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The price of the Dou Qi Potion soared. This thing was just too useful, thus no one wanted to give it up. 


Moreover, there were only one hundred bottles, and bottle after bottle was being sold. Who knew where they could encounter so many Dou Qi Potions in the future again, so they would decisively grab them! 


However, this looting also had a doorway. Although many families were not from the same country, the situation between each other was still somewhat similar. Those from the upper class families and those from the lower class families, everyone had a clear account in mind. 


In this world, if a lower class family dared to resist the coercion of an upper class family and forcefully rob things from them, then the result would be the lower class family dying without a corpse. 


No need to mention that their own financial resources were simply inferior to the other party, the power held by the upper class family could simply be able to play them to their deaths one hundred times. Therefore, this looting of potions was basically divided into two battlefields. One was the shopping of the upper class families, and another one was the struggle between the lower class families. 


At the beginning of the potions’ auction, several major upper class families were not bidding yet. Though they were determined to carve up the larger part of the one hundred bottles of potions, they also needed to have a little consideration. So, for the top ten potions, the upper class families did not make a move; this was to give a little face to the lower class families. Give them some sweetness; in this way, the magnanimity of the upper class families would also be shown. 


The lower class families were very clear that their chances were limited to the first few bottles. When the upper class families made their move, there would be nothing left for them. 


Even so, there were more than a hundred lower class families present, and more than a hundred of them were fighting for ten bottles of potions; it was incomparably cruel. 


The bidding battle was still fierce. The price of the first bottle of potion had reached eighty thousand gold coins, but it still continued to rise. 


In the backstage, Shen Yanxiao estimated that the final price of the first bottle should be around one hundred fifty thousand gold coins. The lower class families’ money was not so bountiful, and the previous round of auctions had already consumed almost all of their funds. Although the potion was effective, it only had an auxiliary role. If there were a potion that could promote Primary Professionals directly to Senior Professionals, not to mention one hundred fifty thousand, even if the price was fifteen million gold coins, people would still surely have lined up to buy it. 


Sure enough, the first bottle of the Dou Qi Potion was taken at a price of one hundred sixty thousand gold coins, which was a little more than Shen Yanxiao had predicted.


Afterwards, the other nine bottles of potion were soon sold. Their price was not less than one hundred fifty thousand, and the highest was even two hundred thousand. 


Ten bottles of Dou Qi Potions were all wiped out; the lower class families officially exited, followed by the duel between the upper class families. 


There were more than twenty upper class families that were present at this auction, and they would fight for the remaining ninety bottles of Dou Qi Potions. 


Surprisingly, however, the eleventh bottle of Dou Qi Potions was sold for only thirty thousand! 


It was far beyond everyone's expectations. There seemed to be a certain degree of tacit agreement among all the upper class families and no one would go hard to raise the price. 


The twelfth bottle was also sold at thirty thousand gold coins. 


The thirteenth bottle... 


These upper class families indeed had a very tacit understanding. ‘You take a bottle, I take a bottle, he takes a bottle, everyone has a share.’


After ten bottles of Dou Qi potions were sold, the total income was only three hundred thousand gold coins. Shen Yanxiao was depressed and was scratching the wall at the backstage. 


Despicable! Really despicable! 


The strength of these upper class families was similar to each other, and it was difficult for anyone to be able to press down the other sides and take advantage from others through fighting. They were very wise in their decision to split the rest of the Dou Qi Potions equally. 


It was fine for one person to get four or five bottles in their hand. With that, they could say that they didn’t suffer losses or lost any face.

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