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Chapter 1039 - God’s Cemetery

In the sky of the Treasure Lake, Mu Chen slowly descended. Nine Nether, Mo Feng and the rest had instantly leapt over with doubt in their eyes. Clearly, they had sensed Mu Chen’s sudden changes from before and the trace of blood on the centre of his forehead.

“Brother Mu, did you find anything?” Han Shan asked with an awkward expression. Since Mu Chen did not have any harvests after the numerous investigations for the past ten days, it had left him feeling somewhat awkward. Initially, he was confident to say that there were clues of the Undying Bird in the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

Mu Chen smiled when he heard his words and gently nodded his head, which caused Nine Nether’s mind to tremble. After all, this was the first time that Mu Chen had nodded his head in the past ten days.

Mu Chen did not hide anything and told them everything about the mysterious land that he had previously investigated, along with the presence of the Phoenix Clan.

“The Phoenix Clan is here as well.” Nine Nether’s countenance flashed with shock and she knitted her brows shortly after, “The sight of those fellows is extremely rare. So the thing that they are after definitely wouldn’t be ordinary, since they seem to be in such a rush.”

As she spoke, her gaze trembled. The Undying Bird was also a variant of the Phoenix Clan. However, their rarity was even higher than the Phoenix Clan’s True Phoenix. Thus, if the Phoenix Clan had truly found clues of the Undying Bird, they would definitely be quick to move out.

If they could obtain the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird, then it would be extremely beneficial for their own bloodline.

However, once the Phoenix Clan was involved in a matter, it would become much more troublesome. With their prideful characters, they would definitely not allow others to have a share of this stuff, so it wouldn’t be a simple matter.

In terms of troubles, it had even exceeded the Sky Wolf Clan and Golden Lion Clan.

“If the Phoenix Clan is truly heading for the location that Brother Mu has discovered, then it must be extraordinary.” Han Shan said as well.

As he spoke, he suddenly paused and recalled something, “Speaking of which, we do have some information regarding this…”

“Mhm?” Mu Chen looked at Han Shan with astonishment. There’s still information that this fellow had not told them?

Seeing Mu Chen’s gaze, Han Shan immediately shook his head. “I was not trying to hide it. When Brother Mu was engaged in your cultivation, I had sent people to investigate the area. Although we did not discover any clues of the Undying Bird, we noticed something.”

“Noticed something?”

“Over the past ten days, we discovered that there were more teams entering the Myriad Beast Graveyard. Furthermore, all of them were from the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans.” Han Shan spoke with a grave expression.

“For example the Roc Clan… Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan… Divine Sky Crane Clan… Babel Ape Clan…”

Every single clan that came from Han Shan’s mouth had caused Mu Chen’s brows to twitch. That’s because those clans were all famous clans in the Great Thousand World that had powerful figures in their clans.

Those Divine Beast Clans were powerful existences with strong foundations to the point that they couldn’t be estimated.

But after his astonishment, Mu Chen’s face grew much more solemn. If it was only one or two top-tiered Divine Beast Clans entering the Myriad Beast Graveyard, it might be a coincidence. But with so many of them, then there should be a reason behind it.

“There must be something in the Myriad Beast Graveyard that is attracting them.” Mo Feng got to the point. If it wasn’t, then the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans wouldn’t risk their lives to enter the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

Nine Nether gently nodded her head as well. Her gaze moved and suddenly looked at Mu Chen. The latter had also sensed her gaze. He contracted his eyes and slowly said, “Could it be that they’re all heading for that mysterious land?”

Although he had no idea what was in there, it definitely had to be extraordinary since it could draw the attention of the Phoenix Clan. Since that’s the case, then it was possible for the other top-tiered Divine Beast Clans to be drawn over as well.

Han Shan nodded his head. There had to be some relation regarding these two matters.

“What are you planning to do?” Mo Feng asked while looking at Mu Chen.

Nine Nether was also looking at Mu Chen. Along the way, Mu Chen had displayed powerful strength but unknowingly, he had replaced her spot as the leader and became the decision-maker in the group.

Mu Chen briefly pondered. Although they still had no idea what was in the mysterious region, he could vaguely sense that the danger definitely exceeded this place.

Furthermore, if the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans were also drawn there, it would be extremely ferocious and brutal if a fight broke out. Those that were somewhat weaker might even be quickly devoured.

But… what if it truly held the clue to the Undying Bird? Although their harvest was great in this trip to the Divine Beast Origin, the greatest problem had still not been resolved. He still had had to help Nine Nether obtain the Blood Essence of the Undying Bird to perfect her bloodline.

If it wasn’t accomplished, then Mu Chen would feel uneasy in his heart, no matter how many Quasi-Saint Artifacts he obtained.

Therefore, even if that region was filled with danger, he still had to give it a try.

“No matter what is in there, I’d rather make a wrong decision than give up. As long as there are clues about the Undying Bird, then I will have to give it a try.” Mu Chen looked at everyone and said with a light yet firm tone.

Nine Nether’s eyes rippled. She did not say anything but she felt a warmth in her heart.

Mo Feng nodded his head, while Mo Ling did not have any other opinions.

Seeing their agreement, Mu Chen looked at Han Shan. “Brother Han, if there is nothing else, then we can split up here.”

He did not force Han Shan’s group to go with them. After all, the opponents that they might encounter there were all elites from the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans, which were stronger than Jin Qingtian.

When Han Shan heard his words, his face became strict. “Brother Mu, you’re not treating me as a friend. If it wasn’t for you guys, we would not have even had the chance to enter the Treasure Lake, not to mention obtaining treasures. Since you guys have matters to do, then we will definitely do our best to help.”

Mu Chen was stunned before cupping his hands together. “Thanks.”

Han Shan was, after all, a Seventh Grade Sovereign and with the help of the Skyshaking Staff, he wouldn’t have to be afraid even if he was facing a pinnacle level Seventh Grade Sovereign like Jin Qingtian. With his help, their formation in this trip would be much stronger.

But by going along with them, they might have conflicts with the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans, which would be considerable pressure for Han Shan’s party. Therefore, Mu Chen found it somewhat unexpected for Han Shan’s decision.

“Since that’s the case, then let us get moving towards the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard. Furthermore, if we encounter other clans along the way, we can also ask them for information. If the clue of the Undying Bird is truly in there, then we will immediately head there. But if they aren’t related, then we will give up and look for other clues.” Mu Chen smiled.

No matter what treasures were there, the most important matter for Mu Chen right now was to help Nine Nether to perfect her bloodline. As for the other matters, he would leave it aside for the time being.

Han Shan nodded his head upon hearing Mu Chen’s words. If they could avoid clashing with the elites of the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans, then that would naturally be for the best. After all, none of them were easy opponents. Even someone like Jin Qingtian would be fearful if he encountered the elites of the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans.

When Mu Chen saw this situation, he no longer delayed any further and looked deep into the Myriad Beast Graveyard before waving his hand. Then his silhouette had turned into a streak of light and flew out.

Nine Nether and the rest closely followed behind him and left this calm and tranquil lake.

Not long after they left the Treasure Lake, they were making their way towards the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard under Mu Chen’s lead.

Regarding that region, Mu Chen had already thoroughly investigated it over the past ten days. So under his lead, their journey was unexpectedly smooth, since they practically did not encounter any groups of Beast Spirits.

Thus, in less than two days, they were already approaching the depth of the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

Furthermore, on the second day, they had encountered a team that was heading for the same direction as them.

They had also obtained some information from that group. Naturally, violence was involved in the process.

In the Divine Beast Origin, everything speaks with strength. As long as you can exhibit sufficient strength, even the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans would be courteous to you.

From the information that they had obtained, Mu Chen finally knew the origin of that mysterious region.

It was said that in ancient times when the Divine Beast Origin shattered, the powerhouses on this continent had fought against the Fiend Clans and most of them had fallen in the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

When the powerhouses of the Fiend Clans fell, the evil aura from them had attempted to taint the remains of the powerful Divine Beasts. Thus, the will left behind by those Super Divine Beasts also combined together and resided in the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard, protecting their remains and suppressing the Monarchs of the Fiend Clans at the same time.

Thus, this region where many Super Divine Beasts died in was known as the… God’s Cemetery.

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