of them had also refined the Soul Essence of Spiritual Beasts that were not weak while they were at the Spirit Stage. However, once they promoted into the Heavenly Transformation Stage, the power from their Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence had seemingly completely dissipated, without even talking about being able to completely transform into such a perfect form of their Spiritual Beasts. In addition, when the power of the Soul Essence was most abundant within their bodies, they were still unable to transform into such a Spiritual Beast form that was as substantial as a living creature.

Standing beside them, Luo Li gave a faint smile. She naturally knew about how Mu Chen was able to achieve such a step. Not only did he have a high level agreement with the Nine Netherbird within him, even their lives were intertwined. The Bloodline Bond wasn’t something that just anyone could enjoy, as well as having the courage to be tied in one.

To many people, the power from the Soul Essence might be considered to be a provisional power source. However, for Mu Chen, it would be with him throughout his life.


Under the countless gazes that were sparkling with various kinds of emotions, the gigantic black bird that covered the horizon raised its head towards the sky and gave a long screech. In the next instant, flapping its wings, it smashed, head first, into the blood-red full moon that had shattered space as it headed towards Mu Chen.


The two frightening powers smashed against each other. The intense bang produced was akin to thunder, resounding across the skies, even causing a slight twist and distortion in the space.

The giant bird, burning in black flames, smashed head-on against the blood-red full moon. The two frightening powers were currently crazily trying to corrode one another.

Bang! Bang!

The incomparably erratic Spiritual Energy fluctuations were akin to hundred metre high waves that were continuously sweeping and and trying to engulf the territory of the other. The scene that they created caused the skin of quite a few people on the ground to feel numb.

Everyone was able see a black and red colour condensing in the erratic corrosion that was happening between the giant bird and the full moon. In the short span of a number of breaths, these two powers turned into gigantic ball of light that was over a hundred meters in diameter. Within the centre of the ball of light, the two forces were erratically mixing in an extreme fashion.

Like a bomb.

Since it was a bomb, it would explode.

As this thought flashed past the minds of the crowd, they notice that the black and red colour was expanding in the sky. In the next moment, an astonishing sound rang out.


The Spiritual Energy ball of light that had condensed from the all-out attacks of the two finally could not hold onto its shape and furiously exploded. Spiritual Energy crazily swept out as the gigantic black bird, as well of the full moon, were instantly engulfed within it.

A dazzling light formed, causing countless people to narrow their eyes. A Spiritual Energy shockwave, approximately thousands of metres in length, radiated out, before finally diffusing into the ends of the horizon.

At this instant, the Spiritual Light Mountain, which was akin to a giant pillar that held the sky up, started to hum as it vibrated and shook.

Bang! Bang!

Under the buffeting from the devastating Spiritual Energy storm, a black and a red streak of light were violently flung out, before heavily impacting the expansive platform on the ground below.


As the earth shook, the thousand metre long stone platform started to collapse as two deep holes appeared on it. Large and coarse cracks, spanning thousands of metres, appeared like spider webs as they extended from the giant holes.

Figures started to hurriedly rise into the air from all around the stone platform as they cast their gazes over. In the previous heaven-shattering collision, exactly who had gained an advantage?

Everyone was clear that this exchange was sufficient to determine the winner.

Under the convergence of countless gazes, the dust clouds slowly dissipated from the completely destroyed stone platform. Two unfathomably deep giant holes started to appeared in the eyes of the crowd.

The jet blackness of the deep holes masked every source of light and gaze.

Exactly who had won?


Within the depths of the dark giant hole, a whooshing sound suddenly rang out, causing the crowed to hurriedly converge their gazes over. In the next instant, they saw, from the left deep hole, a figure that was covered in blood was staggering as he rose to the sky.

The figure had a head full of green hair, while the injuries were present over his entire body. Blood created a pattering sound as it dripped down from him, causing him to appear extremely miserable. It was He Yao!


A few regretful clamoring noises rang out as everyone thought, So, it’s still He Yao that remains standing in the end?

The lovable faces of Su Ling’er and the rest who were attentively watching this scene before them could not resist and changed.


Covered in blood, He Yao looked at the deep hole before him that did not appear to have the slightest activity. In the next moment, he looked at the sky and laughed loudly, his facial features distorted as he roared, “Mu Chen, aren’t you very proud of yourself? However, the one that laughs, at the end, is me!”

There were several people who were sighing regretfully as they thought, Is Mu Chen still weaker? However, since he was able to force He Yao into such a miserable state, he could be considered as being extremely outstanding already. As long as some time was given to him, surpassing He Yao might only be a matter of time.

In the air, the faces of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were still tranquil and calm. As they shot a look at the deep hole that did not have the slightest trace of activity, a faint smile suddenly appeared on their faces.


A clear and resonantly long screech suddenly resounded across the skies at that moment. Instantly, all of the clamoring noises turned silent as thick surprise and joy radiated from the gazes that were showing regret earlier, and they looked towards the deep hole that did not have the slightest bit of activity.

At this instant, He Yao’s face had also violently contorted.

The earth faintly trembled as a scorching heat wave rose from within the depths of the giant hole. In the next instant, everyone saw erupting black flames that blotted the skies. Within the black flames, a gigantic black bird rushed towards the sky as its shadow covered the earth.


Across the horizon, the black flames erupted as the giant bird clad in black flames slowly flapped its giant wings. A pair of incomparably sharp eyes stared at the dumbfounded He Yao.

At this moment, the disparity of strength between the two could be seen with a single look.

“How’s this possible…?” muttered He Yao as he looked towards the Nine Netherbird that seemed to not have a single trace of injury. That was his strongest attack. However, from the looks of it, it unexpectedly did not do much damage to Mu Chen!

As the black flames swept out, the gigantic body of the Nine Netherbird started to rapidly shrink. Under the shocked and astonished gazes of the people on the ground, it transformed into a thin figure.

After Mu Chen reappeared, his face seemed somewhat pale; however, his black eyes were still shining with consciousness. Compared to He Yao, his condition was much better. He Yao’s previous attack truly was incomparably tyrannical; however, he still underestimated the completely transformed Nine Netherbird, and Mu Chen, who had possessed such strong resilience and defensive capabilities.

The form of the Nine Netherbird truly was much more tyrannical than the body of a human.

“He Yao, you’ve celebrating too early. That isn’t a good thing to do.” said Mu Chen with a faint smile as he looked towards the extremely miserable He Yao.

“I don’t believe it! The current you is just spent force! Give me less of your pretentious appearance!” The capillaries in He Yao’s eyes bulged as he malevolently roared. In the next instant, he explosively shot towards Mu Chen.

Looking at the incoming He Yao, regardless of speed, attack, or strength, which had decreased too much, Mu Chen’s eyes turned emotionless. With a flick of his finger, a Spiritual Energy ray howled as it surged out, and heavily impacted the body of He Yao.


He Yao instantly flew backwards, and miserably scraped the ground as he fell. Long cracks extended out from the location where he fell as he spurted a mouthful of blood.

At this instant, Mu Chen’s eyes turned frosty. Without the slightest shred of mercy, he flicked his finger once again, causing another Spiritual Energy ray to sweep out. Under the terror-filled eyes of He Yao, it violently impacted against his body.


This stretch of earth trembled from the impact.


A ray of light descended from the sky and encompassed He Yao within. With a whoosh, it sent him, who was already unable to move, out of the hunting grounds.

Seeing He Yao disappearing into the distance, Mu Chen raised his head and deeply exhaled, while the paleness of his face turned increasingly thick.

This fight was not easy for him. However, fortunately, he had won in the end.

After He Yao was sent out, the region turned deathly silent as everyone cast their gazes towards the pale-faced youth. Within their eyes, a sliver of respect started to slowly erupt.

In the air, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong both started to smile.

Looks like the third slot had been won by Mu Chen, in the end.

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