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Chapter 314 – Killing the Spirit King

Sword Qi that was akin to waves undulated across this stretch of the world. This Sword Qi was not extremely swift not fierce, however it gave people a heart palpitating feeling, as if they would be chopped into bits if there were to move an inch.

Mu Chen gazed in astonishment at the girl before him. Luo Li’s strength had somewhat exceeded his expectations. However, after thinking about it, he gave a mocking laugh at himself. Luo Li’s talent was no less than his own. In addition, she was more dedicated to training than he was. If not for him possessing the ability of a Spiritual Array Master, he would truly not dare to pat his chest and say that he could genuinely suppress Luo Li in a real fight.

Luo Li’s eyes tightly locked onto the Spirit King that was explosively shooting towards them. At this moment, unexpectedly, her eyes started to slowly close. In the next instant, the longsword in her hand suddenly slashed down.


The instant when her sword slashed down, the earth before her suddenly split open. The Sword Qi erratically condensed around the longsword. In a short span of a few breaths, all of Sword Qi had condensed onto the edge of the sword.


The sword edge rippled and undulated, making the longsword look akin to being made by waves. In the next instant, an azure ray of light suddenly swept out.

The azure light beam was so quick that one’s naked eye would not be able to catch it. Everyone could only see a ray of light shoot past, before hearing a sonic boom that filled the skies. Even the air was split into two. Within the middle, there seemed to be residual undulating Sword Qi, causing the air to separate, unable to fuse back

The temperature of that stretch of the world appeared to instantly drop at this moment.

Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed, the pores across his entire body tightened up when Luo Li’s sword slashed down. This was a reaction that would happen when he was faced with an extremely dangerous sensation.

Luo Li’s slash wasn’t overly magnificent. However, the frightening power contained under the tranquility would make other people feel horrified.

Mu Chen raised his head to look at the azure ray of light that was formed by the Sword Qi condensed to the pinnacle point, which had already chopped down on the body of the Spirit King, before passing through it.

The mountain range in the distance was successively split into two. The areas that were split apart were as glossy and reflective as a mirror.

A mountain range that was at least a thousand feet long was quietly sliced apart.

Bang! Rumble!

The gigantic Spirit King was still violently rushing towards Mu Chen and Luo Li, as if it had not received the slightest bit of damage.

A shade of paleness appeared on Luo Li’s face. Her lovable figure faintly trembled, before a hand came from behind hand embraced her waist. Tilting her head, she sent a faint smile towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen pulled her right hand over and looked at the bloodstains that were present. He could not help but feel some pain in his heart as he cleaned away the bloodstains. Feeling helpless, he said to her, “Why did you risk your life for this? I’m able to finish this up.”

Luo Li smiled; however, she did not say anything as she stared at Mu Chen, who was looking at her dearly.

The two of them had seemingly not cared about the Spirit King that was rushing over.

In an instant, the Spirit King had already arrived. However, just as it was about to make contact with the mountain peak they were on, its gigantic body suddenly split apart. Turning into two halves, they rumbled as they fell to the sides, causing the mountain peaks below to be leveled into flat ground.

As smoke and dust filled the sky, the shaking of the earth slowly came to a stop.

Mu Chen’s eye stared indifferently at the Spirit King that had split apart. The latter’s split body rapidly transformed into a crystal, while rapidly shrinking at the same time. After a short span of a number of breaths, the gigantic Spirit King had turned into two clumps of scorching suns, illuminating the entire stretch of the world.

Terrifying Spiritual Energy radiated from within the two halves, and one could faintly discern that the spirit crystal’s halves that were present were the ones that the Spirit King had previously eaten. In addition, the purple colour had turned darker, with the Spiritual Energy within even more terrifying.

This was the Spiritual Light. However, calling it a Spirit Crystal was clearly more suitable.

Zhao Qingshan and the rest in the distance had regained their clarity, due to the eye-piercing brilliance. Upon doing so, they stared in shock at the two eye piercing brilliance as uncontrollable greed erupted within their eyes.

This was the Spiritual Light at the Spirit King Rank! If they could get that, their Spiritual Empowerment this time would definitely be exceedingly perfect!

They could even take this opportunity to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage!

The eyes of both Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang turned red as they shot a look at each other. With a clench of their teeth, they abruptly shot out. At this time, their intelligence had seemingly dropped. Although Mu Chen and Luo Li were formidable, the bitter battle earlier had clearly left them weakened now. Now was the best chance for them!

Xu Huang’s gaze slightly shook as he looked at the eye-piercing brilliance. However, in the end, he only gave a soft sigh and did not take any action, before shooting a cold look at Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang. He could be considered as having interacted with Mu Chen before, and knew how difficult it was to deal with this youth. Therefore, as for this two fellows who wanted to snatch the things in his hand, Xu Huang did not assume that was an intelligent decision.

Although Mu Chen and Luo Li’s consumption of Spiritual Energy might be extremely large, with Mu Chen’s character, Xu Huang would absolutely not believe there wasn’t any contingency plans prepared.

In the far distance, Mu Chen embraced Luo Li; however, a coldness blanketed his black pupils. Looking at the two figures explosively shooting over, a mocking arc appeared from the corner of his mouth.

Luo Li had also discovered their actions, as chilling intent surfaced on her lovable face on the spot.

“You two have finally watch enough, huh?” Mu Chen sent an indifferent smile towards the two incoming people while speaking out.

Zhao Qingshan’s and Mu Fengyang eye’s sparkled; however, they appeared to be unwilling to look at Mu Chen. Obviously, when the latter had given the Spirit King serious injuries, it had given them great pressure at the same time. At this time, they did not dare to underestimate him, like they previously did.

“Snatch the Spiritual Light and split up!” With a low roar, Zhao Qingshan shot towards the Spiritual Light on the left, while Mu Fengyang did so to the right.

Mu Chen coldly stared at them. With a clench of his palm, a metal ball full of potholes appeared in his hands. With a flick, the metal ball shot out. Instantly, a myriad of colours blossomed as an incomparably gigantic Spiritual Array immediately condensed. Extending out, it enveloped the locations where the two clumps of Spiritual Light were.

He had long discovered the fellows that were spying on them from the distance. However, did they think he would not have a single contingency plan when he fought the Spirit King till both sides suffered injuries?


Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang’s incoming figures hurriedly halted in distress. They looked at the Spiritual Array that was expanding with some trepidation. The threat brought by this Spiritual Array was not any weaker than the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen had arranged earlier!

If they were insistent on rushing in, they might be instantly enveloped by the Spiritual Array. However, they did not have the confidence to meet with a Spiritual Array of this grade.

“This bastard!”

Mu Fengyang clenched and gnashed his teeth. He never expected Mu Chen would have any contingency plans.

“Let’s go!” Clenching his teeth, Zhao Qingshan immediately turned away and abruptly left. The preparation that Mu Chen had, left them without a single chance.

Mu Fengyang was clearly not as decisive as Zhao Qingshan, hesitating for a while before turning to leave.

“Since you’re here, then don’t leave!”

However, just as Mu Fengyang had just turned his body, the cold voice of Mu Chen had already rang out. As he turned his head back to take a glance, he was dumbstruck to see that the gigantic Spiritual Array had seemingly enveloped over. This immediately frightened him till his soul left his body and without a single trace of fighting intent as he hurriedly fled.


Mu Chen coldly snorted. With a move of his body, a dragon roar resounded out, and he disappeared at this moment. In the next instant, he appeared. He was like a spectre that had already appeared behind Mu Fengyang.

“Scram off!”

Mu Cheng’s body suddenly erupted with lightning, while his skin appeared to have a faint silvery-metallic look. Clenching his hand, he sent a fist rumbling out.


Berserk Spiritual Energy swept out as a white tiger appeared, as though it was condensed by the gale of Mu Chen’s fist. Without a single shred of mercy, it rumbled towards Mu Fengyang, who was unable to muster any defense in time.


The astonishing Spiritual Energy coming from behind him caused Mu Fengyang’s face to turn deathly pale. At this moment, there wasn’t enough time for him to even turn around, with the only thing he could do was to wrap his body in the Spirit Armor.


Mu Chen’s fist violent smashed against the Spirit Armor, instantly causing metallic sounds to ring out and sparks to shoot out. A mouthful of blood violently spurted out from Mu Fengyang, as his body was like a kite with a broken string, instantly dropping to the ground, creating a huge hole in the process.

Mu Fengyang miserably laid at the bottom of the deep hole. Cracks extended out of the armor on his body. This armor was almost shattered by the Spirit King’s slap after he attempted to set up Mu Chen. After suffering a violent fist from Mu Chen, it had already reached its limit.

Mu Fengyang spurted mouthfuls of blood. His aura became depressed as terror filled his eyes. He never thought that Mu Chen would be that vicious, attacking just as he said that.

“It’s a little too wasteful to use my Spiritual Array on the two of you.” Mu Chen said with a cold smile. With a clench of his palm, the metal ball full of potholes returned to his hand.

Mu Chen descended slightly. With a clasp of his hand, a giant boulder the size of a small hill was sucked over. Upon reaching his hand, he violently smashed it down on the seriously injured Mu Fengyang.


As Mu Fengyang screamed out in terror, the giant boulder caused the ground to shake for a while. In the next instant, a streak of light descended from the sky. Piercing the giant boulder, it transported Mu Fengyang, who had already faint from his injuries, out.

As Mu Chen was dealing with Mu Fengyang, Zhao Qingshan had already escaped into the distance. Mu Chen only shot a look, before retracting his gaze. He did not have the intention to chase him, as the current him had truly consumed quite a bit of his strength. Wanting to smash Zhao Qingshan out of the Spiritual Light World might require him to use the metal ball. Obviously, Mu Chen was not willing to do so.

Standing in mid-air, he shot a chilling gaze to a further distance. From there, there were still some people looking towards him. However, when they noticed Mu Chen’s gaze shooting over, a cold shiver swept past them before they promptly retreated.

Xu Huang looked at the youth with an imposing manner, standing in the air, before sighing. Gesturing with his hand, he said, “Let’s go.”

Behind him, Xu Qingqing had also fallen silent as she bit her lip. Staring at the youthful figure, her heart felt uncomfortable, and no one would have imagined that even her most worshipped big brother would not even dare to provoke that fellow’s ire.

However, she had no choice but to admit that the current Mu Chen was truly much stronger than a few months ago.

Perhaps, the greatest dark horse in this hunt, would not be Zhao Qingshan, or whoever, but the Mu Chen in front of her.

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