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Chapter 324 - The Benefits of Victory (2)

"Alright, I’ll stop teasing you. You must first find out where the magic array is located, then I can help you solve this problem."

He should tease moderately. If he overdoes it, the cat would brandish its claws and scratch people.

In the afternoon, Shen Yanxiao was supposed to go to the Archer Branch. However, since all branches had their competitions today, the Archer Branch naturally had its own too, and it would be held in the afternoon. Shen Yanxiao didn’t sign up and naturally didn’t have to go there. She would just take this time to go to the Pharmaceutical Storehouse and receive the reward.

[TL Razpyon: Kek, the top of the Archer Branch was lucky this time. Lol.]

At noon, the news about Shen Yanxiao defeating hundreds of seniors, as well as beating Shangguan Xiao, had soon spread throughout the Pharmaceutical Branch’s different classes. Those that didn’t go to watch the competition had a shock expression after they heard the news.

They weren’t able to understand how had Shangguan Xiao been defeated.

They felt extremely regretful in their hearts that they didn’t go to watch the entire competition.

The news had also spread to the mentors quickly. Lou De didn’t go to the competition because of an incident in the morning. After hearing the news, the smile on his face couldn’t be covered up.

What a good boy ah. As expected of someone who had caught his fancy. It didn’t take long for him to beat Shangguan Xiao.

Shangguan Xiao's first defeat and Shen Yanxiao’s debut for the first time set off a burst of discussion in the whole Pharmaceutical Branch.

Everyone was talking about how the Pharmaceutical Branch’s top student’s title should be handed over.

Ye Qing, who had been living in the library for a long time, heard the news of Shen Yanxiao’s victory from Lou De. When he heard that Shen Yanxiao actually concocted the Fake Death Potion, his gentle face couldn’t help but reveal a hint of surprise.

"Master Ye, thanks to your teaching, Shen Jue, this kid will grow so quickly." Lou De started to say excitedly. It had been just a few days since he sent Shen Yanxiao to the library, but the kid had actually let Shangguan Xiao eat a defeat. It was just too unbelievable.

Ye Qing chuckled, then explained, "I didn’t teach him anything. He comes to my side, simply to assist me with my work, nothing more."

Lou De smiled and said, "Master Ye, you don’t need to be modest. Being able to assist you, how many people would want that blessing? And you even taught your newly developed Fake Death Potion to that child. If not for this, then I'm afraid that it would have been difficult for Shen Jue, that kid, to find an intermediate level potion that can compete with the Deep Magic Potion.”

The Deep Magic Potion had always been at the top of the intermediate level potions. If not, Shangguan Xiao wouldn’t have been so confident, and Pu Lisi wouldn’t have gone to the competition expecting to watch a good show.

However, Shen Yanxiao's Fake Death Potion had completely overshadowed the limelight of the Deep Magic Potion. Apart from Ye Qing, he was afraid that it was simply impossible for other pharmacists to create such strong potion.

Ye Qing shook his head and said, "I’m not being modest, I really didn’t give the formula of Fake Death Potion to Shen Jue."

It was just a week since Shen Yanxiao had been in Ye Qing’s side. Ye Qing was mostly just observing her talent and would occasionally give her some pointers. However, he hadn’t started the real teaching yet.

Lou De was shocked.

"You didn’t teach him? But he did make a Fake Death Potion." Ye Qing wasn’t a person who would lie, so Lou De believed that what Ye Qing said was true.

Ye Qing smiled and said, "When he was here, I had concocted a few bottles of Fake Death Potion. When he was just standing on the side to help me deal with some herbs, perhaps he was carefully memorizing the steps while I was concocting the potion. Maybe that’s how he was able to make it. "

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