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Shen Yanxiao had chosen all the herbs she needed and went back to the refining table to concoct the antidote.


While Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had just put their hands down. The complacent smile on the faces of the two men changed into a doubtful expression at a very slow speed.


That picture was simply a hundredfold slow motion, and it was such a strange sight.


Compared to the two people's strangely slow movements, Shen Yanxiao’s deft hands had already dealt with all the herbs neatly.


Pu Lisi had been suffering internal injuries from anger. He was very clear about Shen Yanxiao’s plan, but because of Ye Qing’s presence, he could not ignore the principle of fairness and just stop the match.


The spectators had already begun to talk about the strange situation of Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan. A few discerning students already guessed what potion the two had drunk. But they were still very curious. They were familiar with Slow-acting Potion, but they didn’t know that its effect could actually be so strong.


It could actually turn a cheetah directly into a snail which was simply painful to watch!


"Is that really a Slow-acting Potion? I've seen Slow-acting Potions before, and its effect was not so bad like that at all," a Holy Roland School’s student could not help but mutter.


"Ghosts know what's going on, but it's so cool! I’d like to see how that group of self-important bastards from Yeats Academy would win this match now!"


"What Senior Pharmacist! He still suffered in the hands of a freshman in our branch in the end."


A group of students from Holy Roland School took the opportunity to strike down the Yeats Academy’s momentum. They seemed to have completely failed to notice that one of the two "snails" was once their top student.


The students at Yeats Academy heard the mockery of Holy Roland School’s students, and their expression turned very ugly as they looked at one other. They said with dissatisfaction:


"What a dirty trick! Isn’t this unfair? This kid is obviously cheating. He actually used Slow-acting Potions, such despicable negative potion, to participate in the match. It is simply shameless." They absolutely didn’t believe that Luo Fan would suffer at the hands of a freshman kid. All of this was because some scumbag used some clever tricks!


Luo Fan was a victim!


"You actually have the nerve to say that? Really makes me want to laugh at your face. Shen Jue is against two people in this match, and even if we think with our toes, we can guess that the potions that Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had concocted will not be good things. And you still have the nerve to say that Shen Jue is cheating? Why didn’t you complain that this competition is unfair in the beginning? With a Senior Pharmacist and an Intermediate Pharmacist actually ganging up against a freshman kid, you still have the cheek to say that! " Holy Roland School’s students resolutely jumped out to defend Shen Yanxiao from the injustice she was receiving.


After being suppressed by Yeats Academy for so long, they finally saw the dawn of victory, so how could they not get excited.


"Nonsense, he’s just some freshman brat!" Yeats Academy’s students started shouting.


"What's wrong about a freshman? Our Shen Jue is at least kind-hearted. Luo Fan’s and Shangguan Xiao’s potions looked very damaging, but our Shen Jue only used a Slow-acting Potion which causes no harm to the human body. From this perspective, you will know who really are the shameless ones!"


For a short while, the students from two academies cursed at one another. Holy Roland School’s students yelled at the students from Yeats Academy who were unable to yell back because of the former’s advantage in number.



Pu Lisi’s complexion was extremely unsightly.


He was completely puzzled. He had a definite idea before about the potion Shen Yanxiao would be concocting, and it wasn’t the Slow-acting Potion that she had just concocted. Although several of the herbs used by Shen Yanxiao were herbs needed for Slow-acting Potions, majority of those herbs were still used in other potions.


How exactly did she combine these medicinal herbs to make such a heaven-defying Slow-acting Potion?


Pu Lisi already abandoned all hopes about Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan’s victory. He could only be secretly thankful that Shen Yanxiao had only used a Slow-acting Potion. Although Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan would be defeated this time, he was now the Pharmaceutical Branch Honorary Head, and he had a lot of time to plan again. Why would he be afraid that he wouldn’t find another chance to deal with such a kid?



Pu Lisi: You Fool! Foolish disciple!

Shangguan Xiao: Why me!? Why only me?!

Luo Fan: Kek. Who told you to suck at rock, paper, scissors game.

Shangguan Xiao: Why didn't they put a gif with two guys being kicked instead!

Sky: Shuttap cannon fodder #1! 

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