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The Killing God with the strength of the fused seven races wanted to go up in the ring?

Big killings in every direction, blood flowing like a stream; at last, a bloody battle and a bright red saying[1] hovered in Shen Yanxiao's mind.

[1] The bright red saying/idiom she was talking about is the idiom (blood flowing like a stream)

She believed at that time, she would not be the champion of the school tournament, but the object of a hunt of the entire Long Xuan Empire!

"No need, I should go by myself." Shen Yanxiao said very seriously.

Vermillion Bird and Lan Fengli were quite well-behaved, still, the side of the four people was drawing a lot of attention.

Shen Yanxiao and Yun Qi were dressed quite modestly, but Vermillion Bird and Lan Fengli looked very outstanding. Shen Yanxiao originally intended to make these two little guys wear face-changing masks as well, but Vermillion Bird extremely refused the idea while Lan Fengli directly looked at her with tearful eyes after seeing the mask on her hand; biting his lips, he was about to reach out for the mask albeit feeling wronged. Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao did not give it in the end.

She simply let them both appeared with the native color.

The delicate and lovely Vermillion Bird, the handsome and charming Lan Fengli, coupled with the endless adorable small Phoenix; the emergence of these three adorably stupid creatures almost killed all the living females around.

Pairs of burning eyes gazed at the three of them from head to toe. If not for the presence of the elderly Yun Qi, those women would probably have long pounced on them and ravaged them a hundred of times!

More and more people arrived at the venue. Soon, every direction had been filled with a lot of people.

A moment later, the bells signaling the start of the school tournament echoed, and the clamorous venue instantly became silent that neither a crow or sparrow could be heard[2].

[2] use to describe perfect silence

A robe-clad old man walked to the center of the huge hall. Looking around at the quiet crowd, the old man said, "The school tournament of Long Xuan Empire is about to start. In the next few days, all the elite talents from across the country will be fiercely fighting here for themselves and their school's reputation. You are not going to carry your personal honor, but rather the honor of the entire school behind you. After the start of the tournament, the competition area for each profession will hold 10 matches at the same time. This is the preliminary round, the survival of the fittest, the winner will advance, and the loser will be directly eliminated. There will be six preliminary rounds. The top five players of each profession will eventually be selected to enter the semi-finals, and in the semi-finals, the best of each profession will be chosen to participate in the finals.

Six professions, six preliminaries, three hundred and sixty battles to get the ticket to the finals.

This was how fierce the tournament was. Everyone in the venue held their breath, and at this moment they were expecting— expecting to see a wonderful battle to be staged early.

"That is all. Now, please let's invite the players from all of the schools to enter the ring for draw lots. There will be two preliminary rounds for today; one in the morning and another in the afternoon. You will know according to the number you have picked if you are going on a match today, for those players who aren't scheduled to fight for today, you may leave the venue for the time being if you wish. " The old man unhurriedly finished his speech while making an inviting gesture; after then, he exited the ring.

The next moment, students from more than 300 schools across the country marched orderly into the venue, proceeded to their respective area, and drew their own number plates.

Shen Yanxiao, propping up her chin, swept her gazed over that crowd. In the midst of that many people, she found four familiar figures.

Qi Xia leisurely stood in the ring on the Magician area, his half-squinted eyes showing his lazy demeanor.

On the Priest area, Yan Yu was quietly waiting for his turn; his pale face had a hint of indifference as if he was not about to fight with others.

At the side of Knight area, Yang Xi was folding his arms across his chest, his tall and slender figure was standing out among a crowd of students.

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