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Though the Warlocks had long disappeared from people's sight many years ago, the rumors about the Warlocks had not diminished in the slightest. People in the venue might not have seen how the real Warlocks fight before, but they were knowledgeable enough to know that it was difficult for a Warlock to have a positive head-on confrontation with any other professions, and that for the Warlocks known for their controlling skills and curse techniques, Knight was an extremely troublesome profession.


As Yun Qi said before, although the Knights did not possess the blessings of the Priests that could remove curses, their tyrannical defense powers could intimidate the other highly explosives professions. A Knight with top-notch shield and spear, even if he just stood in place and was attacked by other professions for one hour, they feared that it would still be hard to bring him down.


Unless he was to encounter a Magician with a high level of magic and an extremely explosive power; Otherwise, no one could break the Knight's defense.


Yang Xi came from the Azure Dragon Clan, and the Azure Dragon Clan, well-known in forging division, had the most perfect armory in the entire Long Xuan Empire. Any weapon on Yang Xi was enough to make people drool.


In the previous matches, Yang Xi had shown an amazing strength that almost every scene still remained in people's minds.


One was the young lady of the Vermillion Bird Clan, the other was the Azure Dragon Clan's young master, the two people quite had a similar background.


As far as the family standing was concerned, the two people were tied.


Yang Xi stood inside the ring, the silver-white shield in his hand stood by his foot, his other hand holding a long spear.


Knight was the only one among all professions that could use two weapons at once.


A shield with strong defensive powers could withstand a certain amount of damage, and a long spear with a wide attack range could break their opponents' defense line.


Yang Xi's two weapons were not low-grade weapons. His spear was inlaid with the magic nucleus of a rank eight magical beast, the fire wolf. The spear which was decorated with the fire wolf magic nucleus would produce a certain burning effect in every attack. And his shield was embedded with a rank eight magic nucleus from the tortoise magical beast. This magic nucleus could raise the whole shield's defense a few levels, that even in the face of high-level magical attacks, it would be hard to take down.


Compared to the two extremely powerful weapons in Yang Xi's hands, Shen Yanxiao's hands were empty.


Warlock was the only one among the seven professions who did not need any weapons.


Every curse techniques of the Warlocks relied on a pair of hand seals. Apart from this, there was no other recourse.


So a high-level magic nucleus had little value for the Warlocks.


For the battle between the two professions which had the most and the least weapons among the seven, everyone stood by and sharpened their vigilance.


However, almost no one would believe that the Warlock, known for its sinister name, could overcome the Knight who was known for his defensive power in such a magnanimous ring.


So much so that, everyone was waiting to see Shen Yanxiao become a joke. The Warlocks, who had not appeared in the past century, had already fallen into the bottom of people's hearts with the torrent of history. No one wanted to see the victory of the Warlocks, nor did they want to believe that Warlocks might win.


Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi stood opposite each other atop the ring.


The noise of the surroundings had already been isolated by the two people.


"I didn't think I will be the first one to go against you." Yang Xi felt it was a little funny. It was not because of other people’s discussion about their profession. But because he had thought that the one this little girl might confront first, if not Tang Nazhi then it would be Qi Xia. Never did he expect it to be himself.


"It's all the same no matter who I fight first." Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders. Her goal was the school tournament championship. Sooner or later, the four animals would be beaten one after another.


"I will not lose this game on purpose." Yang Xi laughed.


"Give me all you've got!" Shen Yanxiao smiled full of confidence.

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