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Chapter 293 - Registration (1)

Everyone knew that Shangguan Xiao was Pharmaceutical Branch’s top student. Even if he didn’t come to compete, no one would question his strength.

According to what Shangguan Xiao's roommate had said, Shangguan Xiao had passed several Master Pharmacists’ test in the library one month ago. And he successfully became Master Pu Lisi's only assistant.

On the surface, he was an assistant. But, deep in their hearts, they were very clear that this was just a disguised.

Shangguan Xiao had already been extremely superior. And now, he even received the Master’s guidance. They have no hope what so ever.

"Better spare myself from worrying over the competition. Instead, getting second place is also pretty good."

As long as Shangguan Xiao appeared, everyone knew that they had to say goodbye to first place.

Although first place could go to Holy Roland School's Pharmaceutical Storehouse to pick a rare medicinal herb, they were not stupid to think that they could be Shangguan Xiao's opponent.

"This month's reward, Shangguan Xiao will also receive it."

"Ah, if only there is a master who could also fancy me." Everyone looked at Shangguan Xiao who came out of the library, they knew he must had just left Master Pu Lisi's side.

Master Pharmacists’ aura was so sacred to these students, that the future of Shangguan Xiao, who have the guidance of a Master Pharmacist, was simply unlimited.

"Just you? Come on. Dean Ouyang had brought many gifted students to meet several masters, who were disgraced because they were driven back. In the entire Pharmaceutical Branch, only Shangguan Xiao had been recognized by a master. What kind of people do you think would be liked by a master? Those who have innate skills! Do you not understand?"

A group of students was looking enviously at the appearance of Shangguan Xiao. No one had noticed at all that after the crowd, Tang Nazhi was curling the corner of his mouth into a nasty smile, he said:

"A single Pu Lisi can make them think so highly of Shangguan Xiao, if they knew that your master is Ye Qing, they would go crazy." As early as when Shen Yanxiao received Ye Qing's favor, she shared the news with her four Phantom partners, all whom were shocked and amazed at her opportunities.

Although Pu Lisi was a Master Pharmacist, he was still nothing compared to Ye Qing.

Tang Nazhi looked at the group of idiot students who looked up to Shangguan Xiao, it was very laughable.

Tang Nazhi crossed his arms on his chest, tilting his head to face an unperturbed Shen Yanxiao, he asked: "In other words, except from Lou De and us, no one knows that you are Ye Qing's disciple?"

"No. There are two other people who knows." Shen Yanxiao suddenly remembered something.

"Who?" Tang Nazhi asked.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Shangguan Xiao and unhurriedly said: "Shangguan Xiao and Pu Lisi."

"Ah? How did they know that?" Although Tang Nazhi knew the matter of Ye Qing taking a liking to Shen Yanxiao, Shen Yanxiao didn't actually mentioned what exactly happened.

Shen Yanxiao concisely told Tang Nazhi what had happened that day, and one didn't have to mention how scary Tang Nazhi's expression was right now.

"You refused Pu Lisi's invitation..." Tang Nazhi exclaimed.

Shen Yanxiao hastily covered his mouth.

"Sigh... I was just a little shocked, a little shocked." Tang Nazhi laughed and pulled down Shen Yanxiao's small hand.

Pu Lisi might not be as lofty as Ye Qing, but he was still a genuine Master Pharmacist, ah!

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