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Aeternatix: Subject matter for the competition is "Family Dinner" (Or less specifically "Supper" starring at least one GFNSYL character), submissions open when Sky gets her laptop back. Sky has her laptop back


The previous one hundred arrows made Shui Miao form a habit of fighting. Thus, the sudden changes in Shen Yanxiao’s actions had disrupted the rhythm of Shui Miao’s attack.


Two arrows had been simultaneously released.


However, Player A (SYX) did not enter the position that the Player B (SM) had anticipated and worse, Player A (SYX) had perfectly locked on to player B (SM) who could not respond at all.


The 101st arrow became the final turning point of the battle.


When an arrow as fast as lightning ran directly through Shui Miao’s shoulder, with a fierce force that he could not resist, it took his whole person out of the ring. Shen Yanxiao was standing in the same spot safe and sound, gazing fixedly at Shui Miao’s figure which was flying out of the platform. Shui Miao’s arrow which was still a step away from her just now flew past her side.


The arrow split through the sky and brought a dead silence to the surrounding.


Habit was a very fearful thing. It grew in the subconscious mind, uncontrolled by reason and sensibility. In a battle of life and death where every second counted, it would fully reflect any kind of biological instinct.


One hundred arrows had set up Shui Miao’s habit of attacking. No one would have thought that the last arrow would completely change the way the game was played.


Shen Yanxiao stood calmly above the platform, looking at Shui Ling who had been carried out by the arrow and had fallen on the ground. There was only coldness within her pair of green eyes.


Shui Miao lost the game the moment when his feet left the platform.


He lost not only a battle, but also all his pride and confidence, dignity and future.


The Qingyuan Tribe elves who stood under the arena were the first to recover their senses. They rushed away from the crowd and hurriedly ran all the way to Shui Miao’s side. Two elves helped Shui Miao up with tension in their faces.


The arrow that pierced Shui Miao’s bones was so glaring on his shoulder that a brilliant bloody flower bloomed on it.


Until this moment, Shui Miao still did not realize how he lost.


His white face was filled with shock and doubt. He stared at the arena with unwillingness, where Shen Yanxiao was high above and overlooking him.


Her little face appeared tranquil and without ripples but with a pair of eyes that made people feel a chill run down their backs.


All of Shui Miao’s confidence fell apart in an instant, his lips bloodless and slightly shivering.


"You calculated me..." Shui Miao finally understood what had happened.


Shen Yanxiao’s hundred round trips before were just to plant in him the seed of false hints that he had already taken control of the entire battle and could end it at any time.


However, it was not he who had the real control of the entire situation, but Shen Yanxiao!


All her previous displays of weakness and desperation were a mere act.


She deceived everyone in the crowd, fooled Shui Miao, and pulled all the elves into her trick.


After all the traps were set up, she became like an experienced hunter, killing the beast in the blink of an eye.


Shen Yanxiao used herself as bait and became the winner at the end.


"The winner is king; Shui Miao, don't disgrace the reputation of your Qingyuan Tribe." The corners of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth raised and her lips bloomed into a brilliant yet cruel smile.


In the face of the enemy, victory was the only end result she wanted. Call her despicable and shameless, but the one to have the last laugh would only be her and could only be her!


Shui Miao had dug a pit and buried his own future and dignity.


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