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Nevermind more than a hundred, even if you add another zero at the end, she would still dare to accept it all!


She was not afraid that it was too many, she was afraid that it would be too little!


Pressing down her inner joy, Shen Yanxiao strived to maintain a calm expression before turning to look at her comrades behind her.


She must be calm and not let them see her own delight. The plan to capture the demons was not known by them. She did not want to scare them away.


Be calm! Be calm!


Du Lang and others looked at Shen Yanxiao's calm but somewhat stiff face, and each of them lamented in their hearts.


Sure enough, even this heaven-defying little girl will show a bit of worry about the matter of rebuilding The Rising Sun City. What else can we expect?


For a time, all people in the entire team looked very sad, as if the next second, there would be a collective sacrifice. Their faces were full of despair.


Watching the spirits of the crowd dropped to the bottom, Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised.


She was sure that she had already calmed down her mood. Why did this group of people seem as if their parents had died? Not only they looked listless, all of them appeared solemn and sad.


Her face did not give her away, right?


Touching her chin, Shen Yanxiao had no idea that her direction of thinking was different from that of Du Lang and the others.


"Well, should we go in now?" Uncle Jiu cleared his throat. This was already the case and they had no way to return now.


"Enter, ah. Why not go in?" Shen Yanxiao said naturally.


The emotions of the people had fallen even more.


"..." I did not seem to say anything wrong, right?


“Let's enter! Now that we have accepted your task, we must go all out. We thank Little Xiao for taking care of our Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps during this time, and for giving us generous rewards so that our family does not have to worry about food and clothing anymore.” Du Lang took a deep breath and seemed to have made a great determination. He turned to the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps and said, “Brothers, we have never retreated once we have accepted a task. Now let's enter the city!"


The wind was bleak and the water was cold, but the warriors would never turn their backs.


Du Lang's voice and declaration carried a solemn atmosphere.


Shen Yanxiao listened speechlessly. She still had not figured out what the matter was when Uncle Jiu had taken the villagers over and patted her shoulders.


"We are thankful to Little Xiao. You have given these people a free and happy life. You let them see the wonderful world outside. Thank you." After that, Uncle Jiu took the villagers with the Cave Wolves mercenaries behind to enter The Rising Sun City.


"..." Why do I feel there's something wrong with this situation? Shen Yanxiao was baffled by Du Lang and Uncle Jiu's seemingly tragic words. She looked at those sad and solemn people's backs. She really did not know how to respond.


Her plan to put the demons in captivity should not have been discovered. And even if they happened to discover it, they didn't have to put on a posture of someone going to hell.


She really did not intend to turn them into demons' food!


"Sister?" Lan Fengli was not very clear about the situation. For him, the word demon was very strange.


Shen Yanxiao rubbed the corner of her eyebrows and felt that she had never used enough brain cells like right now.


"You've got a nice bunch of people." Fu Tu threw another unclear sentence and looked at Shen Yanxiao with a laugh before going straight to The Rising Sun City.


Shen Yanxiao was very confused as she watched the troops entered the city. She summoned Vermillion Bird out, called the two Phoenixes and Lan Fengli, then followed the crowd.



Intermittent chilly wind was blowing inside the rundown city of The Rising Sun, the large dark clouds still shrouded the sky above. The dilapidated city was covered in a dim light and the air in the city was even more turbid that even breathing became laborious.


A disgusting smell of rancid air drifted into the air, leaving people uncomfortable.


Just as they stepped into The Rising Sun City, Du Lang could already feel pairs of greedy eyes looking towards them through the ruins of the buildings.


The empty street was dusty and from far away, they could see two shadows approaching.


As the distance got closer, the two figures became even clearer.



Uncle Jiu: Who are they?

Du Lang: D-demons?

Vicious Wolf: M-maybe there are other people here??

Shen Yanxiao: It doesn't matter to me... fufufu

All: *looks at Shen Yanxiao* What do you mean?

Shen Yanxiao: Cough. I mean, until their description is narrated, don't panic.

All: ...... What are you even talking about?

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