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There were some people whom they couldn’t touch!

The Phoenixes became timid. From birth to present, this was the first time they had produced a hint of timid mentality.

Xiu was quietly suspended in the air without any trace of action. The two Phoenixes also didn't dare to make the slightest move.

Shen Yanxiao's situation at this time could only be said to be very bad. Her chest was in great pain that it almost made her think that her chest had been torn apart.

Cold sweat kept seeping out from her forehead.

Xiu seemed to detect Shen Yanxiao's discomfort. He didn't pay any attention to the two petrified Phoenixes and just went directly beside Shen Yanxiao. He stretched out his hand to hug up Shen Yanxiao who almost lay down on the ground.

Though it was said to be a hug, Shen Yanxiao didn't actually feel Xiu's skin and she could only feel an invisible force hold her up. There wasn't any temperature or tactile sensation.

"Endure for a while." Xiu looked down at the cold sweat running straight down on Shen Yanxiao. He was very clear about the reason why Shen Yanxiao was like this right now.

When he came out, he deliberately didn't suppress his own strength to intimidate the two Phoenixes. Although he wasn't as powerful as before, the pressure his strength produced was still definitely not something Shen Yanxiao could withstand. Moreover, he had forced his spirit to rush out of her body which was barely enough to condense an image. Not only did this consume his own spiritual power, this approach would also certainly hurt Shen Yanxiao's body because he was also residing in her body now.

But with the situation, if he didn't come out, he was afraid that this little guy and Vermillion Bird would be cleaned up by the two Phoenixes.

Xiu's voice was still cold like snow, but this was the first time Shen Yanxiao actually heard his voice beside her ears. This current feeling and the spiritual transmission weren’t the same at all. This felt so real.

As if he had stuck close to her ear and whispered.

Shen Yanxiao clenched her teeth and didn't say anything. Right now, she had no strength to answer Xiu's words.

Xiu held Shen Yanxiao and faintly looked at the two Phoenixes. His thin lips lightly opened and said, "Thousand year Mythological Beasts, if you want to fight, I will fight."

Xiu's voice was very gentle and quite indifferent, but it made people feel a chill creep into their hearts.

The two Phoenixes were even more frightened. Where could they get the courage to really fight against Xiu?

In the face of Vermillion Bird, they could fight for the sake of their child because they could also estimate his strength.

But they had no idea how strong was the man before them in the end. The two of them unexpectedly couldn't estimate his strength. Also, the moment Xiu had appeared, they had perceived the changes in the whole Mount Ku Luo. Such a strong imposing aura was not something they, the Mythological Beasts, could compare to!

The two Phoenixes dared not move. Xiu also didn't take any further action. The atmosphere on the top of the mountain was in a deadlock.

And this situation made the magical beasts and human beings in Mount Ku Luo suffer. Xiu's imposing aura even made the two Phoenixes change colors, so what more for those ordinary people and magical beasts. The violent pressure in the air continued, and the strength of many of them had already escaped their bodies. Even Du Lang and others with high-level professions were weakly sitting on the ground.

They didn't know what was exactly happening in the mountains. Such a strange situation. Even the battle of the three Mythological Beasts just a moment ago wasn't this terrible.

The seven wolves had been panting on the ground. Du Lang's situation wasn't so good either.

And those people in black who wanted to sneak into the Phoenix's nest had been stunned by this alarming pressure.


With great difficulty, they were able to escape from reincarnating and manage to get together again just a moment ago. They hadn’t had time to analyze where they got things wrong when an invisible form forced them to be nailed in their place.

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