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Chapter 214 - Chapter 214: If you want to fight with me, then fight (3)

Locking the target with the use of spiritual power and infusing magic into the second arrow, adding to that the speed of Shen Yanxiao’s hands from practicing curse techniques. In the whole world, aside from Shen Yanxiao who had the talent of dual-cultivation, only the Magic Archer could accomplish such a tough skill!

But nowadays, in the whole Radiance Continent, even the Advanced Archers were rare, let alone the Magic Archers!

"What do you think?" Shen Yanxiao was very satisfied with her accomplishment. It was the first time that she had tried to blend magic and dou qi but the result was unexpectedly good.

"Not bad." Xiu, for once in a lifetime, praised her.

Shen Yanxiao was new to the archer’s path, yet she already knew how to apply her warlock’s ability to archery. And this was based entirely from her own understanding and not from his guidance.

This little girl was actually quick-witted enough.

“Heh. I’ll make that guy called Wan Li look good this weekend.” Trying to humiliate her? She would let him see who was going to be humiliated.

There were still two or three days before the challenge. Shen Yanxiao continued to change her identity and ran in the two different branches. Everytime, Tang Nazhi tried to catch her but he didn't succeed.

One evening, Tang Nazhi was laying on his bed and he looked at Shen Yanxiao who had finally returned before dark, he unpleasantly humphed at her.

"What have you been working on these days? How could I not see a glimpse of your shadow every afternoon?" He almost turned over the entire pharmaceutical branch but didn't see any traces of this stinking brat. Tang Nazhi was extremely curious where he was hiding.

She was hiding in the archer branch! Shen Yanxiao couldn't tell him that though.

"Nothing. Just wandering around the Black City to see if there are any suitable medicinal herbs."

"Black City?" Tang Nazhi recalled that a few days ago, Shen Yanxiao had indeed asked him once about some things in the Black City, he actually didn't think much of it though. But when the Black City was mentioned, he suddenly thought of a very interesting news.

"I couldn't find your shadow all day, but I heard a very interesting news."

"What is it?" Shen Yanxiao casually asked.

Tang Nazhi sat up and crossed his legs and then said: "It's about the archer branch. The freshmen over there are quite dishonest. The number of recent challenges are also quite a lot. But this time, there's a rumor about a freshman archer student who had ran to the Gold-smelting weapon shop of Black City and spent 3 million to buy a semi-finished bow."

Shen Yanxiao was about to pour a glass of water, but upon hearing the news of Tang Nazhi, her hands couldn't help but stop.

It was really embarrassing! That extravagant student seemed to be her!!!

"It is said that the boy was a student from the red class of the archer branch, and he had challenged a purple class student this weekend." There were constant challenges happening in every branch, but a red class student challenging a purple class student? This kind of crazy thing was rarely seen. Except maybe from Cao Xu's team, that group of hapless eggs, no other person would even think about it.

"And then?" Shen Yanxiao was calmly waiting for his next words.

"Are you interested in going to the archer branch tomorrow afternoon? I'd like to see what kind of bow is worth 3 million gold coins." Tang Nazhi rubbed his chin. Three million, what a luxury!

Shen Yanxiao's mouth slightly twitched. She's going to see what? She was the main cast of the show that he was going to watch, okay!

No matter how much Tang Nazhi persuaded her, Shen Yanxiao just kept on putting on an expression that said : "I'm not interested in it but please do go if you’d like to."

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