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Chapter 312 – Heart Eye


The gigantic Spirit King was sent smashing backwards. When its giant feet descended towards the ground, the entire earth, as well as the mountain range, violently shook a few times at that very instant. However, the Spirit King quickly stabilised its body as it started to feel some anger. The brilliance around the gigantic body grew increasingly thick as the brilliance enveloped the entire mountain range.


While it roared, it clenched its giant hand. Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies converged, transforming into a storm. With a pat of its giant palm, a Spiritual Energy beam, which was approximately a hundred feet wide, shattered the horizon, before violent it smashed towards the slender and beautiful figure.

The Spirit King did not know any Spiritual arts; however, it possessed boundless Spiritual Energy that even a Heavenly Completion Stage expert would find hard to compare with. With this vigorous Spiritual Energy being its shield, the eruption of force from every movement was easily able to torch the mountains and boil the seas.

As the Spiritual Energy shattered the horizon, the mountain range below was smashed till a gigantic fissure was formed. The mountain tops and peaks along the side continued to shatter and explode.

Zhao Qingshan, Xu Huang, Mu Fengyang and the rest that had rushed over from the distance felt a palpitation in their hearts. The strength of the Spirit King truly was much more tyrannical than before.

No wonder why no one had the idea of fighting a Spirit King these past few years. It turned out that the mature ones were, unexpectedly, even more frightening.

Luo Li’s jade-like hand gripped her longsword tightly. The girl gently breathed out a mouthful of air as her beautiful bosom rose and fell. A chill akin to the frost filled her clear eyes as her jade-like finger ran across the body of the sword, causing a dark red colour to appear on the surface.


That smeared dark-red colour was rapidly absorbed by the the body of the sword. In the next instant, the longsword that rippled with azure light fluctuations started to emit a faint humming noise. Little traces of watery fluctuations started to appear on the sharp edges of the sword. This caused it to look akin to a longsword made from waves, looking extremely mysterious.

“Luo Shen Sword Art – Luo Water Transforming Sword.”

The Luo Shen Sword in Luo Li’s hand vibrated faintly as the sword edges danced. Akin to complex sword flowers, vigorous Spiritual Energy erupted out like waves, before she furiously slashed down.


As she slashed down, an azure sword light howled out. It transformed into a gigantic sword light river a hundred feet long. The river surged forward, similar to an azure dragon that spiralled above Luo Li in the sky. The river water the seemed gentle, was filled with dense Sword Qi.

Once the sword light river was completely formed, it explosively shot out, violently smashing directly against the incoming Spiritual Energy beam.


A gigantic sound rang across the sky as the berzerk Spiritual Energy, as well as the swift and fierce Sword Qi, swept out, turning the entire mountain range into a disastrous state and complete disorder.

Luo Li’s beautiful figure faintly trembled as she was sent back two steps. However, the longsword in her jade-like hand did not have the slightest degree of relaxing. Her beautiful eyes stared at the gigantic Spirit King, without even half the intent to retreat.

The Spirit King furiously roared. Its two attacks were blocked by the figure in front of it that was akin to an ant. This caused it enter an even more berserk state, wanting to pat the figure in front of it into dust.

Under its fury, it stepped out again, causing the earth the move and the mountains to tremble. It erratically attacked, akin to a storm erupting and sweeping out.

Facing its attacks, the young lady gripped her longsword. Without the slightest hint of yielding, the Sword Qi rushed towards the sky, blocking the incoming attacks.

Zhao Qingshan and the rest watched this spectacle unfold itself from afar, while being in a daze, before feeling a cold chill run up their backs. Although Luo Li’s attacks were meant for defending, being able to defend till now under the attacks of the Spirit King, wasn’t it also a kind of valiantry?

Due to this point, if her position was exchanged for any of them, none of them would be able to accomplish that. They never thought that the young girl that was always standing quietly beside Mu Chen’s side, other than her absolutely stunning appearance and temperament, would actually have such strength that would cause people to be stunned.

“How formidable.”

Unable to contain himself, Xu Huang softly sighed as his gaze turned complicated. Beside him, Xu Qingqing had also faintly bit her lip. She stared at the young girl that continued to have an outstanding temperament under the attacks of the Spirit King, which even made other people feel stunned. Jealousy and dejection that were hard to conceal erupted from her eyes. Compared with the latter, she truly appeared inferior to her.

“However, it is still too difficult for her to fend off the Spirit King by herself. The area she could defend is getting smaller and smaller. She might not be able to hold on for much longer. Her defense will fail.” Xu Huang stared at the place in the far distance. At the mountaintop there, a seated figure was faintly discernable there. This caused his eyes to faintly narrow. Was that Mu Chen? What was he preparing? Could it be that the two of them truly wanted to deal with this Spirit King?

However, was that possible?

Although Mu Chen was not simple, his strength was, after all, at the Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage.

Xu Huang stared at the figure as his forehead started to wrinkle.

As Luo Li was holding back the footsteps of the Spirit King, Mu Chen was thoroughly blocked of the interference of the outside world. His mind had converged as Spiritual Seals continuously condensed around his body.

However, the amount of Spiritual Seals had gradually started to reduce in speed as he reached around 150 Spiritual Seals.

According to the number, most Rank 4 Spiritual Array Masters were able to condense 100 to 200 Spiritual Seals. Once someone was able to break past two hundred Spiritual Seals, that person would possess the qualifications to be promoted to a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master.

Naturally, that did not mean that a Spiritual Array Master that was able to condense enough Spiritual Seals would be able to arrange a Spiritual Array. Spiritual Seals were extremely complicated things. Spiritual Seals were only the foundation of forming the structure of the Spiritual Arrays. How one perfectly created the mysteriously complicated links between these Spiritual Seals and caused them to shoot out their greatest and strongest power would be the capability that a Spiritual Array Master needed to possess.

Those Spiritual Array Masters of Ancestral Rank could casually arrange a Spiritual Array that might be formed from tens of thousands of Spiritual Seals. With that degree of complication, even a Sovereign level expert, with the talent in Spiritual Arrays, as well as practice over the years, would not be able to arrange it properly.

Naturally, as of now, Mu Chen was far from being considered as a Ancestral Rank. On the path of being a Spiritual Array Master, he was obviously still at the initial phase of his journey. The current him still required to ponder on how to settle the situation before himself.

As for these 150 Spiritual Seals, they were obviously unable to support the Spiritual Array that he needed to arrange.

He took a deep breath in his heart, gradually making his mind calm down. His consciousness had completely sank into the Heart Array State. As of now, Mu Chen had already mastered the Heart Array State to the point of perfection. According to his estimation, the level of his Heart Array State should be considered as a high-leveled Heart Array State. Due to entering this kind of state, the scenery from the outside world was seemingly reflected into his heart. This made him feel like he had seemingly reached a perfect level of mastery in this absolute calmness and tranquility.

However, following the increase of his strength, as well as the increase in the grade of the Spiritual Arrays arranged, the benefits that the state had brought him also gradually weakened.

Mu Chen knew that people who had reached Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master would have a chance to comprehend the Heart Array State. However, this kind of state might be only considered as a low grade state in the eyes of those Ancestral Rank Spiritual Array Masters.

However, although the Heart Array State might not be of a high grade, it was a kind of foundation. Spiritual Array Masters that were able to master the Heart Array State to an even higher degree would then be able to comprehend the higher and deeper states.

As Mu Chen sank deeper into the Spiritual Array State, his mind was seemingly peeled off from his body, as he focused on the condensation of Spiritual Seals. He could feel the faint fluctuations of the Spiritual Energy within, as well as a faint linkage that was extremely hard for others to detect.

With a faint thought of his mind, he could see the condensed Spiritual Energy quietly disintegrating and fluttering away. However, without waiting for the Spiritual Energy to dissipate, with another thought, the dissipating Spiritual Energy started to condense and form into Spiritual Seals. In addition, it seemed that the formation this time was even more condensed. Furthermore, there was some surplus of Spiritual Energy that started to slightly leak out.

The Spiritual Seals that had been formed around Mu Chen’s body started to dissipate. While dissipating, the Spiritual Seals started to recondense and take shape.

Formation, dissipation, formation, dissipation.

It had seemingly formed a perfect cycle. Under this kind of cycle, there was no unwanted consumption of Spiritual Energy. Instead, the number of Spiritual Seals present started to quietly increase.

At the same time, extremely huge changes appeared within the Spiritual Energy that had condensed to form the Spiritual Seals.

Mu Chen’s mental state was as calm and tranquil as water. He had seemingly sank into this dissipation-condensation cycle. This continued for quite some time. Under this mental state that had not the slightest presence of ripples, there seemed to be the appearance of water droplets dripping down, creating rings and rings of ripples.

Within the depths of his mind, there seemed to be some undulations. There seemed to be an eye-like object blinking slowly due to the ripples, and it appear to open its eye.

At the instant the invisible eye opened, a myriad of living things under this stretch of the world appeared within the heart of Mu Chen.

Fast forward to the fight between Luo Li and the Spirit King.

Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and the rest were secretly watching from a distance.

The pleasant green scenery in the further distance, the undulating Spiritual Energy of the world.

That invisible eye examined the world, and everything appeared extremely mysterious and strange to it.

“This is the Heart Eye?”

Murmuring sounds seemed to ring within Mu Chen’s heart as the ripples disappeared. Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly opened, those black pupils appeared extremely deep and abstruse. He knew that he could only touch this state temporarily, and was unable to maintain it for long. Therefore, he had to grasp this short duration of time.

His hands suddenly came together to form seals as the Spiritual Seals around his body shattered, seemingly, at the same time. Spiritual Energy rippled as Spiritual Seals condensed and formed almost instantly.

Within a short span of a number of breaths, light erupted from around Mu Chen’s body. The number of Spiritual Seals had instantly exceeded two hundred.

The abstruseness of Mu Chen’s eyes became increasingly thick. With a wave of his sleeve, hundreds of Spiritual Seals rushed towards the sky, rippling the air as they assimilated with the world. In the next moment, the Spiritual Energy of this stretch of the world instantly turned berserk. Everyone could see, as of now, an incomparably gigantic glowing array slowly taking shape in front of Mu Chen.

In the next moment, a Spiritual Energy hurricane seemed to blow within this stretch of the world. Spiritual Energy that was visible to the naked eye converged to form a glowing river, endlessly streaming and condensing towards the gigantic glowing array.

“That’s a Spiritual Array?”

In the distance, Xu Huan, Zhao Qingshan and the rest looked towards the incomparably gigantic Spiritual Array. A jolt went through their hearts as shock erupted from their eyes. A Spiritual Array that possessed such influence and power was at least a 5th ranked Spiritual Array!

Could it be that the current Mu Chen was actually able to arrange a Spiritual Array of such a rank? How is that possible!?

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