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Indeed, it was just as what Shen Yanxiao said. Although the concerns of Uncle Jiu and Du Lang were reasonable, if they did what they said, the forces of the other three countries would still probably not allow them to succeed rebuilding a city.


Doing and not doing, the outcome was the same, then why bother to swallow their anger from the beginning?


Bullying the weak and fearing the strong was the natural disposition of humanity. If she did not do anything today and just helplessly watch the Lan Yue Dynasty plunder her resources, then in the future, this area would become the target of other forces.


However, Shen Yanxiao took an action today, and two Mythological Beasts on her side made a move. The existence of two Mythological Beasts was enough for the other three forces to weigh the situation first. Even if they want to touch her, they must first calculate each step. Otherwise, it would just be trying to gain an advantage only to end up much worse; their gains would not make up for their losses.


"What you just said is reasonable, it’s my vision which is too short-sighted." Uncle Jiu sighed a little. He was really old and useless nowadays.


Shen Yanxiao laughed, “Uncle Jiu and Big Brother Du have a lot of experience. I still need to rely on both of you in rebuilding the city in the future. I'm just a bit of an impetuous person, I don’t want sand entering my eyes. At worst someday, you will be the Lord inside while I'm the Lord in the surface, how about it?”


Shen Yanxiao’s words delighted Du Lang and Uncle Jiu. Shen Yanxiao’s bold yet careful style of conduct might be more suitable for this Barren Land.


"There is one thing, I think it's strange. The Lan Yue Dynasty's forces are in the south. Although they're just next to eastern region, coming from their city, there is still a certain distance. The Barren Land is full of demons. So how were they able to come here safely? We didn't see any strong and powerful fighters among them. How did they arrive safely on the way, and how did they make such a big hole to dig ores?” The Barren Land was an extremely large piece of land, even between the immediate areas, it would also take a long distance.


It was too difficult to advance in such a dangerous place without the protection of the strong and high-level magical beasts.


"This, I do not know. But since they chose to live in the Barren Land, they must have their own way of survival." Uncle Jiu looked for some ideas in his mind but still failed to find an accurate answer.


“What should we do with these things?” Du Lang walked to the side of the mine and looked at the cart of obsidian and those empty tents that had been left behind.


"Clean them up and take them away." As she was saying this, Shen Yanxiao handed an empty storage ring to Du Lang. Since they were so kind to help her mine these obsidians, she had no reason not to want them, right?


After that instruction, a group of people became busy outside the mine. Shen Yanxiao walked to the abandoned tents. There was still a pot of meat on the bonfire. It was clear that those people had just been full when they fled.


Shen Yanxiao instructed the villagers to search through these tents. She did not plan to let go of anything of value, she naturally had to retrieve them.


Several carts of obsidian were loaded into the ring. Most of the contents of the tent were food and tools. The food was distributed to other people. After the tool was loaded into the ring, Shen Yanxiao did not bother removing the tents.


A few moments later, Vicious Wolf came out of a tent carrying a sack that was as tall as half a person.


"I didn't find any other interesting things, but the thing in this sack, I didn't know what it is."


"Open it and let's see." Shen Yanxiao was not satisfied with today's harvest. As the son of a Marquis, how could Qu Rui not have more gold and silver jewelry?


Vicious Wolf opened the sack, and they couldn't tell what it was with the strange odor that drifted out of the sack.


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