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Chapter 250 - Moonlight Necklace (3)

It could be said that almost everyone who took the Warlock's path had a strange temperament.

"Damn it!" Yun Qi groaned as he stood up from the chair. His face was filled with fury as he looked outside the door.

"I knew he wouldn't give up so easily! To go so far as to do this, he must have really wanted to know your identity. Ouyang Huanyu, you old fox, don't get any idea against my student!" He didn't fully believe Ouyang Huanyu's words from the beginning, no one knew him better than he did.

That seemingly pure and holy Dean of the Holy Roland School have a keen interest to the Warlock who had suffered grievances.

However, he would definitely not let Shen Yanxiao's identity be exposed to him. Because once Ouyang Huanyu knew the identity of Shen Yanxiao, he's afraid that there would be a lot of trouble in the future.

"Next time, when you see him, you must be extra careful." Yun Qi strictly told his only student. Ouyang Huanyu was a very dangerous person that even he couldn't fully grasp how to deal with him.

"I will certainly be careful, but against Ouyang Huanyu's strength, it would be difficult to fool him whenever I go to the Warlock Branch." Shen Yanxiao was somewhat depressed. Her stealing skills were very strong, however this world was not the same as her previous world. Here, a magic existed that could help people easily perceive her presence.

If it only was an ordinary student, she wouldn't worry too much. But the strength of Ouyang Huanyu was already at the Great Magister level. Even if she could turn invisible, there's still no way for her to escape his Perceptual Magic.

"Don't be afraid, I am also here, I naturally have a way to let you in and out freely." Yun Qi narrowed his eyes as he cursed Ouyang Huanyu a thousand of times inside his heart. He immediately opened the storage ring on his finger and from inside, he took out a crystal necklace coated in silver.

"This is a necklace made from the moonlight crystal. Regardless of how strong Ouyang Huanyu is, as long as your figure is not exposed in his line of vision, his magic will absolutely not be able to sense your existence." Yun Qi handed the moonlight crystal necklace to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao took the necklace from his hands. The moment the necklace touched her palm, she instantly felt a warm temperature coming from it.

'It's a good thing.' Xiu said, seemingly aware of the origin of the necklace.

'Moonlight crystals are rare crystals from the Moon God Continent. Moon God Continent is the mainland of the elves and in the world of the elves, there are many mysterious powers. Moonlight crystal contains the magic of the moon which allows the holder to produce a natural barrier. Even if that Great Magister, Ouyang Huanyu, would become a Saint Magister, it would still be absolutely impossible for him to perceive your existence with his magic. It seems that Yun Qi genuinely cares for you. I, myself hadn’t seen a lot of moonlight crystals. I’m afraid that at present, in this whole Radiance Continent, there’s only two or three pieces of moonlight crystals that can be found.'

'Didn't those boys said the it wouldn't be easy for a Warlock to escape the expulsion? Presumably, Yun Qi's success in escaping was all thanks to this moonlight crystal necklace.'

There were only few things in this world that could enter Xiu's eyes and the moonlight crystal was one of them.

Shen Yanxiao hold the necklace in her hand, because of such generosity of Yun Qi, her heart was moved unceasingly.

Just by listening to Xiu's description, she could already guess how precious this necklace was. This necklace was likely what made Yun Qi successfully escaped the hunt of the Warlocks and maintained his life. And yet, he was giving it to her now.

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