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In the main palace of the Sun Temple, Shen Yanxiao sat cross-legged on the ground, holding the Demon Spirit, the Inflammation Grass, and the Skeleton Flower, these three plants in her hands.

The day and the night couldn't be distinguished by the light-congealing crystals that hung high at the ceiling of the palace.

Shen Yanxiao did not know how long had they been here. Every day, aside from when she was taking a bite or two on the food she had prepared in her storage ring, she had been maintaining the same posture even in her sleep, constantly transferring her dou qi and magic to the three plants.

This constant transfer exhausted her dou qi and magic for who knows how many times. If not because she had a dual-cultivation and could alternate her dou qi and magic, she probably had long been unable to support it.

Initially, she was annoyed and irritable, but when she realized that all the negative emotions could not change the situation, she calmed down.

With the unshakable plant cultivation every day, she could see the plume of darkness pouring into her own body and she could feel that all this was being swallowed up by Xiu, and she had almost become numb to everything else.

A few days ago, all of her food had been eaten. These days, Shen Yanxiao had been consuming potions, and when she was really hungry, she would gnaw at the precious medicinal herbs she had collected before in her storage ring. Although the taste was not that good, at least, she would not starve to death.

She could indeed not get hungry for some time if she would rely on her dou qi and magic, but in order to restore Xiu's power as soon as possible, she used all her dou qi and magic to cultivate the three plants.

Exhausting them again and again, alternately.

But although they were being exhausted, it was not without merit.

After the dou qi and magic had been completely exhausted, they would be further enhanced. Although she still could not unlock the next layer of the seal and could not ascend to the next level, both her magic and dou qi became purer than before.

Shen Yanxiao's eyes were closed, her heart had never been this calm before.

Feeling the dou qi from her meridians pouring towards the three plants on her palms, she could almost feel the speed as the dou qi flowed through her meridians.

'Little Xiao.' the cold voice echoed in Shen Yanxiao's mind.

Shen Yanxiao impressively opened her eyes, it was the first time Xiu had ever call her name, it felt...

Very subtle.

"What's the matter?" Shen Yanxiao calmly opened her mouth. If it was the first few days, perhaps she went out of control at once, but now she had no temper to flare up.

As if this quiet and dullness had worn down her violent temper.

'It's good. '

"Ah?" Shen Yanxiao hadn't reacted to it yet.

'My strength has been restored a lot, I can now break the magic array. '

"... ..." Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes.

The next second, she jumped directly from the ground and stuffed the three plants into the storage ring.

"Finally, that’s great!" Her calmness was just like a fleeting cloud in the horizon. Xiu's news really made Shen Yanxiao extremely happy that she had almost cried.

'However, I have one thing to ask you.'

"What is it?" Thinking that she finally no longer have to eat a medicinal herb like a rabbit, Shen Yanxiao secretly wiped her bitter tears.

'The light elements in the main palace of the Sun Temple's is plentiful, and the Seven Star Locking Moon is a little easier to unlock here. My strength now is enough to unlock the next layer of the seal on you, do you want to unlock the next layer of the seal here? ' Xiu rationally put forward his own opinions.

"Unlock the next layer of the seal?" Shen Yanxiao hesitated, the Seven Star Locking Moon seal was the thing that gave her trouble the most. Everything she was doing was to solve this very seal.

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