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Geng Di stood up from the chair and irritably picked up the teacup on the table then slammed it against the man's head.

"Four people! Are you a group of fatheads? More than two hundred people had actually been beaten by four people? What use are you all for?" This was the biggest joke that Geng Di heard in history. Although the highest strength of this group of people under Qu Rui was only an Intermediate-level profession, their number of more than two hundred people would not be so devastated in the hands of four people.

"City... City Lord, I said it wrong...I said it wrong." The man pleaded to the ground, clutching his bleeding head.

"What did you say wrong?" Geng Di snorted.

“The other party...the other party did not have four people, but two people...and...and two Mythological Beasts.”

The word "Mythological Beasts" was like a flash of lightning that struck on Geng Di’s head, his eyes revealing a hint of astonishment.

"Mythological Beasts?"

"Ye... yes."


"Yes, it's two."

Geng Di’s face became unpleasant. Although some of the people sent by Long Xuan Empire had good strength, they were unable to gain a foothold under the suppression of their three-party forces, but this time the situation was obviously different. The appearance of two Mythological Beasts, such strength, people really dared not underestimate it.

Moreover, this new representative of the eastern region was indeed very bold. They only reached the Barren Land yet they already dared to blatantly clash with the people of other forces. He really did not know whether it was over-estimating one's capabilities or overconfidence.

"You give me a careful explanation. From the time they appeared until you came back here.  You will explain everything clearly." Geng Di realized that a person who could have two Mythological Beasts would be hard to deal with.

The man could only honestly tell everything that happened from when Shen Yanxiao and others appeared until they came back.

In fact, during the confrontation with Shen Yanxiao, the only one who was injured was Qu Rui. The other people died on their way back to the city.

At that time, when they fled from the mine, they didn't even think about getting the Huoyao in the tent.

So that on their way back, they were detected by the demons. They encountered a large number of demons and had been attacked, resulting in this heavy loss.

In the encounter with the demons, Qu Rui's condition had been almost well, but because of the battle against the demons, his physical strength was exhausted and he fainted.

Therefore, there was no direct relationship between the loss of the Lan Yue Dynasty and Shen Yanxiao.

Unfortunately, Geng Di did not think so.

"You mean that the other person is a small child? And it's a girl even?" Geng Di's mouth twitched. If he didn't know that his men did not dare to lie before him, he would really treat this as a big joke.


Geng Di’s face was cloudy and uncertain.

The Long Xuan Empire representatives in the eastern region were selected from the school tournaments. What’s the matter with this year? They actually sent a little girl into the Barren Land? Is it possible that they are trying to abandon the Barren Land and are throwing the resources away?

It was very strange no matter how Geng Di thought of it.

"What's her name?" Geng Di asked.

"She said, she's called Shen Yanxiao."

"Shen?" Geng Di narrowed his eyes. In Long Xuan Empire, there was only one family that could use this word as their surname.

"So she is originally from the Vermillion Bird Clan? No wonder she was so arrogant." Geng Di sat back in the chair and folded his legs together.

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