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Chapter 1040 - Gathering

In the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

This region was eternally enveloped with a dense deathly aura, a greyish-black without any signs of vitality had spread out in this region until the end of one’s eye could see. It’s as if it had blocked out all vitality.


Sounds of air being split apart suddenly rang out in this region and several silhouettes flew across the sky. In the blink of an eye, they had split apart the deathly aura as they headed towards the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard.

This group was naturally Mu Chen’s group. They were heading towards the so-called “God’s Cemetery”.

“We should be arriving in the depths of the Myriad Beast Graveyard and the God’s Cemetery shouldn’t be far.”

Mu Chen was at the front of the team, taking the lead with a black light flickering at the centre of his brows. Although he did not utilize the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, he could still look through the deathly aura, sensing the situation ten thousand feet in radius. Thus, using it to route through the massive Beast Spirit groups.

Behind him, Nine Nether, Han Shan and the rest acknowledged by nodding their heads. They did not doubt Mu Chen’s words, since their journey had been one without any obstructions, which made them feel doubtful about whether they were in the ominous land of the Divine Beast Origin.

Naturally, they knew that it was thanks to Mu Chen’s perception that their journey could be so smooth. If he had not investigated up ahead beforehand and chose the safest route for them to journey in, they might have already suffered numerous attacks from oceans of Beast Spirits.

“I’m afraid that some teams might have already arrived in the God’s Cemetery.” Nine Nether looked at the heavens and earth, which were covered in the greyish-black deathly aura. There seemed to be something terrifying hidden in the darkness. And right now, there should be some teams that have already arrived.

Mu Chen nodded his head. Although they were quicker than most teams, they were only barely keeping up with those up ahead. Even if had to acknowledge that those teams had much powerful formations when compared to them.

Furthermore, the leaders of those teams were true elites.

They basically represented the highest fighting prowess in the Divine Beast Origin.

Even Jin Qingtian would back off in fear if he encountered those elites.

In this trip to the God’s Cemetery, the opponents that they would be facing would probably be the top elites in the Divine Beast Origin and it wouldn’t be easy for them to stand out.

However, even if it might be difficult, Mu Chen did not have the slightest intent to cower. On the contrary, the blood in his body had vaguely boiled with soaring fighting intent surging out from the depth of his heart. In the path of an expert, one must conquer peaks that were tough for ordinary people to achieve, to begin with. This tribulation would also be a whetstone for him to glow brightly and obtain immortality.


The blood in his body boiled but he did not decrease his speed as he flew past the greyish-black peaks in a streak of light. By the time those Beast Spirits in those peaks sensed his existence, they had already disappeared into the horizon.

By the time Mu Chen and the rest started to slow down their speed, it was already two hours later. They descended onto a peak that was covered in a greyish-black forest and looked up ahead with grave expressions.

There wasn’t any more of the greyish-black, but a crimson.

The crimson was like blood that dyed the land, soaking the ground for tens of thousands of years. Furthermore, that wasn’t ordinary blood, but blood that originated from powerful existences. That’s because this entire land was enveloped in a powerful pressure that even with the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits, Mu Chen still felt suffocating.

There were numerous myriad feet ravines on the ground that were so deep that their depths couldn’t be seen. It was so much so that the space there was even displayed in cracks. The battles that took place here were too disastrous to the point that even after tens of thousands of years, they still couldn’t recover.

This entire region was enveloped in a deathly aura, but it wasn’t greyish-black. Instead, it was a light red mixed with the remnant will of many powerful existences. Even in death, those wills couldn’t be removed.

Among the red deathly aura, there were numerous myriad feet towers that stood like trees. They had formed into a barrier that isolated the area and the red deathly aura couldn’t seep out. At the same time, the greyish-black deathly aura was blocked out as well.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and the black light flickered on his forehead. Looking at the myriad-foot high tower, his facial expression turned grave. With the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, he naturally knew that those weren’t towers but bones.

He couldn’t determine the owner of those bones but the only thing that he could be certain of was that those weren’t from a single Divine Beast. They were formed from the bones of many Divine Beasts, which enveloped this region like a cemetery, protecting those fallen inside.

“This is the God’s Cemetery?” Nine Nether looked at the spectacular cemetery and felt somewhat shocked in her heart. Compared to the cemetery, they were as tiny as ants. Thus, the shock that they felt was indescribable.

“It shouldn’t be wrong.”

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded his head, before looking at another area of this region. He could vaguely sense some Spiritual Energy fluctuations that belonged to the teams that were making their way here.

“Looks like the information of the God’s Cemetery is out, since there seem to be many powerful teams making their way over.” Han Shan couldn’t help sighing at this scene as probably nearly half of the teams that had entered the Divine Beast Origin were probably making their way over.

“It can’t be covered.” Mu Chen wasn’t surprised by this matter. Although the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans have effective information networks, a large tree still couldn’t cover up the storm. Their movements would be noticed by those who used their heads. With so many people entering the Myriad Beast Graveyard, how could others not guess that something was up?

But Mu Chen knew that the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans might not have concealed the information. After all, those without strength would practically be sending themselves to their death if they tried to harvest in this ominous land.

Since others were greedy and wanted to court death, then the teams of the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans would naturally be willing to coldly watch from the side.


Mu Chen’s gaze suddenly focused on a region outside the God’s Cemetery where huge stones stood still with powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations emitting from it. Clearly, those places were where all the teams have gathered.

Although they had some information regarding the God’s Cemetery, they weren’t too clear about it. Therefore, it was best for them to be cautious and follow behind the mass.

Nine Nether and the rest had also nodded their heads with no opinion about it.

Mu Chen flew out, taking the lead, and headed towards that region. A few minutes later, his silhouette descended on a huge rock with Nine Nether and the rest following behind.

When they descended in this region, they were startled to see so many teams here.

The rocks all had groups of silhouettes and they were more or less separated into teams. Furthermore, some groups had an extremely astonishing amount of people. Furthermore, what left Mu Chen startled was that the formations of those teams were so powerful that they couldn’t be underestimated.

Since they could arrive in the God’s Cemetery as the first batch, those teams were naturally not pushovers.

Mu Chen’s gaze swept out in this region and his heart shook. He involuntarily looked towards the depths and saw that there were several rocks akin to boulders with several silhouettes quietly seated on them.

He couldn’t help contracting his eyes when he saw them and his body tensed up. It was the reaction that he had sensed a threat.

“Those are the top-tiered Divine Beast Clans of the Spiritual Beast Realm.” Nine Nether explained in a low voice, her face was also filled with graveness. Clearly, she was also fearful of those top-tiered Divine Beast Clans. If the inheritance blood essence of the Undying Bird truly existed in the God’s Cemetery, then those people would be her greatest competitors.

Mu Chen nodded his head without a change in his expression. His gaze was first drawn towards a group, since those people were somewhat odd. Their eyes were multi-coloured with glittering light enveloping them while emitting mysterious energy.

The leader of that group was a lady with beauty akin to a celestial being. She was dressed in azure clothes with exquisite brows, emitting a gorgeous and noble aura that made her appear like a saint.

“That’s the Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan with a noble bloodline amongst the aerial Divine Beasts that isn’t at all inferior to the Phoenix Clan.” Nine Nether explained further.

Mu Chen nodded his head. The Nine-Coloured Peacock Clan’s bloodline was powerful and wasn’t at all inferior to the Phoenix Clan. However, their fame might be slightly weaker than the Phoenix Clan’s.

“The Babal Ape Clan should be there.” Mu Chen looked in another direction and saw three silhouettes on a rock platform. All three of them had skinny builds. They each held onto a stone staff that seemed ordinary. But Mu Chen could sense a threatening aura coming from them.

The Babel Ape Clan was also a top-tiered Divine Beast Clan in the Spiritual Beast Realm.

“And… the Roc Clan.”

Mu Chen’s gaze shifted towards the right and saw several figures. All of them looked idle but others could sense a terrifying sharpness beneath that idleness in their eyes.

The Roc Clan was also a top-tiered Divine Beast Clan with domineering powerful bloodlines. Their speed was something that no one could rival against.

Amongst the Roc Clan, Mu Chen’s gaze stopped at the leader. It was a man with his eyes hung low and somewhat silvery hair. Compared to his companions, he was somewhat lacking in sharpness, but based on his exceptional senses, Mu Chen could sense that the person might be the most unfathomable amongst the Roc Clan’s team.

“Over there should be the Divine Sky Crane Clan…”


Mu Chen swept his gaze and his face grew even more grave. In the end, he couldn’t help letting loose a sigh. All of them were elites that possessed a powerful advantage right from their birth.

Amongst the powerful teams, they occupied the best position. Although they might not seem competitive, the domineering air around them was intimidating.

After Mu Chen sighed, he shifted his gaze towards one of the rock platforms up ahead. But this time, before his gaze shot over, he had noticed a gaze filled with a cold intent shooting over, instantly causing the atmosphere around him to turn cold.

Mu Chen slowly knitted his brows and raised his head to look into the distant. He saw the party of the Phoenix Clan and the blue-clothed man was staring at him with a blade-like gaze. The sharpness in his gaze seemed like it wanted to look through him.

The blue-clothed man gently waved the ice-blue feathered fan in his hand and a cold air enveloped him as indifferently he spoke, causing cold air to spread out in this region.

“You’re the one that tried to peep earlier, right?”

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