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Chapter 228 - ______ (2) *

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 Xiu didn’t immediately respond to Shen Yanxiao's words, he seemed to be observing everything in the surroundings.

After a moment, Xiu’s voice resounded inside Shen Yanxiao’s mind.

‘Let’s go, you should not stay here any longer.'

"What's the matter?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised. Was there really a danger lurking in the Warlock Branch right now?

'There’s some magic here that people can’t detect, if you proceed further you’ll likely to have a contact with it.’ Xiu’s voice was somewhat annoyed. He was too convinced of Shen Yanxiao's ability that she didn’t need to take precautions at most times, but he didn’t expect that someone would put a high-level perceptual magic in the empty Warlock Branch.

With Shen Yanxiao’s level of magic, it would be impossible to discover the existence of such an unfamiliar perceptual magic. Fortunately, her soul was sensitive enough to find something was amiss.

Without further ado, Shen Yanxiao immediately departed from the Warlock Branch.

However, her action was still a step late. Hundreds of light congealing crystals impressively lit up on both sides of the road of the Warlock Branch, then the whole Warlock Branch which was shrouded in darkness ushered in the light.

Shen Yanxiao had immediately turned to hide in a crevice of a building, and her heart was already upset unceasingly.

Damn magic!

Under the brightness of the light congealing crystals, a slender figure slowly walked in from outside of the gate of the Warlock Branch.

"It’s Ouyang Huanyu!" Shen Yanxiao immediately recognized the identity of the man and her heart was depressed to the point that she wanted to vomit blood.

She had a bad feeling about this. As to why Ouyang Huanyu would appear here, she’s afraid he was waiting for her appearance!

If it weren’t for her ignorance of her own magic, she would not had been discovered until now!

The Illusion technique was the greatest loophole Shen Yanxiao have had in being a godly thief for a long time. No matter how superb her stealing skills were, it was still difficult to guard against a magic she was not familiar with.

Ouyang Huanyu stood alone in the Warlock Branch. His hands were behind his back as he started strolling around. His deep eyes swept over the buildings on both sides of the Warlock Branch as if looking for something, and his unpredictable face could not be seen with any anger or joy.

Ouyang Huanyu steadily stood before the statue on the Warlock Branch, and although he didn’t take another step anymore, he was tightly blocking the Warlock Branch’s only exit.

'He was prepared to come. Once the perceptual magic had touched someone, it will give a signal to the caster. He should have known where you currently are, but why didn’t he get near?' Xiu was watching Ouyang Huanyu's every move. Ouyang Huanyu was the only Great Magister in the Long Xuan Empire, with Xiu’s current strength, he needed to have a direct contact with the full magic of Ouyang Huanyu, otherwise, it would be difficult for him to find the source.

'I was careless.'

"What does he want to do in the end?" Shen Yanxiao didn’t blame Xiu. Ouyang Huanyu’s strength in the Radiance Continent was ranked in the upper number. Although Xiu was a great mystery, right now, he’s only a soul that was residing in Shen Yanxiao’s body. It was normal to be subjected to a lot of great limitations.

He had already been helpful that he discovered the existence of Ouyang Huanyu’s perceptual magic.

'I have no idea, but with your current strength and under this perceptual magic, it is almost impossible to escape from here.' Great Magister, if it was in the past, he would be too lazy to take a glance at him, he had never thought that the same Great Magister would one day block his path.

Xiu’s heart was very depressed.

Shen Yanxiao secretly gritted her teeth. Why Ouyang Huanyu was waiting here was definitely connected to the discovery of her curse techniques in the previous class test.

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