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At the time, Medical Sage Sang Chen was picking medicinal ingredients deep in the mountains. A few days after he had left the mountains, he caught sight of the imperial announcement from the Yong emperor. Becoming aware that Suiyun was close to death, Sang Chen rushed to Chang’an, traveling over a thousand li in three days. When he arrived at the Prince of Yong’s residence, Suiyun’s life was hanging by a single thread. The medical sage was able to work a miracle,1 bringing Jiang Zhe back to life. However, from henceforth, Jiang Zhe’s body was greatly weakened …- Southern Chu Dynastic Records, Biography of Jiang Suiyun

When he arrived at the Prince of Yong’s residence, Sang Chen made a beeline for the Cold Courtyard, bringing along the several imperial physicians and Xiaoshunzi to serve as his assistants. The door to the room was closed and no exited, only occasionally issuing all kinds of instructions.

Li Zhi waited outside the door, his heart filled with incomparable anxiety. Pei Yun’s injuries had been completely healed. Hearing of Sang Chen’s arrival at the Prince of Yong’s residence, he also rushed over and joined Li Zhi waiting at the door. Pei Yun was extremely grateful towards Jiang Zhe. Using the method Jiang Zhe had devised, Pei Yun had discussed his plans with his two martial uncles, receiving their tacit approval. Even though it went against the Buddhist tenet of compassion, but at this point, they weren’t worrying about that. Pei Yun was a disciple that the Shaolin Temple had painstakingly nurtured, he absolutely could not be allowed to have any association with the Fengyi Sect. For this reason, the two martial uncles were willing to give one of the two Little Return Pills on their persons to Jiang Zhe.

Everyone waited outside for a whole day. It was only evening of the second day did they see Sang Chen and company walk out, their faces filled with exhaustion. The medical sage was already close to seventy. Although he was aged, and his hair and beard white, his body was quite healthy and vigorous. These last two days, the imperial physicians could and had taken turns. However, from beginning to end, Sang Chen never took one step out of the door.

Walking out of the door, Sang Chen immediately caught sight of Li Zhi, stepping forward to greet him politely, “This decrepit old man thanks Your Highness for your strenuous and painstaking efforts. If it weren’t for Your Highness using precious medicines to prolong his life, I’m afraid that Suiyun could have survived until this old man could arrive to treat him.”

Li Zhi finally breathed a sigh of relief, weakly collapsing into a chair that had been brought over by an imperial bodyguard. Tiredly, he replied, “Sir Sang, it is this Prince who should be thanking you for saving Sir Jiang …”

Sang Chen smiled slightly before replying, “Suiyun and I are as close as grandfather and grandson. It is proper and to be expected that I would save him. However, although he is now safe and sound, his recovery will require great effort. This decrepit old man can only impose on Your Highness’s hospitality.”

Li Zhi promptly rose to his feet, resolutely saying, “Even if Sir Sang did not ask, this Prince would have requested Sir Sang to temporarily stay in this residence. Sir, please tell this Prince if you have any needs or requirements. I will not definitely not leave Sir disappointed.”

Sang Chen nodded his head and replied, “This decrepit old man is tired, please prepare someplace for me to rest. Tomorrow, I will treat Suiyun again. It would be best if this decrepit old man can stay here in the Cold Courtyard, permitting me to attend to Suiyun at all times.”

Li Zhi repeatedly voiced his agreement. He had ordered servants to prepare chambers for Sang Chen in the Cold Courtyard long ago.

At this moment, the Princess of Yong dispatched someone over to persuade Li Zhi to return to the inner residence to rest. Over these days, Li Zhi practically lived in the Cold Courtyard and practically never went back to the inner residence. He only returned to his own quarters now with the load finally eased off his mind. In the inner residence, the Princess of Yong led the two concubines and the maids to wait upon Li Zhi as he bathed and changed. After eating a hearty meal, Li Zhi could finally lie down in bed and fell asleep without any worries.

When he woke up, it was already late in the morning.2 As Li Zhi rose from bed, two maids came over to help him get dressed. With a smile, Li Zhi asked, “Where’s the princess?”

The Princess of Yong walked in from outside. Smiling, she answered, “Your Highness, great news! Just now, someone came from the Cold Courtyard to report that Major Jiang has woken.”

Li Zhi was overjoyed and replied, “The medical sage’s reputation is well-deserved. Only one night and Suiyun was able to awaken.”

The Princess of Yong smiled and replied, “Your Highness, it’s already been two days. When you fell asleep, we couldn’t wake you back up. Sir Sang came over to take a look and determined that Your Highness was worn out. You would wake up as long as you got enough sleep.”

Li Zhi smiled wryly and said, “No wonder this Prince’s stomach is rumbling with hunger. Quickly bring some food. This Prince intends to go to the Cold Courtyard to see Sir Jiang.”

The princess pulled Li Zhi to the outer room to eat. As they walked, she said, “Your Highness, in a while you should bring Roulan over. These days, no one has dared to tell her what has happened to Major Jiang. She has already cried several times.”

Li Zhi nodded his head and replied, “That’s fine. You should accompany me over. Afterwards, enter the palace to inform Changle.”

The Princess of Yong was astonished as she gazed at Li Zhi, questioning, “Didn’t Your Highness say this matter was inappropriate?”

Li Zhi smiled wryly and responded, “When Changle heard that Major Jiang had been seriously injured, she immediately sent over half of the root of the Ningpo figwort bestowed by Imperial Father. The previous few days, she dispatched people to inquire whether the other half was also needed. If the medical sage had not yet arrived, I would probably have gone to borrow the remaining part of the Ningpo figwort in her possession. It seems like Changle’s feelings for Major Jiang are quite deep. Even if I am unable to fulfill her desires, I am unwilling to have her continue to worry.”

The Princess of Yong nodded her head and replied, “That’s fine. How about this? Let me bring Roulan with me when I enter the palace, saying that I intend for Noble Consort Zhangsun to take a look. As this child is young, she is witty and adorable. Changle is quite fond of her.”

Li Zhi nodded his head in agreement. The Princess of Yong continued, “Your Highness, although you have released General Qin and company, you have had men keep an eye on them these several days. Moreover, the surveillance has been open and without fear. Yesterday, Qin daren personally came to pay visit, speaking to your servant that the assassination was not General Qin’s doing. However, the Grand General still locked up and interrogated General Qin.”

Li Zhi coldly replied, “We will of speak when I’ve discussed it with Suiyun. If it is his doing, this Prince will definitely not spare him.”

The princess hesitatingly replied, “Your Highness, the current relationship between you and the crown prince are like that between fire and water. Your servant is quite worried if you offend Grand General Qin. Moreover, the Xiahou clan is greatly favored by His Imperial Majesty and the Princess of Jingjiang was ordered by Imperial Father to come. No matter who is offended, it is highly problematic.”

Li Zhi paused for a moment before indifferently stating, “It doesn’t matter. There are some things that have to be settled sooner or later. But if Qin Qing really performed such a deed, it would be an insult to his family’s social status.”

The Princess of Yong very carefully replied, “I don’t believe that this child would do such a thing. The upbringing of the Grand General’s family is quite strict and rigorous. This child’s natural disposition is good and honest. Although he is somewhat impulsive, he is unable to injure someone through a sneak attack.”

Li Zhi hesitated for a while, not saying a word. He had already personally gone to question Qin Qing. Qin Qing did not conceal anything, explaining what had happened that day. Li Zhi was certain that there was someone sowing discord between him and Qin Qing. However, he was not certain that Qin Qing had not fallen into a trap. After all, no one else aside from Jiang Zhe knew what had happened that day. Even if what Qin Qing said was true, it was still possible that he took advantage of someone attempting an assassination to hit a person while they’re down. As this matter was of great significance, Li Zhi was unwilling to inform the Princess of Yong. Therefore, he only indifferently said, “This Prince will impartially judge this.”

In any case, the Prince of Yong’s residence finally became temporarily tranquil. Over these days, the entire residence was a complete mess. Now, everything had finally calmed down.3 Of course, the roaring seas underneath the surface was not something that an ordinary person could sense.

Within the crown prince’s residence, Lu Jingzhong was in a daze as he looked at the information in his hands. Suddenly, he furiously tore the paper to shreds. After a moment, he rose to his feet and left the room, walking to the entrance of the hall. He heard the intoxicating sounds of song and dance coming from within. Lu Jingzhong shook his head as he quietly entered the hall. He caught sight of Crown Prince Li An seated in the seat of honor, lazily watching beautiful movements of the dancers. Seeing Lu Jingzhong enter, and seeing his expression ugly, Li An waved his hand, dismissing the dancers and musicians. He inquired, “Why does junior mentor look so worried? It’s only that Jiang Zhe’s life was saved. Our original objective was not to take his life.”

Deeply worried, Lu Jingzhong responded, “Your Highness, these last few days, this subject has carefully read over the information, discovering that we have made a grave mistake.”

Li An stared back blankly. Straightening in his seat, he asked, “What does the junior mentor say such a thing?”

Lu Jingzhong answered, “Your Highness, previously, although I believed Jiang Zhe to potentially be a great minister, but to speak the truth, we don’t lack civil and military talents. Therefore, although his talent for military strategies and administration were both unordinary, this subject did not pay him much attention. As long as Your Highness ascends to the throne, if he is willing to serve, it would not be too late to employ him. In any case, since Your Highness is not yet the emperor, there is no need to impatiently recruit talented individuals to invite the emperor’s suspicions. This subject even snickered at the Prince of Yong’s failure to understand this fact. No matter how talented Jiang Zhe is, as long as he does not enter the central administration, what’s the use? Originally, this subject recommended that we assassinate Jiang Zhe for the sole purpose of creating conflict between the Prince of Yong and Grand General Qin. Unexpectedly, the situation that day was quite strange and there was another assassin who attacked first. Although he failed within sight of success, allowing our man to succeed, the subsequent reaction by the Prince of Yong has been seen by the crown prince. Could it be possible that we’ve stepped on a crucial part of the Prince of Yong?”

“What you say is reasonable,” replied Li An, nodding his head, “Over these last several years, we have frequently bothered second brother, but when did we ever see him take such a hardline? He first went to complain tearfully to Imperial Father before mobilizing the imperial guard to enter the city. He was even willing to use the Ningpo figwort that was bestowed by Imperial Father, and borrowed another root from Princess Changle. Even sixth brother went to curry favor. We get angry just thinking of this. How can sixth brother be so muddled? He has not yet take Us seriously.”

“It is these that has caused this subject to become suspicious,” replied Lu Jingzhong, “Only after carefully reading over the available information did this subject realize that I have failed my duties. In the beginning, this subject only believed that this Jiang Zhe had the talent to bear heavy responsibilities. However, after this subject carefully thought it over, I realized that this man is actually a genius adept at plotting and scheming.”

Li An raised his eyebrows, indicating for Lu Jingzhong to continue. Lu Jingzhong continued, “This man became famous through his literary talent. He once served as an adviser in Southern Chu to the Prince of De. At first, this subject did not find anything odd about this, considering him only as someone shined through another’s reflected glory.4 Moreover, from the intelligence that we’ve acquired, although we knew that the Prince of De trusted him, we could not ascertain any stratagems that he had presented. Although we knew that he handled military matters pretty well, we felt that such skill was insignificant. These days, this subject has collected all of the Prince of De’s battle records, discovering that while Jiang Zhe was serving the Prince of De, the prince’s tactics became extremely strange and sinister. Furthermore, with one song, Jiang Zhe forced the King of Shu to commit suicide. Although this became an anecdote told with approbation, everyone was under the impression that this resulted from the Prince of De and Jiang Zhe was only following orders. But now, thinking it over, it is possible that it was Jiang Zhe’s own intentions. Because he was bedridden for several years, therefore no one paid him any attention. Were it not for this subject personally inspecting all of Southern Chu’s intelligence, then I’m afraid that this information would not have been discovered.”

Li An smiled and inquired, “Is junior mentor worrying too much? There is no evidence to back up these conjectures.”

“There is indeed no evidence,” replied Lu Jingzhong, “However, Your Highness, why would the Prince of Qi wish to vie over this man with the Prince of Yong? Why would he also try to curry favor and deliver such precious medicines? Didn’t Your Highness say that Liang Wan once reported that both the Prince of Yong and the Prince of Qi had her pay attention to Jiang Zhe? We only believed that the Prince of Yong only appreciated Jiang Zhe’s talent. Your Highness knows that the Prince of Yong has a habit of recruiting talented individuals. As for the Prince of Qi, he is always acting willfully and making a scene. Therefore, Your Highness did not take this matter seriously. Now, it seems that both the Prince of Yong and the Prince of Qi likely know how formidable this man is. Only Your Highness and this subject considers Jiang Zhe to only be a brilliant scholar. As the proverb says, ‘one cloud is enough to eclipse the entire sun,’5 The Prince of Yong used his high regard for him to cause us to believe that Jiang Zhe was a famous scholar in the mode of Qu Yuan and Jia Yi,6, 7 causing us to overlook that this man is a top quality strategist comparable to Zhang Liang and Chen Ping.”8

“We understand junior mentor’s carefulness,” said Li An, “However, aren’t you being excessively anxious about this matter? This man hasn’t made any contributions to speak of since pledging allegiance to the Prince of Yong.”

A look of vigilance flashed across Lu Jingzhong, as he replied, “This is what causes the most concern for this subject. It is said that those skilled in battle do not display their outstanding achievements. In addition, if this subject guesses correctly, the stratagems that this man employs should be sinister and secretive, not sticking to a particular pattern. I’m afraid that we have already been trapped. Therefore, this subject hoped that he would die. However, I didn’t expect that he would survive after suffering such a grave injury.”

“Junior mentor’s ability and wisdom are outstanding,” consoled Li An, “He is not junior mentor’s match no matter how capable that man is. If worst comes to worst, we can dispatch another assassin.”

A look of proudness first flashed across Lu Jingzhong’s eyes before he shook his head and replied, “This was something else that I overlooked. He has an expert that is hidden by his side, called Li Shun. Reportedly, he was once a eunuch in the Southern Chu palace. When Jianye fell, he sought refuge with Jiang Zhe. This eunuch was also brought back by the Prince of Yong. In retrospect, I looked through all of the available intelligence on this man, discovering that the information was extremely limited, because this man is practically inseparable from Jiang Zhe as a figure and its shadow. Jiang Zhe lives in deep seclusion and rarely comes out. This man is the same. Your Highness knows that the Prince of Yong’s residence is tightly encircled and difficult to infiltrate. In particular, Jiang Zhe has many guards by his side. Our spies basically did not pay attention to this man. According to Xiahou Yuanfeng, this Li Shun’s martial arts have already reached the Skin Deep Realm. Unless it’s an expert of the same realm or an expert at evaluation, it is extremely difficult to ascertain the depths of this man’s martial arts. In this aspect, our spies are quite lacking and did not specially pay attention, thus overlooking this man. According to Xiahou Yuanfeng, this man’s martial arts are definitely far above his. If we dispatch more assassins, it is unlikely to succeed.”

Li An’s expression filled with worry as he inquired, “Junior mentor, tell me what’s to be done?”

“It is said that when soldiers come, we block them using generals,” responded Lu Jingzhong, “There is no need for Your Highness to be excessively worried. We only need to be extra careful. Once Your Highness ascends to the throne, we will no longer need to worry. If the situation is urgent, at worst, we can dispatch some formidable assassins. No matter how high Li Shun’s martial arts, can it be higher than that person?”

“Junior mentor speaks the truth,” replied Li An, nodding his head before asking, “Then should we delay our business?”

Lu Jingzhong replied, “There is no need. Xiahou Yuanfeng has said it is extremely likely that the assassin was dispatched from Southern Chu. No matter what, I do not believe that a surrendered subject of Southern Chu would have any ties to the Embroidered Union. Moreover, I also do not believe that Jiang Zhe would have any power to speak of in this difficult situation. At present, the Prince of Yong is under heavy pressure. We can seize the opportunity to do several runs. When the Prince of Yong detects what is going on, we will have already finished the business. As for Your Highness, this subject still advises Your Highness to keep your distance from Xia Jinyi. He only entered Your Highness’s household after he had conflicted with Jiang Zhe. I’m worried that he would be disloyal.”

Li An impatiently replied, “Junior mentor, you must know that although Xia Jinyi had a conflict with Jiang Zhe, it all arose because of the Guanzhong Alliance. Moreover, if We were Jiang Zhe, We would not have Xia Jinyi act in such a fasion. What’s more, this Prince has dispatched men to monitor Xia Jinyi. Aside from whispering sweet nothings8 to Xiu Chun, he is occupied with rehearsing song and dance. This time when Jiang Zhe was seriously injured, the Prince of Yong’s household was torn into complete disorder. If Xia Jinyi was a spy, even if he wasn’t especially concerned, then shouldn’t he be feigning complete indifference. However, you must know that although he was curious, Xia Jinyi did not display a shred of sympathy, even ridiculing the Prince of Yong’s household. Apart from this, he is only intent on getting his hands on Xiu Chun. If he really was a spy from the Prince of Yong, wouldn’t he be busying himself with gathering intelligence? What’s more, someone so addicted to carnal pleasures, it’s likely that second brother would despise him. Don’t worry, this Prince will not let him learn any classified information. This little fellow isn’t that capable.”

Lu Jingzhong’s brows furrowed, no longer admonishing the crown prince. After all, he could not say that His Highness had become seduced by Xia Jinyi to enjoy the carnal pleasures to his heart’s content, already causing discontent and dissatisfaction in some people. No one could convince His Highness of this matter.

“All right,” said Li An, gesturing with his hand, “It’s enough for junior mentor to increase the surveillance on the Prince of Yong’s residence. There is no need to be anxious.”

Lu Jingzhong could only express his agreement. At this moment, Li An’s expression changed and he questioned, “There is one matter that leaves me extremely uneasy. The Prince of Qi did not warn us about the matter relating to Jiang Zhe. Now that he is currying favor, is it possible that the Prince of Qi is having disloyal thoughts?”

Lu Jingzhong answered, “Your Highness, who in this world doesn’t have selfish motives? This subject believes that the Prince of Qi is merely fond of a talented person. There is no need for Your Highness to worry about this tiny bit of selfishness.”

Li An shot Lu Jingzhong a glance filled with discontent before he stated, “Since you’ve spoken, We will leave it be. However, you have to pay close attention to the Prince of Qi. We do not wish to find myself utterly isolated.”9

Lu Jingzhong’s expression did not change as he replied, “This subject will definitely pay attention to the Prince of Qi’s activities. If Your Highness is worried, there is no harm to ask Concubine Lan. She and the Princess of Qi hail from the same sect, she will surely know some things.”

Li An coldly stated, “We have already asked Lady Xiao. She said that the Princess of Qi told her that the Prince of Qi was only repaying Jiang Zhe for once saving his life from a poisoned wound. I already knew of this matter, therefore did not take it to heart. However, hearing your words today, sixth brother’s words are definitely not entirely true. It is better if you pay attention on Our behalf. We definitely will not allow another Prince of Yong to appear.”

Lu Jingzhong respectfully replied, “This subject will do as you bid.”

Within a courtyard in Chang’an, Xiahou Yuanfeng was standing within the courtyard, appreciating and playing with the just bloomed plum blossoms. It was already the second month; several plum trees had already begun to bloom. At this moment, an azure robed manservant hurriedly walked over from behind him. Catching sight of such a young master with an elegant appearance like that of plum blossoms under the spring sunshine, the manservant could not help but stare foolishly for a moment. Afterwards, he spoke in a loud voice, “Young master, the guest wishes to meet you.”

Xiahou Yuanfeng smiled slightly before speaking, “I’m already done.” Finished speaking, he picked a plum blossom, sticking it in the vase. Just like this, he held the vase and walked towards the guest room. Entering the guest room, he placed the vase on the table. The faint aroma of the plum blossom immediately permeated the entire room. Towards the middle-aged man resting in bed, he indifferently said, “Venomous Hand Evil Heart, have you already recovered from your injuries?”

Venomous Hand Evil Heart coldly looked at the handsome young man who had saved him that day. In a thick voice, he replied, “My injuries are already recovered. You can finally speak your conditions for rescuing me, right?”

Xiahou Yuanfeng smiled and replied, “There is a matter that I have to tell you. Unfortunately, Jiang Zhe, Jiang Suiyun has already escaped from danger.”

Venomous Hand Evil Heart’s heart tensed up, though he continued to speak coldly, “Then you, the oriole behind, failed to gain any advantage?”

Xiahou Yuanfeng indifferently replied, “According to practice, because you are a spy from Southern Chu, I should kill you. However, I am quite unwilling to kill you. After all, our objectives do not clash. If you are willing, I can give you another assassination opportunity. Are you willing?”

Venomous Hand Evil Heart coldly replied, “Do you consider me an idiot? Not only is the guard around Jiang Zhe extremely tight, Shun gonggong will also not leave his side.”

Xiahou Yuanfeng’s eyes brightened as he inquired, “Are you familiar with Li Shun?”

Venomous Hand Evil Heart immediately saw through Xiahou Yuanfeng’s intentions before he indifferently responded, “I don’t know him that well. However, I once monitored Jiang Zhe for a period of time, seeing him frequently come and go from Jiang Zhe’s home. I did not anticipate that his martial arts are so high. This time, were it not for his absence, I fear that I would throw my life away.”

Xiahou Yuanfeng indifferently spoke, “These days, the roadblocks in the capital have been relaxed. If you are willing, I can send you out of the city.”

Venomous Hand Evil Heart coldly asked, “What really are your motives?”

Xiahou Yuanfeng smiled and replied, “My motives are quite simple. I want you to draw away the attention from the Prince of Yong’s residence. While they are chasing after you, I hope that you will have them believe that it was Qin Qing who conspired with you to assassinate Jiang Zhe. Of course, will would help you as much as I can to escape back to Southern Chu. If this out of the question, then I ask that you take your own life. You must clearly understand what type of person Qin Qing is. I wish for disagreement to happen between the Prince of Yong and Grand General Qin. This will also be of benefit to your Southern Chu.”

Venomous Hand Evil Heart knew this mission was extremely dangerous and indifferently replied, “At most, I will give my life back to you. However, you must do something for me. You must kill Jiang Zhe within two years.”

Xiahou Yuanfeng smiled slightly, raising his hand to make a solemn vow, “Xiahou Yuanfeng vows to kill Jiang Zhe within two years. If I violate this oath, I will be destroyed by heaven and earth.”

Venomous Hand Evil Heart indifferently replied, “Although I do not believe your oath, I know that you have to kill Jiang Zhe. Unless you can prevent him from learning who had shot him with an arrow, otherwise, you will definitely die by his hands.”

Xiahou Yuanfeng smiled silently. That day, he had seen Xiaoshunzi’s unimaginable and freakish qinggong, immediately realizing that the crown prince had offended an extremely fearsome and formidable enemy. Therefore, he devised a plan on the spot, rescuing the assassin who had sought to kill Jiang Zhe, hoping that this assassin would be able to fulfill his objective. However, he was not the archer. Unless Venomous Hand Evil Heart believed this was the case, how would he adhere to his arrangements? Thinking of that assassin who was the oriole behind, Xiahou Yuanfeng maliciously wondered if the assassin knew that he was being also being targeted with bow and arrow? There truly were curious coincidences in this world. Who would have expected that there were three waves of assassins simultaneously arriving at the Cold Courtyard?


妙手回春, miaoshouhuichun – idiom, lit. magical hands bringing the dying back to life; miracle cure, brilliant doctor日上三竿, rishangsangan – idiom, lit. the sun has risen three poles high; the sun is riding high, it’s already late in the morning风平浪静, fengpinglangjing – idiom, lit. breeze is still, waves are quiet; tranquil environment, all is quiet, a dead calm附骥, fuji – idiom, lit. riding on somebody’s coattails to success; shine by reflected glory一叶障目,不见泰山, yiyezhangmu, bujian taishan – idiom, lit. eyes obscured by a single leaf, unable to see Mount Tai; fig. not seeing the wider picture, can’t see the wood for the trees, one cloud is enough to eclipse the entire sun贾谊, Jia Yi was a Chinese scholar and official during the Han Dynasty, famous for rhapsodies and for an essay expounding on the reasons for the Qin Dynasty’s collapse.Lu Jingzhong is stating that Jiang Zhe is as loyal as Qu Yuan and as incisive as Jia Yi.张良, Zhang Liang and 陈平, Chen Ping were top strategists who helped Liu Bang found the Han Dynasty.卿卿我我, qingqingwowo – idiom, lit. to bill and coo; to whisper sweet nothings to one another众叛亲离, zhongpanqinli – idiom, lit. people rebelling and friends deserting; fig. to find oneself utterly isolated Previous Chapter Table of Contents Next Chapter


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