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All the way forward, although there weren’t many experts in this team comprised of thousands of people, the number of their victories was quite solid. Apart from having encountered two low-level magical beasts in the woods, their journey could be said to be smooth. If it was only a team of a hundred people, perhaps the magical beasts and demons might still have little thoughts of making a move, but their team of thousands of people looked really large. Therefore, after discovering such a large-scale team, all the mid-level magical beasts and middle demons did not dare to act rashly.


Those few low-level magical beasts that didn’t know the danger and whose levels weren’t high, had been encircled and suppressed by this large army in the blink of an eye.


The magic nucleus were received by the mercenary corps who had destroyed them.


Prior to entering Mount Ku Luo, all the mercenary heads had been holding their own death-defying heart, but when they came in, they found that the horror in here was far less than what they had imagined, so their hearts which were hanging in mid-air finally fell down. If not for fear of delaying their progress, they probably would have had already gone into the forest to kill a lot of magical beasts to obtain magic nucleus.


Their whole way was unobstructed, causing all the mercenary corps to put down their vigilance. When the dim light of the night gradually shrouded the surroundings, they finally stopped halfway up the mountain and began to groom themselves.


Shen Yanxiao was sitting on the edge of the campfire while watching the burning flame, but her thoughts had drifted to the forest.


Their way was too smooth. It was so smooth that it let her feel a little strange. Although mid level magical beasts and middle demons could recognize that these people were a hard nut to come by, but those low-level magical beasts and lower demons shouldn’t have such perception. Along the way, aside from the two low-level magical beasts they had initially encountered, they actually did not even see a ghost’s shadow.


Although Shen Yanxiao had never been to Mount Ku Luo before, she was able to guess the danger of Mount Ku Luo from the annihilation of the mercenary corps that Du Lang had told her before.


This whole journey was really easy, so it made people uncomfortable. She felt that the absence of magical beasts and demons wasn’t a good thing, but a bad thing rather .


The danger that existed in front of them was terrible, but the deadliest ones were those hidden in the darkness.


Shen Yanxiao had to say that these mercenary corps’ heads were really too relaxed. During their rest, several mercenary corps had actually thoughtlessly permitted a group of their men to leave the camp and walk toward the depths of the jungle.


Looking at their faces, they were obviously interested in the magic nucleus of the low level magical beasts.


Not having encountered any danger of encountering any demons along the way, made this group of mercenaries have a false cognition of Mount Ku Luo. They began to feel that the terrible rumor didn’t occur here and that the destruction of that mercenary corps from before was definitely because of other reasons. The rumors just became worse as it was passed from one mouth to another.


The two low-level magical beasts they had encountered before weren’t really dangerous, making some mercenary corps’ heads not only relieved, but also greedy.


Anyway, their task this time was the Phoenix, and the Phoenix's shadow hadn’t appeared yet. This evening, everyone was resting, so why shouldn’t they use this time to earn extra money since there was no such terrible thing here as what the rumors said about Mount Ku Luo.


Every greedy person shared a common mentality.


That was, this Mount Ku Luo was actually not that terrible. Even a mid-level magical beast hadn’t appeared yet. Hunting low-level magical beasts was a good opportunity to make money, and even if they did encounter a real danger, and they couldn’t beat the other party, couldn’t they still run away?

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