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Thinking about the Thunder Artillery, Shen Yanxiao wanted to hear Xiu’s opinions.


"Xiu, do you know of the Thunder Artillery?" Shen Yanxiao was kicking her two legs in the water as she looked at Xiu’s figure behind the screen.


"The artillery made by you humans?" Xiu asked back.


"Uh, pretty much." Shen Yanxiao’s feelings were very complicated whenever she heard Xiu repeatedly saying "you humans," especially after she knew that she had an elf blood in her body, she felt even more strange hearing these words...


To be precise, she was not a purebred human.


"I know that its power is too weak." Xiu said his sharp evaluation.


Shen Yanxiao's mouth twitched slightly as she tried her best to calm her heart.


Did she really expect to hear any praise about the human artillery from a guy who could pinch a rank eight magical beast with just one finger?


"For you humans, it should be enough. Your human artillery is based on the user’s dou qi and magic. The only thing that it can hurt is probably the beings on your Radiance Continent. If you used it against the dragons, I'm afraid that it couldn’t even hurt their skin."


Well, she knew that the Dragon Race was very savage and that a dragon’s scale was comparable to bulletproof glass, but she did not intend to make artillery to attack dragons, okay?


"About that, I only intend to use them on the beings in the Radiance Continent, beating people, hitting the demon beasts and the like." Shen Yanxiao blushed with shame.


"Then it’s fine." Xiu said.


“Uh.” Listening to the great master’s seemingly very contemptuous tone, Shen Yanxiao swallowed back the words that were already in her mouth.


If this Great Master learned that she really wanted to steal the Thunder Artillery that had "weak power" according to his mouth, she wondered whether he would despise her once again.


"You want it?" But even if Shen Yanxiao would not say anything, Xiu had already guessed her thoughts.


Thinking about it, when Shen Yanxiao first arrived at the Blizzard CIty, she stood in front of the city gate and looked at those Thunder Artillery for a long time. If he did not understand the ideas of a certain little girl, he was living in vain.


"I want it!" Despise was despise; she was a good girl, she wouldn’t lie.


“Although this thing may be nothing in your eyes, for humans, it is a very good weapon for a city’s defense. Before, didn’t the Holy Sage of the God’s Domain say that after a year, there will be a beast tide? At that time, The Rising Sun City and the Oriental City might be attacked, so it is also good to have more weapons to defend the city.” Shen Yanxiao carefully explained her need for the artillery.


“Unfortunately, I don’t have any blueprint on hand. Blizzard City belongs to the Divine Wind Alliance, and the Thunder Artillery of the Divine Wind Alliance is the most advanced artillery at humanity’s hand. Since I’m now in Blizzard City anyway, I’m planning to look for it, and see whether the blueprint for the Thunder Artillery is in the City Lord Residence." She had nothing to hide from Xiu and thus said everything.


"If it is a weapon to defend a city..." Xiu seemed to have thought of something.


Shen Yanxiao pricked up her ears, waiting anxiously for the next words as she looked at Xiu’s figure.


“Do you have any?” Forgive her for having such speculation, it was just that the image of this great master was too omnipotent in her mind. Even if Xiu tossed out a weapon of the God Race or the Devil Race now, she estimated that it would not surprise her anymore.


However, Xiu’s answer immediately extinguished Shen Yanxiao's excitement. 


"You think too much."


"..." Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a second.


"But if you can get the blueprint of the artillery, I can give you some advice."


"What advice?"


"Change the gunners into demons."

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