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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:27:32 PM

Chapter 96: 96
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 96 – Meeting (3)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

“It appears the Demigod is heading toward the Blake family’s residence.”

“I will handle the surveillance.”

As Heinz said this, he glanced at Sheryl as though to seek information.

There was no reason for her to refuse.

Heinz’s entrances and exits would draw the least attention in the Blake family’s residence. 

“Then we’ll find out about the man who was with the Demigod.”

“I’ve already investigated his identity.”

Jerome was a little surprised by Shepard’s words


“It wasn’t hard. I simply asked the guard who inspected them what form of identification they presented. They entered the city as Mercenaries.”

“Mercenaries, huh. Definitely one of the easiest identities to fake.”

Dugenjar nodded.

Anyone could become a Mercenary, regardless of status, age or race, as long as they had no criminal record and there was no problem with their skills.

It was a system with many loopholes, but the advantages were so clear that not even the empire could suggest an alternative.

“Their names are Riki and Kain Rixton. When I checked at the Mercenary Guild, they’re a D class Swordsman and an A class Wizard. Riki has no mission records in the last three years, while Kain went missing on a mission two months ago.”

It had only been a few hours since they entered the city, yet he had been able to acquire such detailed information. 

As the others looked at Shepard with admiration, Sheryl shook her head firmly.

“There’s no need to investigate further. You won’t discover any vital clues anyway since they are undercover, and if you try to dig further, you might be discovered.”


Sheryl pondered while rubbing her chin.

“…Kain Rixton.”

If there was any person they could get leads from, it would be with this man who accompanied the Demigod.

Sheryl smiled, revealing the canines that were characteristic of vampires.

“I’ll need to get close to him.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?”

“I’m thinking about using Lilith.”

Shepard’s expression changed when he heard that.


There had been rumors that Sheryl had signed a contract with the Succubus Queen, one of the six Grand Dukes who ruled over the Demon World, but he hadn’t believed them.

“…I know Mongma is good at gathering information, but I’m afraid she’d leave a trace.”

“Lilith is the Succubus Queen. In other words, dreams are something that she can manipulate with ease. So we won’t have to worry about anything.”

Moreover, she would be extremely effective.

Even a man with steel-like willpower, who wouldn’t open his mouth even with the harshest torture or blackmail, wouldn’t be able to last more than a few moments in a dream before he revealed everything he knew.

What was great was that it wouldn’t leave any traces.

The man named Kain would even forget meeting Lilith in his dreams.

“Then I will summon Lilith this very evening. I will inform you of what I learned tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded.

* * *

That evening.

Sheryl entered her room and drew the curtains.

Immediately, the space became pitch black, but she was still able to see since a vampire’s dark vision was excellent.

She bit her index finger slightly. The blood dripped down to the floor before flowing to form a precise summoning circle.

As light began to flow from the circle, Lilith slowly rose up.

She was a woman with a very distinct charm. 

She had eyes filled with lust and purple skin that was almost completely revealed by her breathtakingly seductive clothes.

Even a man with an iron will wouldn’t help but glance over at her, and when he did, his body would be unable to contain the lust created by her fatal charm.

The room became filled with an atmosphere that would even cause a woman to blush and feel hot even if they were the same sex, but Sheryl did not show any reaction.

She was a vampire. The race that was known for its seduction and charm. 

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This was why Sheryl was such a good match for Lilith.

If she wasn’t a vampire, there was a high probability that she wouldn’t have been able to sign the contract.

“Huhu. It’s been a while, Sheryl.” (TL: why do I get some ‘ara, ara’ vibes right now?)

“I summoned you because I have a favor to ask.”

“Of course, I’ll do whatever my cute baby bat wants.”

Lilith giggled seductively.

It was clear from her tone that she treated Sheryl like a child, but at the same time, the expression on her face seemed to tell a different story.

Sheryl spoke in a flat tone.

“There’s a man whose dreams I want you to manipulate.”

“Huh? Who?”

“A man staying on the third floor of an inn in the western part of this city. The exact location of his room is…”

After listening to the explanation, Lilith giggled again.

“Understood. Right, what should I ask him?”

“If there really is a meeting between the Demigods and the reason for it.”

“Hmmm… information about the Demigods?”

Lilith’s expression changed slightly, but that was it.

She nodded again with the same coy smile.

“I’ll be right back.”


Her figure disappeared.

She became a Sprit Body and went to find Kain.

Sheryl sat in a chair and waited for Lilith to return.

After about thirty minutes, Lilith reappeared.

Sheryl immediately rose from her seat, her expression tinged with anxiety.

“You came back really quickly. What did you learn?”

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Lilith remained silent for a while. Her expression was also quite strange. 

She looked at Sheryl for a long time before speaking with the same strange expression.

“…I failed.” (TL: this would have been a perfect cliffhanger if the scene wasn’t so short)

* * *

“You failed? What the hell is that supposed to…”

It wasn’t unreasonable for Sheryl to be so shocked.

The one standing before her was the legendary Succubus Queen, not some ordinary dreamweaver.

She had been contracted to Lilith for hundreds of years and had asked her to do the same thing countless times before, and never once was she met with failure.

“Is that man also a Demigod?”

That idea suddenly came to mind.

After all, it would’ve been impossible for Lilith to infiltrate the dreams of a Demigod, even if she was the Succubus Queen.

But Lilith shook her head.

“No, he was human. Though, I’m not sure if I’d still call him human.”

“Please stop being vague and explain in detail.”


Lilith’s wings fluttered slightly to show her embarrassment.

“His mental power is ridiculously strong. If a normal mortal is like a wooden fence, then I suppose he is an impregnable wall? It’s the first time I’ve ever encountered one so strong except for Dragons or Demigods.”

Sheryl’s expression became strong.

“And you said he’s human?”

“I’m positive he is.”

“But you’re comparing him to Dragons and Demigods?”

“I cannot properly explain how strong it is without using them as references.”

Lilith grumbled bitterly, but Sheryl was still confused.

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Naturally, mental power varied widely depending on the individual, even among humans. 

As far as Sheryl knew, the strongest mental power could only be found among two types of individuals. 

Wizards and Contractors.

The Contractors who had to make direct contracts with Demons and the Wizards who were required to train their mental power could be considered exceptional among the humans.

However, Lilith had been able to easily penetrate and manipulate the dreams of a 7 star Wizard, as well as a Contractor who had signed a contract with a High class Demon.

“If I try, I could maybe get in, but he smelled quite dangerous, so I decided against it.”

“Dangerous smell?”

“I’m sure he’s signed a contract with another Grand Duke.”


Sheryl’s eyebrows rose subconsciously.

“By Grand Duke… do you mean one of the rulers of the Demon World?”

“Do you think I meant a peacock from the human world?”


A Grand Duke’s contractor was working with the Demigods.

If Lilith’s words were true, then the situation was much worse than she’d initially imagined.

“Which Grand Duke is it?”

“I don’t know. If I’d tried to find out, he would have noticed my presence.”

Although Lilith said this calmly, the fact that someone might have been able to notice her in her Spirit Body was already strange in itself.

Sheryl couldn’t help but feel that everything was going wrong.


It couldn’t be helped.

As Lilith said, if they tried to press further, they might’ve gotten caught, which would cause the situation to change drastically.

For the time being, they had no choice but to watch him while maintaining their distance.

(TL: It’s been a long time since we had such a short one… though this used to be the average ㅠㅠ)

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