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That young God Lord didn't expect Ye Mo to really be a level eight pill king. He made 6 special grade Snow Sang pills in such a short time. Clearly, he was a top level level eight pill king, able to reach level nine pill king at any time.

The third God Lord could see this as well. After a long while, he woke up from his shock and joy. He quickly put away the pills and saluted with his fists. "Brother Ye, such powerful pill concoction skills! I believe you won't take long to reach level nine pill king. You're the most talented pill king I've ever seen."

Ye Mo smiled but didn't speak. He was thinking, 'The spirit herbs I need to reach level nine pill king are on you, hurry up and take them out.'

"Brother Ye, Huanzhen shamelessly want to invite brother Ye to be a guest at our God Lord Peak. I will treat you as the most honorable VIP," third God Lord invited.

Ye Mo long wanted to go after concocting the pills. The third God Lord's head was simple but Ye Mo didn't dare to underestimate the God Beast Mountain Range. He was with Jingwen, what if something happened? Plus, that young God Lord hated him.

So Ye Mo saluted with his fists without hesitation. "Thank you third God Lord but I need to go."

Seeing that Ye Mo was really going to go, the third God Lord quickly took out a storage ring for Ye Mo. "Brother Ye, this is just a small gift, hope you don't mind." He wanted Ye Mo to go to the God Lord Peak to collect spirit herbs himself, but now that Ye Mo was going to go, he could only give Ye Mo the spirit herbs he had on him.

Ye Mo was waiting for this and took it. When he scanned his spirit sense in, his mouth spasmed. There were more than 50 level nine spirit herbs and over 400 level eight spirit herbs.

Wealthy - this God Beast Mountain Range was too wealthy! He just helped third God Lord concoct a cauldron of Snow Sang pills. One could see that the great and second God Lord would only be more wealthy. He even wanted to set up a stall here to concoct pills.

However, Ye Mo was regretful to find there was no Ice Carrot or Truth Spirit Grass here.

Ye Mo thanked, "Thank you brother Jiao, you gave me so many precious spirit herbs."

Seeing Ye Mo take his things, the third God Lord rejoiced. "Brother Ye, I came out in a rush so I didn't bring a lot of spirit herbs with me. Next time, you must come visit. I will give you more spirit herbs."

Ye Mo couldn't tell him to go back and pick them up so he answered, "Okay, if I come next time, I will come visit. One of my friend's soul is poisoned. Would you be able to get an Ice Carrot?"

He needed it for Truth Carrot Pill of course, but he couldn't let them suspect his power level. As for truth spirit herb, he didn't say it as its only use was to concoct Truth Spirit Pill.

"Ice Carrot?" third God Lord frowned. Ye Mo could tell he didn't have it. It was much more precious than ordinary level nine spirit herbs and it was found only in icy lands.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to say 'never mind', third God Lord said, "Brother Ye, come to my God Lord Peak in three months and I will find a way for you."

With this, Ye Mo nodded. "If I'm free in three months, I will come visit third God Lord for sure."

Then, Ye Mo took out Blue Moon and let Su Jingwen and them go on before bidding farewell.

Seeing this blue trail, the young God Lord knew that even with the elder helping out, they wouldn't be able to keep this pill king.

Eyeing Ye Mo off, third God Lord rejoiced. "Gaha, I'm quite lucky. Today I, Jiao Zhenhuan, connected with a master like this. Let's go back."

The young God Lord saw this and his face was green. He looked in Ye Mo's direction for a while and left.

Blue Moon followed Yan Yan's direction and left the God Beast Mountain Range after two days. Even Blue Moon needed two days to leave here, clearly the God Beast Mountain Range was very large. He looked at Yan Yan and asked, "How did you get so far into the God Beast Mountain Range?"

Yan Yan feared him a little after seeing all of Ye Mo's capabilities.

She quickly answered, "My brother and I went in two years ago and we've been very careful. Only a month ago were we trapped by spirit beasts, so we used that formation to last till brother Ye came."

Ye Mo nodded. If they didn't run into him, they would be dead for sure.

Blue Moon sped up even more after leaving the God Beast Mountain Range. In just a week, Blue Moon neared an extremely long mountain range.

Yan Yan said, "After this mountain range is the west cultivator world, the West Cultivator City."

Ye Mo nodded, after Blue Moon passed the mountain range, more human cultivators appeared. Those cultivators saw Blue Moon's speed and moved aside. Clearly it was a powerful qian bei to be able to own such a flying magic artifact.

Two days later, Ye Mo saw a tall city gate with his spirit sense. There were the two words 'West Cultivator'. There was nothing else but that, not even any city walls.

"West Cultivator City is a city without walls. Brother Ye, it's best to change a flying magic artifact before going in," Yan Yan said.

Ye Mo knew that since the West Cultivator City was on par with God Beast Mountain Range, it wouldn't be a simple place. He was planning to change a magic artifact so he let out a low-grade flying cultivation artifact.

Eight minutes later, they arrived outside the city. There were a lot of cultivators going in and out. Some even had a bloody smell on them, clearly coming back from killing spirit beasts.

As soon as they went in, Zhou Yushuang's master bid them farewell. He never planned on going back to North Far State. The West Cultivator City's spirit chi was extremely dense. It was the best option to cultivate here for them.

Yan Yan also came to bid farewell. They left behind a communication bead saying that after her brother recovered, they would come thank Ye Mo immediately.

Seeing no one was around, Tang Mengrao asked, "Ye Mo when are you going back to North Far State? I want to go back with you."

Ye Mo nodded, she would have to go with him or she would never get back to North Far State.

He had no pressure crossing Heartless Sea to North Far State now. He was disaster transformation state level six and had Blue Moon. He wasn't scared of truth realisation state either.

"Where do you want to go now? If it's not convenient, I can find a place to stay with Yue Chan. Just tell us when you leave," Tang Mengrao said.

Su Jingwen spoke, "It's fine sect leader Tang, we can stay together and help each other."

Tang Mengrao also wanted to followed Ye Mo. Hearing this, she immediately said, "That would be great! Sister Jingwen, just call me sister Tang now. We've gone through hardship together."

Su Jingwen held Ye Mo's arm and smiled. "Sure, sister Tang."

Ye Mo didn't really mind Tang Mengrao following. His attention was on the cultivators here, he found that cultivators from this city were very ferocious and had a killing chi on them. Clearly, this was a place of survival of the fittest.

"Let's go find a place to stay first. Then I'm going to check out Heaven 36 Domains," Ye Mo said.

"Hmm, Xing Cultivator Association, one of the three most famous places. Should we go have a look?" Yue Chan pointed at a black tower sign and asked.

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