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Once he intervened, not to mention that his reputation would be badly affected, even Shen Jue would lose the chances to gain a foothold in the Pharmaceutical field.


He could ignore his reputation, but he still had to consider Shen Jue’s future.


"Let's take a look first.” Ye Qing was also quite helpless. Though he believed in Shen Yanxiao’s talent, he couldn’t help but be unsettled about her drinking such sinister negative potions.


He secretly decided that if Shen Jue really couldn’t bear the damage, even if he had to sacrifice his hundred years’ reputation that he painfully built, he would definitely save the child. The important thing was that he could continue to live healthy and have a better future.


Pu Lisi sneered the moment that Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan finished their concoction. He knew that at that moment, Shen Jue was at his dead end. No matter what negative potion he concocted, he would still have to say goodbye to his life as a Pharmacist.


This was the price to be paid for insulting a Master Pharmacist!


Ten minutes later, Shen Yanxiao finally completed her own potion. It was a bottle of potion with light pink liquid; the way the pure lipid liquid was sparkling inside the crystal bottle was beautiful. She had divided the liquid into two and put it in two different crystal bottles.


No one knew what Shen Yanxiao’s negative potion was and even Ye Qing who was well informed in potions didn’t have any idea what it was.


When Shen Yanxiao took the two crystal bottles of potions and left her refining table, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan looked maliciously at her.


"The three potions have been completed. Now let’s move on to the crucial point of this competition.” Luo Fan raised his lips, eagerly staring at Shen Yanxiao. He didn’t believe that an intermediate level potion would be more potent than the negative potion Pu Lisi had personally taught them!


He also didn’t believe that Shen Yanxiao’s concocted potion would cause him any trouble.


"That's right." Shen Yanxiao smiled and put her potion on the table.


Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan also put their own potion on the table. The real test had only began.


"Well then, if you may." Luo Fan eyes flickered as a nasty smile was plastered on his face, urging Shen Yanxiao towards the path of her destruction.


Shen Yanxiao didn’t hesitate to go forward and pick up the bottle of Concealed Poisonous Potion. Her eyes didn’t even blink as she directly drank it all down.


The moment she started drinking, Shangguan Xiao face’s had an insane smile.


And without even stopping, Shen Yanxiao also picked up the Chaos Potion and drank it as well.


After taking two bottles of negative potions, a huge pain instantly enveloped Shen Yanxiao's body. She could clearly feel that her five senses were gradually declining, her line of sight became fuzzy, her nose couldn’t smell any odor, the sound she was hearing from her ear slowly weakened, and her body gradually became weary.


Cold sweat constantly came out from Shen Yanxiao's forehead and her breath became rapid.


The effects of the Concealed Poisonous Potion and Chaos Potion appeared.


Looking at the becoming sorry figure of Shen Jue, Shangguan Xiao simply wanted to laugh out loud. He knew that this kid was already done for!


Luo Fan also had a proud look.


Shen Yanxiao endured the tremendous pain, and while gritting her teeth said, "You guys next."


"Good." Luo Fan strode forward, a despicable smile covered his face as he looked pleasurably at Shen Yanxiao’s embarrassing sorry figure while picking up the bottle of pale pink potion and drank it down.


Shangguan Xiao also did not hesitate and quickly drank the bottle of potion that seemed harmless.

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