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Chapter 293 – Join Hands

In the huge crater, the Spiritual Energy was extremely dazzling as it looked like a Spiritual Energy ocean with many light figures floating within. Although they did not have any consciousness, from the huge amount that had gathered, the Spiritual Energy had already reached a frightening degree.

The Spiritual Pawns here were terrifyingly huge in numbers. If they were replaced with humans of equal strength, there would be thousands of Heavenly Fusion Stage experts. If they were all added together, even those of the Heavenly Fusion Stage would be destroyed by them.

But, fortunately, those Spiritual Pawns did not possess any consciousness. Otherwise, Mu Chen and his group would have had to run for their lives.

"So many Spiritual Pawns!" An Ran and her group were dumbfounded as they looked at the scene before them. Shortly after, they couldn't help looking at Mu Chen, "How are we going to act?"

Mu Chen's brows were knitted together. Aside from the huge amount of Spiritual Pawns, there was also an existence in the depths that was comparable to Heavenly Transformation Stage, the Spiritual Knight. They were comparable to a small army.

"Our numbers are small and I'm afraid that we won't be able to take over this place." Luo Li's brows slightly knitted together. Even though the Spiritual Pawns here didn't possess any consciousness, even if they only knew how to use simple attacks, if they combined together, it would still be extremely frightening.

Not to mention that on their side, they only had five people, with her and Mu Chen being the strongest in the group. If they had to rely on the two of them to deal with this huge amount of Spiritual Pawns, as well as the Spiritual Knight that was hidden in the depths, this would undoubtedly be really exhausting for them.

And it was, naturally, unwise for them to exhaust a huge amount of their strength.

"Furthermore…" Luo Li's pupils glanced around the surrounding mountains and lightly added, "We aren't the only one that had our eyes on here."

She could vaguely sense some concealed auras. Clearly, they weren't the only ones there. However, everyone that had noticed this place had the same thoughts as them, as they did not possess the ability to swallow this fat lamb.

Mu Chen nodded as he had also sensed some of the concealed undulated Spiritual Energies.

His eyes flickered and glance towards the mountain. Shortly after, he lightly smiled as his robust voice echoed, "Everyone, why the need to hide? The amount of Spiritual Pawns here isn't little and no individual party is capable of taking it all. Since that's the case, why don't we work together?"

His voice resounded throughout the mountains. However, there weren't any movements from those Spiritual Pawns that had gathered in large numbers. They did not have any consciousness to the point that they could not even be called lifeforms. At best, they could only be considered relatively condensed Spiritual Energies. Therefore, Mu Chen wasn't afraid that he would alarm them.

As Mu Chen's words sounded out, the mountains were quiet for few minutes before a gale of wind broke out. Several figures came out of their hiding places, one after another, and were floating in the sky. The amount wasn't small, roughly a few dozen. They formed separate circles to clearly differentiate that they were from different groups.

Mu Chen glanced pass those figures that were up in the sky as a trace of astonishment flashed through his eyes. He could clearly sense that those teams had Heavenly Transformation Stage figures amongst them. Although their strengths were only at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase, this could already prove their strengths.

'Indeed, worthy of being the Hunting War. The strength of many people has increased.' Mu Chen sighed in his heart. Generally speaking, those with strength at the Heavenly Transformation Stage could compete with the top 20 of the Heavenly Ranking. But, clearly, in this Hunting War, the amount of Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase experts would have quite a huge change. Henceforth, the strength of a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase expert would be far from sufficient to enter into the top 20 of the Heavenly Ranking.

"My name is Mu Chen, I wonder how should I address everyone?" Mu Chen smiled as he cupped his hands towards the crowd.

Hearing that name, many people glanced at Mu Chen with astonishment as this name wasn't unfamiliar in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

"Haha, so it was the famous Junior Apprentice Brother Mu Chen. I've long heard of your name, my name is Lin Feng." A youth also smiled as he cupped his hands in return. He was the leader of an estimated ten-man group.

"Liu Zhan." Another youthful leader cupped his hands and declared.

"Chen Peng." A skinny youth also nodded as his face was filled with arrogance.

Those three were the leaders of the three groups and their strengths were also the strongest amongst them with Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase strengths. No wonder those people that followed them had faith in them.

Mu Chen lightly smiled, "I believe that everyone is clear that the amount of Spiritual Pawns gathered in this area is too much, to the point that no one could take them down by themselves. Why don't we cooperate and work together. As for the distribution of Spiritual Light, it'd depend on our individual abilities, what do you say?"

When the three leaders heard Mu Chen's suggestion, their eyes flickered with light. Lin Feng and Liu Zhan didn't have any objections, whereas Chen Peng glanced at Mu Chen from up high before shaking his head, "We are the ones who discovered this place first. You want us to split some of it to you guys the instant you get here? This isn't such a good thing."

Among the three groups, Chen Peng's group had the most people and was also the strongest in strength. They originally wanted to defeat the Spiritual Pawns that were here slowly, but who could have expected that this place would be found by two other groups. Henceforth, they hiddenly stood against the confrontation and, all of a sudden, Mu Chen suddenly appeared. Furthermore, from the looks of it, they also wanted to have a share of the Spiritual Pawns.

Although Chen Peng had heard of Mu Chen before, he wasn't too afraid of him. With his strength at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase, even in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he could be considered as outstanding. Adding the formation behind him, he wasn't too willing to split this cake with them.

Hearing the contempt in his words, An Ran and her group was a little furious. But due to the power that the other party possessed, they did not dare to say anything.

"Then, what does Brother Chen Peng want?" Mu Chen lightly smiled. No one could clearly see through the expression in his black pupils.

"How about this. It wasn't easy for you guys to get here. If you guys help us, when all of the Spiritual Pawns are eliminated, we'll give you guys a hundred Spiritual Lights, what do you say?" said Chen Peng.

"A hundred Spiritual Lights?" Mu Chen's brows twitched. Shortly after, he laughed, "It seems that Brother Chen Peng believes that we do not possess the strength to split this cake."

Chen Peng did not comment and quietly circulated the Spiritual Energy within his body. Although he was arrogant, he was also cautious. Although this Mu Chen that stood before him only had strength at the Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage, it was said that not even those of the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase could do a thing to him. But after all, they were superior in terms of numbers. So if a fight were to break out, they could absolutely suppress the other team.

Mu Chen lightly smiled as Luo Li stepped forth from his side.

When Chen Peng saw Luo Li's actions, his body tensed up. The dozens of people that stood behind him immediately turned cautious as they revealed considerable fighting experience and cooperation.

"If you can withstand a sword from me, then we'll become your cannon fodder for free." Luo Li's jade-like hands slightly tightened her grip on her sword hilt. Her pupils stared at Chen Peng as her voice was clear and calm.

"What an arrogant tone of voice!" Chen Peng smiled from extreme anger.


However, before his smile stopped, Luo Li had already thrown a stab forth as a torrential sword aura shot out. It was like a brilliant ray of light as it instantly rip the horizon apart.

A deep sword light burst forth ahead of Luo Li.

When that sword aura shot out, Chen Peng's face drastically changed. However, he still had some ability, after all, as he unleashed a bark with his Spiritual Energy bursting out from his body and rapidly turned into a Spiritual Energy light barrier before him.


Just when the Spiritual Energy light barrier took form, a brilliant sword aura shot against it, causing the light barrier to waver. Thereafter, it was torn apart under Chen Peng's dumbstruck gaze.

A streak of blood appeared on Chen Peng's face and even several strands of his hair was severed. Making him appear to be in a sorry state.

When the dozen of people behind Chen Peng saw that he could not even withstand a move, their faces drastically changed. Their gazes were filled with shock as they looked at Luo Li, who was sheathing her sword as she stood behind Mu Chen.

Even Lin Feng and Liu Zhan's expressions were focused as they looked towards Luo Li with grave expressions. They never imagined that such a stunning lady would be so formidable.

"Does any of you still have any opinions?" Mu Chen once again, directed his eyes towards Chen Peng, who was frightened. His voice was light, but within his black pupils, there was already chill light gathering within. If Chen Peng still refused to be tactful, then he would have to take some trouble to chase them away.

Chen Peng lightly clenched his teeth. After all, he wasn't an idiot. Although Mu Chen's group was few in numbers, the strength that they showed was more than sufficient to keep them intimidated.

"Okay." He wasn't an effeminate person. Since Mu Chen and his group possessed the sufficient strength to have a share of this cake, he would be seeking trouble if he continued to obstruct them.

"Haha. Junior Apprentice Brother Mu Chen is, indeed, someone that even Li Xuantong could not do anything against." Lin Feng laughed as he praised, "We have no opinions against your suggestion."

"So are we." Liu Zhan nodded his head as well.

Mu Chen lightly smiled. "Since that's the case, then I hope that we'll have a good time cooperating with each other."

Mu Chen's line-of-sight shifted towards the crater where the undulated Spiritual Energy was like the ocean. The sight of it raised a heat that flashed through his eyes. If they could dispose of all those Spiritual Pawns, then it would definitely be a huge harvest for them.

"Everyone, get ready to start. Otherwise, the longer we drag this on, the more people will gather towards this location."

Mu Chen laughed. Shortly after, the Spiritual Energy within his body surged out in waves as it soared into the clouds like black smoke.


Lin Feng, Liu Zhan and Chen Peng acknowledged as they circulated the Spiritual Energies within them and their Majestic Spiritual Energies instantly fluctuated, filling the void between the heavens and earth.

Just when Mu Chen and the rest were getting ready to destroy this gathering point, there were several concealed gazes that were fixed onto them somewhere in the depths of the mountain range.

"Haha, Big Brother, they're about to start, are we still just going to observe them?" The voice sounded like a laughter.

"Lin Feng and the rest are just trivial matters. However, the two freshmen, Mu Chen and Luo Li are a little thorny. But no worries, the three of us have concealed ourselves for so long, and now, it's time to reveal our strengths. After this Hunting War, there will definitely be a spot for us in the top 10 of the Heavenly Ranking." Another voice sounded out, it was also a faint laughter.

Up ahead of them was a slender figure and his gaze was indifferently looking towards the crater's direction. His faint voice was ice-cold with mockery.

"Let them deal with those Spiritual Pawns and, at that time, all we have to do is conclude it, as well as leave a hundred Spiritual Lights to express our gratitude."

"Haha, Big Brother is so generous."

Chapter 294 – Eliminate


Just when the group charged towards the sea of spiritual lights, the massive Spiritual Pawn army sensed their undulated Spiritual Energies as some buzzing and cries resounded. Those Spiritual Pawns light figures also burst out at this moment, and headed towards the direction of Mu Chen and the group.

Although all those Spiritual Pawns don't have any intellect, they possessed keen perception for Spiritual Energies. The instant there was any Spiritual Energy ripples that appeared from their perceptive range, they would instantly start their assault.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he faced the huge army of Spiritual Pawns. The amount of that army surpassed hundreds and as the Spiritual Energies resounded, the fluctuations that were emitting from them could not be belittled.

"Let's go!"

Mu Chen issued a faint bark as his pitch black Spiritual Energy became similar to smoke that swept out. He threw a punch that was infused with his blazing black Spiritual Energy flames. The instant they came into contact with the Spiritual Pawns, the flames had instantly broke their way through.

As those Spiritual Pawns broke down, faint scarlet spiritual lights were formed from them and were seized by Mu Chen. This harvest made an uncontrollable joy surface from his eyes. Prior to this, they had worked so hard to just obtain a few dozen Spiritual Lights. But once they reached here, their harvest was already so huge after a short moment.

Searching for gathering points was, indeed, the best way to harvest Spiritual Lights in the Hunting War.

Furthermore, Mu Chen's Spiritual Energy had merged with the Nine Netherflames, which would even set alight Spiritual Energy. Henceforth, it was simply the best weapon to deal with the Spiritual Pawns, which were formed from Spiritual Energy.

At the rear, when An Ran and her group saw the violently charging Spiritual Pawns being wrecked by Mu Chen, they had astonishment surfacing in their eyes. Although the strength of those Spiritual Pawns was comparable to Heavenly Fusion Stage experts and were also considered easy to deal with, it was simply impossible for them, if they wanted to have such destructive effects like Mu Chen.

They took a glance at Mu Chen, before shifting their eyes to Luo Li. That girl closely followed beside Mu Chen as she held onto her longsword. Her sword wasn't drawn but a powerful and sharp sword aura had already charged towards those Spiritual Pawns, instantly destroying them. Her speed of eliminating those Spiritual Pawns wasn't any inferior to Mu Chen.

"How formidable…"

An Ran and her group looked at each other. Their speeds were way too inferior to Mu Chen, which made them to shake their heads as they bitterly smiled uncontrollably. Those two freshmen were simply too frightening.

At this point, there was already a disturbance caused by Mu Chen's big group in the crater with ocean-like Spiritual Energy. Aside from Mu Chen's side, the other three groups were also like ferocious tigers that had descended from the mountains. Furthermore, the charge of those three parties broke up the massive amount of Spiritual Pawns.

Due to the fact that they had more numbers, their efficiency wasn't too bad, but compared to Mu Chen and Luo Li's group of five, they were slightly weaker.

Everyone was doing all they could as they charged into the depths of the spiritual light ocean. As they're well aware of the existence of the Spiritual Knights. As long as you killed a Spiritual Knight, the amount of Spiritual Lights that they would obtain would be comparable to thousands of Spiritual Pawns.

As they gradually advanced deeper, they started to feel some pressure as an endless amount of Spiritual Pawns would continuously charge towards them. As Spiritual Energies clashed, this also meant a huge exhaustion for them.

The other three groups seemed to have experience in such battles as they formed an arrowhead formation, which they would constantly take turns to withstand the largest impacts. As for those that backed down, they would make some adjustments before going up again.

However, even with their teamwork, their speeds of eliminating those Spiritual Pawns could not be comparable to Mu Chen and Luo Li.

As time passed, the speed of Mu Chen and the rest suddenly slowed down as they realised that even those Spiritual Pawns had sensed that the greatest threat came from them. Henceforth, more Spiritual Pawns started to gather towards them.

"They're loosening the pressure to let us attract those Spiritual Pawns." Luo Li's eyes flickered as she said softly.

She could sense that the other three groups had slowed down their speed in dealing with Spiritual Pawns and as their speed slowed down, the Spiritual Pawns would naturally gather in their direction, who were the greatest threat to them.

"Those fellows are despicable!" An Ran and the other two girls said in anger. They had never thought that those fellows would actually play such a method secretly.

Mu Chen however, lightly smiled in reply. They were originally in a competition. Their so-called 'cooperation relationship' was extremely frail. The instant the rest saw their powerful strength, they would naturally play some tactics.

"Since they want to head to the depths so quickly, then let them be. We just have to eliminate all the Spiritual Pawns here." Mu Chen said calmly.

In fact, he wasn't in a rush to get to the Spiritual Knight as he could sense powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from the depths. Clearly, those Spiritual Knights weren't ordinary existences, either. If those three other groups intended on abandoning them to take down those Spiritual Knights, it would definitely not be an easy task.

When An Ran saw that Mu Chen still maintained his calmness, she nodded as she spoke no more and closely followed his lead. Thereafter, she started to store the Spiritual Lights that were formed from Spiritual Pawns that were killed by Mu Chen and Luo Li.

When Mu Chen's group attracted the greatest pressure, the other three groups were, indeed, searching for an opportunity and burst forth, directly ripping apart those layers of Spiritual Pawns before quickly charging towards the depths.

Mu Chen glanced at their back figures from a distance, before retracting his sight. Not paying the slightest attention at them trying to eat those huge "cakes" as he set his mind on going all out with Luo Li to slaughter those Spiritual Pawns.

As time passed, more and more Spiritual Pawns were being wrecked under their hands. Turning into Spiritual Lights that were formed from majestic Spiritual Energies. Those Spiritual Light lingered around them before being quickly kept away by the An Ran trio.

"Mu Chen, we've already accumulated more than 800 Spiritual Lights!" As more and more Spiritual Lights were being taken by them, dense joy started to surface on their faces. More than 800 Spiritual Lights, this could already be considered as an ample harvest.

When Mu Chen heard her words, he also lightly smiled as he swept his sight. The Spiritual Pawns in their region had clearly become thinner and thinner. From the looks of it, a majority of them were slaughtered by them.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, there was abrupt bursts of Spiritual Energy fluctuations at the depths of this region. A ring of Spiritual Energy fluctuations that were visible to the naked eye rippled out and even caused cracks to appear on the ground.


A shriek resounded from the location of the Spiritual Energy ripples, along with waves of violent Spiritual Energy ripples rippling out. Clearly, there was a bitter confrontation.

"Let's head to the deepest parts." When Mu Chen saw the situation, he waved his hand and changed his direction as he flew towards the depths. From the looks of it, the three other groups had already started their battle with the Spiritual Knight.

After experiencing the massacre, the amount of Spiritual Pawns in this region had decreased by a lot. Henceforth, Mu Chen and his lot could easily pass through and, very quickly, the scene at the depths appeared before their eyes.

The deepest region was a leveled ground and, at this moment, the three other teams were encircled by the majestic spiritual lights. Within the spiritual lights, there were seven to eight tall, yet fuzzy, light figures.

Those light figures were several feet in height, being several folds more robust compared to ordinary Spiritual Pawns. The Spiritual Energy fluctuations within their bodies were comparable to Heavenly Transformation Stage experts. Especially one of the light figures amongst them, as it had a more condensed figure. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from it had already reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase.

"Seven Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase and one Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase."

Even Mu Chen couldn't help narrowing his eyes upon this sight. No wonder the three other teams were forced to such sorry states, so it turned out that their opponents had such powerful formations.

An Ran and the other two also sensed how fearsome those Spiritual Knights were, and their faces also changed, before An Ran spoke with a low voice, "What should we do?"

"We'll wait." Mu Chen's face was calm, without any sign of helping them out. Since the three other parties liked to be first, then they can be the cannon fodder. In any case, it would even be troublesome for them, if they were to deal with the formation of the seven Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase and one Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spiritual Knights. So why not let those teams exhaust those Spiritual Knights?

Originally, he had planned on cooperating together and mutually share the harvest. Since the other party had intended on using them as bait, then he would, naturally, not be polite to them as well.

The three other teams saw the arrival of Mu Chen's team and they felt happy. However, when they saw that Mu Chen had no signs of helping them, their faces became unnatural. They understood that Mu Chen was disgusted with their actions earlier on.

"Mu Chen, didn't we come to an agreement of cooperating? Why aren't you helping?" Chen Peng clenched his teeth as he barked, thickening the skin of his face.

The people in the two other parties had their face slightly flushed. After all, they did not have such thick skin like Chen Peng and could only brace themselves to deal with the Spiritual Knights without speaking a word.

"Tsk, you guys were the ones that dump us earlier and had us attract all the firepower." An Ran rebuked.

Chen Peng clenched his teeth and he could not say anything else. After all, he was also prideful and since his intentions were seen though, he naturally did not have any face to bed Mu Chen, but could only rebuke her words, "If we lose, you guys can deal with those Spiritual Knights, instead."

Mu Chen smiled, but he wasn't bothered by his words and continued to wait quietly for their defeat.

Boom! Boom!

The Spiritual Energy fluctuations in the field turned even more violent as the Spiritual Knights started their violent offense. As Spiritual Energy swept about, the three groups constantly had people flying out.

Their original battle formation also started to crumble.


The Spiritual Knight whose strength had reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase burst out as it ferociously clashed against Chen Peng with a lump of violent Spiritual Energy. The ground cracked and the latter's face turned pale as he spurted a mouthful of blood.


Chen Peng finally could not endure it anymore as he barked while climbing up in a sorry state.

Hearing his bark, his team started to rapidly retreat. They understood that it was probably impossible for them to take down those Spiritual Knights.

As they retreated, the two other teams also immediately withdrew. However, once they got out of the Spiritual Knights' attack range, they stopped. Clearly, they were unwilling to leave this place.

"Mu Chen, it was our fault earlier on. However, it’s impossible for you to take down those Spiritual Knights and can only join hands with us in order for us to benefit mutually." Chen Peng unwillingly said to Mu Chen. However, his tone of voice this time around was a lot more softer.

Although the two other groups did not voice their opinions, they clearly had the same thoughts.

Mu Chen indifferently glanced at them and, shortly after, he smiled. However, there wasn't any warmth in his smile.

"Who says that we're incapable of taking them down?"

Chapter 295 - Taking them down by ourselves

Chapter 295 - Taking them down by ourselves

“Who says that we can’t take them down by ourselves?”

When Chen Peng and the rest heard Mu Chen’s indifferent words, they were startled. But, shortly after, he couldn’t help sounding out, “Only two of you possess the strength to deal with Spiritual Knights. Could it be that the two of you will take down seven Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase and one Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spiritual Knights by yourself?”

There was clearly mockery in his speech. Although he had witnessed how formidable Luo Li was earlier on, it was clearly impossible for Mu Chen and Luo Li to deal with the Spiritual Knights formation.

Mu Chen only cast a glance at them and did not speak anymore nonsense. He shifted his gaze towards the few Spiritual Knights in the depth as he narrowed his eyes.

Indeed, that formation wasn’t weak.

“Mu Chen, can we really deal with them by ourselves?” An Ran’s low voice sounded out. Although she had witnessed the strength displayed by Mu Chen and Luo Li along their way there, she still felt worried when faced with such a formation.

Furthermore, with those fellows glaring like tigers watching their prey, the slightest error they make would arouse the greed in others.

“Rest assured.”

Mu Chen smiled as he looked at Luo Li, “Can you deal with them for some time?”

Luo Li’s gem-like pupils looked at Mu Chen as she replied, “You’re going to lay out a Spiritual Array?”

“Our minds are, indeed, in sync.” Mu Chen gave her a thumbs up, making Luo Li’s face turn red as she gave him a displeased look. Even at this time, this fellow still had the mood to tease her.

“Can it be done?”

Luo Li’s hands tightly gripped her slightly unsheathed black longsword as she smiled. Her graceful figure stood before Mu Chen and withstood all the attacks that were directed at him.

When Mu Chen saw her actions, he smiled. With Luo Li by his side, he felt particularly at ease as he had absolute trust in her. Even if he were to remove all of his defenses.

His sight gave a warning glance towards the three other teams with ice-cold intent. Thereafter, he slowly shut his eyes and both of his hands started to form Spiritual Seals. Shortly after, the Spiritual Seals brought along Spiritual Energy ripples as they constantly took form on his palm.

“Spiritual Seals? He’s going to set up a Spiritual Array?!”

When the three group saw the surrounding Spiritual Seals forming around Mu Chen, they were instantly startled. They abruptly recalled that the latter still had the identity of a Spiritual Array Master.

The Spiritual Seals started to form around Mu Chen and, shortly after, an astonishing amount of Spiritual Energy ripples started to spread out.

The Spiritual Knights at the depths immediately sensed the Spiritual Energy fluctuations. A Spiritual Energy gale was formed as they turned into light figures and charged towards Mu Chen’s direction, along with tyrannical Spiritual Energy that ripped the ground apart.

Luo Li’s pupils stared at those Spiritual Knights that were charging over as cold intent started to crawl out from the depth of her eyes. Her hands tightly clenched onto her sword hilt without any retreat as she took a step forth under An Ran and the other two girls’ uneasy gazes.

“She’s trying to obstruct so many Spiritual Knights all by herself?!” When Chen Peng saw the scene before them, his eyes instantly narrowed. Trying to intercept one Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase and seven Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase Spiritual Knights all by herself, wasn’t this something that only someone with Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase strength could accomplish? Could this breathtaking girl with delicate cheeks possess that fearsome strength?


Luo Li did not pay any attention to their astonishment as she gripped her longsword and slashed down.


The dazzling sword light was like the first ray of morning sun as it ripped apart the darkness that illuminated the world. Thereafter, it brought along an unformidable momentum as it hacked the body of several Spiritual Knights at lightning speed.


There was a huge crack on the ground, causing several Spiritual Knights to be pushed back a few hundred feet, Aside from that Spiritual Knight with Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase strength, the remaining Spiritual Knights had lightly dulled down.

Clearly, that attack from Luo Li had caused them to be exhausted.

“How is that possible?!” The remaining group’s hearts were alarmed as their gazes became a little dumbstruck as they looked at the slender girl clothed in black with silvery long hair. How was the latter’s strength so powerful?


Those Spiritual Knights did not have any sensation of pain and, henceforth, they quickly charged back towards their direction again. However, Luo Li casually brandished her sword towards their assault as a sword light shot forth. It formed into a sword light defense that could not be torn apart, no matter how those Spiritual Knights attacked.

Just when Luo Li was obstructing those Spiritual Knights, there were a hundred Spiritual Seals formed around Mu Chen. With a flick of his finger, those Spiritual Seals merged into the sky.

Spiritual Energy fluctuations started to spread out as Spiritual Energy threads started to construct an outline, forming into a complicated Spiritual Array that could cause others to feel dizzy from looking at it.

Light rays started to spread out as a gigantic black lotus slowly took form. A ferocious Spiritual Energy fluctuation started to spread out on this horizon.

“The Spiritual Array that had once withstood an attack from Li Xuantong?” When An Ran and the rest saw that huge black lotus Spiritual Array, their eyes immediately lit up. Back then, when Mu Chen had the Pact of Three moves with Li Xuantong, they were also present and, naturally, they witnessed the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen used to deal with Li Xuantong.

Bang! Bang!

The Spiritual Knights seemed to have sensed the powerful ripples that were being emitted from the Spiritual Array up in the sky and their attacks instantly started to be even more frantic and managed to force back the defense formed by Luo Li’s sword light.

There wasn’t any fluctuation in Luo Li’s eyes as she looked at the Spiritual Knights that were pushing her back. Her hands clenched a little tighter on her longsword as she gave a light smear on her sword sheath. Instantly, there was an extremely cold light that was revealed under the sword sheath.

“It’s all done.”

However, just when she was about to move, Mu Chen’s voice suddenly sounded from her rear. Luo Li lightly smiled as she loosened her grip on the sword sheath.

Mu Chen’s figure slowly rose up as he looked at the impatient Spiritual Knights. Shortly after, his handsigns changed as he issued a bark, “Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array!”

Boom! Boom!

As he barked, the huge black lotus Spiritual Spiritual Array started to slowly revolve. Spiritual Energy ripples spread out that caused even the air to be twisted.


The eight Spiritual Knights burst forth towards the Spiritual Array. Although they did not possess any intellect, they could still feel the great threat coming from the Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen indifferently glared at the charging Spiritual Knights. Shortly after, he lightly made a tap with his finger in the air. The black lotus gradually bloomed as a frightening Spiritual Energy gathered towards the heart of the lotus.


When Spiritual Energy was gathered to the limits, the black lotus shook and a black light shot forth from the heart of the lotus. The black light beam that pierced through the heavens clashed against the bodies of the eight Spiritual Knights.


The black light beam ultimately hit against the ground, causing even the mountain range to tremble and the ground to be torn apart. Ravines started to extend from the depths of the crater.

When the three groups saw this scene, they were startled to the point that even their faces turned pale. They immediately steadied their figures before directing their gazes towards the central region. There was a bottomless huge hole of roughly a few hundred feet. The pitch black colour made their hearts turn cold.

As for those eight Spiritual Knights that were at top of the bottomless hole, there was only one light figure floating in the air. The seven Spiritual Knights with strength of Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase cultivation were instantly killed, and turned into deep red light balls that seemed like blazing flames as they floated in the air.

These were the spiritual lights formed by Spiritual Knights!

Looking at the seven blazing lumps of light, those from the other three groups instantly had their eyes turn scarlet red. The Spiritual Energy contained in those seven lumps of light was probably stronger then all of the Spiritual Pawns combined!

“Huuuu. Huuuu.”

Their breaths were heavy as they couldn’t help taking a step forth. However, in that instant when they took a step forth, a cold gaze shot towards them that caused their heads to clear up.

Up in the sky, Mu Chen’s expression was indifferent as he stared at those three groups who had their eyes turn red. Hundreds of Spiritual Seals appeared in his surroundings again.

With his current strength, clearly there wasn’t any difficulty to set up a Rank 4 Spiritual Array.

If those fellows before him didn’t know how to be tactful, he wouldn’t mind giving them another ruthless lesson.

When the three groups saw the Spiritual Seals around Mu Chen, they immediately stepped back. Honestly, they had no confidence in withstanding that powerful Spiritual Array from Mu Chen.

Furthermore, there was also a girl here that could easily obstruct the eight Spiritual Knights.

They exchanged a glance and could see the bitterness within each other’s eyes. If they knew Mu Chen was so frightening to begin with, then they would have just cooperated with them properly. At least they would still have had a share of the harvest.

But, right now, they had aroused Mu Chen’s disgust for them and they could clearly not get any more harvests.

Mu Chen indifferently swept an eye at them before retracting it. Thereafter, he looked at the last remaining light figure. That Spiritual Knight possessed the strength of a Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase and, therefore, it was able to withstand that earlier attack from him. But, clearly, it had also suffered heavy injuries.


The Spiritual Knight floated up into the sky as it dimmed down. There was a sudden burst of buzzing sounds coming from its body and the seven blazing light lumps had shot towards that Spiritual Knight.

The seven other Spiritual Lights were actually absorbed by it!


When the other seven light balls charged into that Spiritual Knight’s body, a surge of violent Spiritual Energy abruptly swept out. Under the impact of that Spiritual Energy, it caused the stones that were within a radius of a thousand feet to be reduced to dust.

“It's strength is surging!” An Ran exclaimed. After absorbing the seven other spiritual lights, the Spiritual Knight’s strength was constantly pressing towards Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase.

When Mu Chen saw this unforeseen event, his face slightly changed. However, just when he was about to step forth, Luo Li, who was ahead of him, took the lead instead.

Her exquisite figure turned into a graceful streak of light as her hand gripped the sword hilt. She placed her hand onto the cold sword sheath and suddenly drew her sword.


A sword cry soared into the heavens and everyone could sense a frightening sword light streaking across the horizon.


A mountain peak from far away was sliced and the region that it had sliced became as smooth as a mirror.


Luo Li appeared behind the Spiritual Knight as the longsword in her hand was quietly sheathed. A sharp and crisp sound rippled out and the Spiritual Knight, whose strength was surging, burst open. Eight brilliant and abnormal light lumps whistled out.

Luo Li swept her hand and the eight dazzling light lumps fell into her hand as they appeared like deep scarlet blazing flames.

With just one sword, she instantly killed the Spiritual Knight whose strength was about to reach Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase.

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