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However, no amount of remorse could save the present situation. The Phoenix's fury burned all that it could see, and a large number of mercenaries and magical beasts that hadn’t made their escape yet were burnt into ashes by the flames. Those mercenary heads were on the run all the way, helplessly watching their own hard-trained mercenaries turn into ashes in the blink of an eye. They were extremely grieving, and in their hearts, they had already killed the employers’ eighteen generations!


Flames, heat waves, and endless wailings had enveloped the hilltop of Mount Ku Luo.


Shen Yanxiao, who was hidden in the shadows, was shocked at the ashes caused by the Phoenix’s might.


Was this the power of Mythological Beasts?


Although she knew that Vermillion Bird was strong, she had never seen the Mythological Beast’s strength in person. The Phoenix before her and Vermillion Bird almost had the same strength. Such formidable strength. Then, did Vermillion Bird’s strength also work as so?


Shen Yanxiao found it difficult to associate this Phoenix who had swept over thousands of troops to that little guy who was proud all day long.


While shocked, Shen Yanxiao was also secretly grieving.


Because before the advent of the Phoenix, a part of sea of fire had already burned the few Inflammation Grasses in front of the Phoenix’s nest.


She looked on helplessly at the Inflammation Grasses, and Shen Yanxiao's heart really ached when the 'about to succeed in obtaining it' turned into a 'must obtain it' situation!!!


“Fight if you want to fight, but why do you need to put so much damage on the attack? My Inflammation Grass!!!" Shen Yanxiao clutched her chest while secretly spitting up blood.


However, Xiu didn’t pursue the problem of the Inflammation Grass because the moment the Phoenix appeared, he perceived a trace of strangeness.


'A Phoenix’s nest cannot have so few Inflammation Grasses, you do not need to feel bad. But this Phoenix’s way of doing things today is actually somewhat strange.'


"Strange? What is strange about that?" Hearing that there might still be some Inflammation Grasses, Shen Yanxiao immediately swallowed back the blood that welled up inside her throat.


‘Although the Phoenix is a Mythological Beast, and its temperament is arrogant, it seldom takes the initiative to kill. Even though these people alarmed the Phoenix just now, according to the past habits of the Phoenix, there should not be such bloody killings.' Xiu had seen the scene of the Phoenix killing all the way through Shen Yanxiao, and he deeply felt that something was wrong.


‘Furthermore, before entering Mount Ku Luo, the Vermillion Bird and I have felt that the fire elements here are abundant and far stronger than the Lava Valley’s. But the strength of that Phoenix is slightly weaker than the Vermillion Bird, so it’s absolutely impossible for it to exude such surging fire elements. I always feel that there are still some other things here in Mount Ku Luo. For the time being, you should not act rashly. Just take a look first and let’s discuss again later. ' Xiu needed to tell Shen Yanxiao in case she planned on running rashly into the Phoenix’s nest after hearing the news of the Inflammation Grass.


"Did you say this Phoenix is weaker than Vermillion Bird?" Shen Yanxiao caught a point.


'Generally, they are almost about the same. But if they were really to face each other in battle, Vermillion Bird has more chances of winning. Although the Phoenix is a magical beast, it’s more like a spiritual beast, and in battle, it naturally can’t be compared with the Vermillion Bird who is one of the ancient five beasts.’ No matter how much hostility Vermillion Bird had towards Xiu, Xiu’s evaluation of Vermillion Bird was still very fair.


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow. She did not think that Vermillion Bird, that little demon, was so intrepid. It seemed that she had really underestimated him.


Shen Yanxiao couldn't be blamed that she didn't face up to the great strength of Vermillion Bird. She had only been reborn for less than half a year, and there were still a lot of things in this world she wasn't clear about. She just treated the magical beasts as beasts with magical attack powers subconsciously, but she had never thought they could be so tyrannical.


It had to be said that in such a short period of time, the information Shen Yanxiao had accepted in this different life was still very limited.




So much so that even the rest of the world, except those whom she cared about, were just like fleeting clouds in her mind, with their value being worthless.


Vermillion Bird, who was squatting inside Shen Yanxiao’s body, seemed to feel Shen Yanxiao’s inner fluctuations. In the heart lake, he appeared to be quite proud as he folded his arms on his chest and secretly muttered, ‘Now that she knows that I’m amazing, let’s see if she will still dare to underestimate me again?’


When Shen Yanxiao secretly had a further understanding of magical beasts, there was also further movements from those ten people in black hidden in the jungle.



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