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"How does that Old Jiu guarding the entrance! Actually letting people enter the Sun Graveyard, I have long felt that he has some unstable mood these years, now he can't even deal with this task, really..."


"Well, now is not the time for nonsense. When the experiment is at the critical time, no mistake can be made. You lot go up and see who broke in, and quickly get rid of them, don't delay our progress." A seemingly very weighty black-robed old man berated the other man for his argument.


"Yes." The others immediately shut their mouths, and three of them headed to the stairs leading to the ground as they were told by the old man.


However, when they came to the ground, everything in sight made them dumbfounded.


More than ten fire dragons hovered at the top of their heads, and the mixture of the three elements in the air caused a powerful shock wave. The three people who had just appeared were nearly hit and suffered some internal injuries.


"Why are there so many fire elements!?"


The three people standing on the trembling ground quickly urged up the dou qi and magic from their bodies to form a protective layer.


They looked up at the sky, and in the sky above where the fire dragons were circling about, a fiery little figure impressively stood.


The three black-robed men stared speechlessly at Vermillion Bird in mid-air. Just where did this kid pop up from, he actually could stand motionless in the air?


"Who is this kid?" One of them wondered.


"Are you sure he's human?" The other watched as Vermillion Bird summoned two fire dragons again from his hand, and his eyes that were hidden under the brim almost popped out.


"Then what is he?"


"Magical beast... or more precisely, a Mythological Beast..."


"Why would a Mythological Beast come here!!!"


The three black-robed men wanted to cry. They originally came out holding the flag to knock down the intruders, but who would have thought that the one who invaded the Sun Graveyard would actually be a Mythological Beast!


How could a legendary existence run to such a desolate place where birds don't poop and lay eggs?


The three people exchanged glances with themselves, they could see a bitter look in each other's eyes.


What was there to even fight ah!


The bitter Shen Yanxiao unknowingly brought about the bitterness of Vermillion Bird, and being enraged by his unscrupulous master, Vermilion Bird made a group of people from the underground to become bitter as well.


However, the effects of Shen Yanxiao's bitterness did not stopped on that......


As time went by, a month's time had passed in the blink of an eye.


The three animals who had been squatting in Holy Roland School had waited for one month and had not seen anyone return, each of them had produced a trace of doubt.


But given that someone had also traveled for a month before, the three animals did not think too much about it.


Time passed by yet again and the Long Xuan Empire's school tournament was now only one week away.


The three animals were now completely unable to sit still.


"Why hasn't Little Xiao come back yet? The school tryouts are about to begin. If she will still not come back, she will miss the Archer Branch and Pharmaceutical Branch tryouts!" Yan Yu sat in the casino lounge at the back hall with a frown.


Before the school tournament, all branches of Holy Roland School would hold a branch tryouts. Each branch was to elect the best student, and on behalf of their own branch and Holy Roland School, that student would participate in the national competition.


These tryouts had nothing to do with the students' previous rankings. All those who were confident could participate in the process of selecting the best one, and then get the qualifications to participate in the school tournament.


Qi Xia, Yan Yu, Yang Xi would participate in these tryouts. For their own match, the three people weren't a bit worried. The only thing they were worried about right now was that the little guy who ran around everywhere could not come back before the tryouts!

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