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Chapter 269 – Ten Spiritual Arrays

"It's Mu Chen!"

As everyone's gaze gathered towards the youth that was on the top of the building, they instantly yelled in surprise.

Among the Goddess Luo Association's members, Ye Qingling and the rest had joy filling their eyes as they saw that figure. Mu Chen had finally showed up.

"It's true that he appeared. Hmph, I'll see how will he deal with the situation before him. Otherwise, the fame that he got from the Pact of Three Moves with great difficulty will be entirely lost." Xu Qingqing coldly snorted.

Xu Huang's gaze was also directed at Mu Chen. At this time, there still weren't any ripples in the eyes of the latter. However, in his eyes, while there was some faint fatigue, there still wasn't any panic.

"What is that fella…trying to do?" Xu Huang frowned his brows as he mumbled.

In the plaza, He Yao's eyes turned cold as he stared at Mu Chen's figure and faintly mocked, "You finally showed yourself?"

"Not to reciprocate against etiquette. Back then, the Demon's Gate paid a visit to the Goddess Luo Association. And today, I will return the favor." Mu Chen looked at He Yao as he smiled.

"Oh?" He Yao sneered, "Then, what are you trying to do?"

"That's simple, get all those people that stirred trouble at the Goddess Luo Association to apologise. Thereafter, I'll need Senior Brother He Yao to expel Yang Hong from the Demon's Gate. That guy is always calculating and if he remains in the Demon's Gate, it'd be unfortunate for you." Mu Chen faintly smiled.

When Mu Chen spoke, it instantly caused a huge commotion.

"Dream on!"

Behind He Yao, Chen Hou and the rest all had ashen faces as they barked. On one side, Yang Hong's face was also dark. He found such a great backer like the Demon's Gate. If he's expelled, then he would thoroughly lose his face. This request of Mu Chen's was rather too much.

He Yao's gaze turned ice-cold. He stared at Mu Chen as a smear of disdain rose to the corner of his mouth, "What are you? You dare to make comments of my Demon's Gate? You're just a bunch of freshmen. When Chen Hou and the rest made a trip to the Goddess Luo Association back then, it was just to teach their juniors some of the rules in the academy. Not only are you guys not grateful, you guys still dare to oust them out. Regarding this problem, I've not pursued this matter, and yet, you guys still dare to come find us instead?"

As he spoke, everyone's face in the Goddess Luo Association turned ugly. Clearly, they never thought that He Yao would be so shameless.

Mu Chen's gaze dropped as he smiled, "Then, what are you? You also dared to comment about my Goddess Luo Association? To teach others the rules, are you qualified to do so?"

The surroundings became silent and many people smacked their lips. This Mu Chen truly wasn't simple. Even when facing He Yao, his words didn't gave him the slightest face.

He Yao's face turned darker, little by little. The Spiritual Energy around him rippled even more violently. Shortly after, he coldly smiled and sat back down on his chair. "What courage. Since that's the case, then let me inform you that your request is denied. Furthermore, the one that's apologising isn't my Demon's Gate but your Goddess Luo Association."

His gaze was dark as he stared at Mu Chen, "If you're not going to apologise, then I'll let you guys leave here and return, lying down!"

When he finished his speech, he leaned against his chair and coldly smiled. He wanted to see what Mu Chen will do since he said such foolish words in his Demon's Gate's headquarters.

In the Goddess Luo Association, only Mu Chen, as well as that girl named Luo Li, was powerful enough. But just relying on their two strengths to intimidate the Demon's Gate with him in command was too much of a fantasy.

When He Yao finished his speech, the surrounding gazes were, once again, directed at Mu Chen. He Yao had already said that he would not accept any requests. Whatever happened next would have to depend on the means that Mu Chen possessed…

Every gaze was directed at Mu Chen. At this moment, the latter was looking at He Yao with an indifference gaze. Shortly after, he lightly smiled. Except in this smile, there was a small hint of dangerous in it.

"Since that's the case…"

He quietly muttered as he spread his hands out and slowly shut both of his eyes.

The surrounding gazes were staring at Mu Chen with bits of curiosity because they're clearly unsure of what he was doing.

He Yao's indifferent and cold gaze made the members of the Demon's Gate switch to an alert state. Afterall, Mu Chen's current action was a little too weird. Could it be that he got some powerful means up his sleeves?

The atmosphere felt as though it was frozen at this moment.

Silence paced back and forth in this region. What caused everyone to be astonished was that despite them waiting, there were no movements from Mu Chen…

Everyone exchanged a glance as they pondered over what Mu Chen was trying to do.

"What is he doing?" Su Ling'er was also a little lost as she blankly asked Su Xuan.

Su Xuan's brows slightly frowned as she stared at Mu Chen. Vaguely, she seemed to have sensed some peculiar ripples. Furthermore, these ripples don't seem to be limited to only Mu Chen's surroundings.

She swept her gaze around and realised that these ripples seemed to be surrounding the entire headquarters of the Demon's Gate.


With the atmosphere frozen, suddenly a fine vibrating sound was heard. When everyone directed their gazes over, they saw cracks appear on a pavilion that wasn't far away from Mu Chen.

Huge stones were collapsing from the pavilion and, shortly after, light was spreading out from the pavilion. The light was like a Spiritual Energy light ray as it slowly extended itself up from the pavilion.


As the pavilion collapsed, another pavilion in another direction also collapsed.



Collapsing sounds were constantly heard as everyone's line-of-sight shifted all around in bewilderment. Thereafter, they saw ten towering pavilions collapse in this region in just a few minutes.

The ten peculiar dazzling lights were like several scorching suns as they rose and surrounded the headquarters of the Demon's Gate within them.

"What's that?!" Everyone directed their lines-of-sight towards the ten huge lumps of light that were rising in amazement, as well as doubts.

Chhhiiii! Chhii!

While everyone was busy being amazed, the ten lumps of light continued to slowly rise up. Vaguely, they sensed violent Spiritual Energy ripples coming from them.

"That's…" Su Xuan, Xu Huang, as well as those pinnacle students were watching as the lumps of light expanded. The Spiritual Energy's trajectory made their pupils shrink back, "Spiritual Arrays?!"

"Those are all Spiritual Arrays." Su Xuan said as she slowly sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

"Spiritual Arrays?" Su Ling'er and the rest were shocked as they cried out, "All of those are Spiritual Arrays? How is that possible? How can Mu Chen lay out so many Spiritual Arrays at once? Just how many Spiritual Seals are needed in order to control them?"

From the looks of those Spiritual Arrays, they're all probably Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays. But in order to lay out ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays at once, it'd require a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master, at the very least, right? But clearly, it was impossible for Mu Chen to achieve the height of a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master, which is comparable to a Heavenly Completion Stage expert. If he managed to reach that height, wouldn't he have long become the number one figure in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

"No… these Spiritual Arrays seemed to be at the fledging stage of being engraved…"

Su Xuan's brows frowned again as she looked at Mu Chen, whose eyes were still tightly shut. These Spiritual Arrays seemed to have been directly engraved onto these pavilions. So, the reason why Mu Chen went missing was to hide here and engrave the Spiritual Arrays. If that's the case, all he'd be required to do was form the Spiritual Seals required to activate these Spiritual Arrays and control them. This way, he'd be able to completely activate these Spiritual Arrays.

But if ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays were activated at the same time, the might of them would be extremely terrifying.

However… can Mu Chen really control ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays?

"That fellow… truly does have some means up his sleeves."

On another construct, Xu Huang was looking at the ten lumps of light that were rising in the headquarters of the Demon's Gate. His expression turned grave, "So the reason why he went missing these last few days wasn't to hide, but to conceal himself in the headquarters of the Demon's Gate and engrave the Spiritual Arrays… So, from the beginning, he already had this all planned out."

"What's the use of just engraving Spiritual Arrays. With his strength, isn't he just dreaming if he wants to engrave the amount of Spiritual Seals needed for ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays?" Xu Qingqing was also shocked by the scene before her, but she was still reluctant to admit how good Mu Chen was.

Xu Huang nodded as his gaze closely stared at Mu Chen, whose eyes were tightly shut. Could the latter really achieve that step?

These changes had clearly caused an uproar in the region. In the plaza, those of the Demon's Gate had their expressions change as a smear of uneasiness flashed across their eyes.

The surrounding floating ten lumps of light gave them a huge amount of pressure.

A Rank 3 Spiritual Spiritual Array could threaten a Heavenly Fusion Stage. But if all ten of the Spiritual Arrays were activated at the same time, even the Heavenly Fusion Stage experts would have to run as far as they could.

At their front, He Yao's eyes were still deadly fixed on those huge lumps of light and his eyes were dark. That fellow actually laid down these things right under their noses and, in spite of everything, they didn't realise it at all…

"However, I refuse to believe that with his strength at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase, he could control so many Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays!" His eyes were ice-cold as he coldly smiled.

Onom! Onom!

Under the countless gazes, Mu Chen's surroundings fluctuated with powerful Spiritual Energy ripples. However, the current Mu Chen still had his eyes tightly shut. He shut out all the disturbances from the outside world and was focused in the Heart Array State's perfect control down to the finest detail.

The current him already had a deep comprehension towards the Heart Array State. Even if his eyes were tightly shut, the outside world seemed to have been engraved inside his heart. Shortly after, images of formless wind and ripples of Heaven and Earth's Spiritual Auras appeared in his heart.

However, by just depending on the Heart Array State, it was still impossible for him to form so many Spiritual Seals to activate all those Spiritual Arrays…

His Spiritual Energy was clearly insufficient to control them all.


The corner of Mu Chen's lips slightly rose as the palm that was in his sleeve rose. A light flashed and a round white pearl that was flickering with white light appeared. It was as though a white dragon was spiraling within the pearl.

This item was the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl they he got from the White Dragon Sovereign.

Within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, there was a vast amount of Spiritual Energy. Borrowing the power within it, Mu Chen could form all of the Spiritual Seals that he required!

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