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Chapter 270 - Breath Concealing Potion (2)

"Just him? Don’t joke around. Even our class’ Shangguan Xiao, with his talent, still needed a whole week to concoct the Breath Concealing Potion before he could make the finished product. If that juvenile can really learn how to concoct a Breath Concealing Potion by only seeing the process once, then I’ll immediately take my shoe and swallow it whole.”

Don’t be ridiculous. This person was still after all a new student who had just came a few months ago. If he really could concoct that intermediate level potion after just one glance at the process, then they should might as well go and hang themselves on a tree in the southeast!

"I don’t know what’s so good with this juvenile that mentor Lou De would treat him too nice.”

"I seem to remember that a moment ago, mentor Lou De called him Shen Jue. I feel like I heard that name before. He might be that student who is said to be the most talented among the freshmen.”

"But in the end, he’s still a new student, how great could his talent be?”

"Anyway, there’s nothing much we can do about it. Let’s just go along and see this joke."


These two students, who were tormented by the Breath Concealing Potion and had almost died from concocting it were waiting to see Shen Yanxiao make a fool of herself.

The pharmacy room were located at the eastern part of the Pharmaceutical Branch. The area was three or four hundred square feet. Inside the huge pharmacy room, there were hundreds of various medicinal herbs neatly placed on the table, and on each table were utensils that were set up in a tidy manner.

There were several second year pharmacist students, who instead of going out after dismissal, had remained at the pharmacy room to practice.

When Lou De came inside the pharmacy room, the scattered students soon noticed their figures.

A lot of those students inside the room were from Lou De’s class. When they saw Lou De, they immediately looked like a mouse that had saw a cat, obediently came forward and greeted him.

After Lou De responded to them, he took Shen Yanxiao to the teacher’s table.

The students looked curiously at Shen Yanxiao.who was following Lou De.

"Hey, where did that kid came from and why did he went to our second year’s pharmacy room?" A second year student of the purple class curiously asked the two students who were scolded just a moment ago.

"Mentor Lou De asked this kid to concoct a Breath Concealing Potion." The student said with an insincere smile on his face.

"... Concoct a Breath Concealing Potion? Has that kid practiced it before?" After hearing the student’s words, the group of students couldn’t maintain their calm anymore. Even the second year students of the purple class almost lose their lives from concocting one, now unexpectedly a new student was about to make it? Unbelievable.

"I can say that this kid doesn’t know the formula of the Breath Concealing Potion and just asked mentor Lou De to demonstrate the process once.”

"Are you telling the truth?"

"Don’t joke around. If we can make it after seeing the process just once then we don’t need to bury ourselves in here studying it.”

Everyone who heard it thought that everything they said was just a joke.

That was an intermediate level potion that even their most talented classmate, Shangguan Xiao needed a week to concoct one. And now, a new freshman student actually dared to say that he could make it after watching the process once? This was simply the biggest joke they had ever heard.

Soon, the students began to surround Lou De and Shen Yanxiao in the pharmacy room. There was a mockery and contempt in their eyes, targeting Shen Yanxiao’s body.     

They were all looking forward to see this new student embarrassed himself.

Lou De didn’t pay any heed to the mood of the other students, he just wanted to see how great Shen Yanxiao’s pharmaceutical skills were.  

"I’ll start now, I’ll only show you just one time so you have to watch carefully.” Lou De actually intended to teach Shen Yanxiao several times to clearly see Shen Yanxiao’s talent but since Shen Yanxiao only asked him to do it once, then he would just do it once.

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