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The security of the advanced training camp was very tight. Mo Yu had also been in the advanced training camp for half a year so he naturally knew how impossible it was for the elves, who were still in the middle of their training, to leave of their own initiative.


Even if an elf wanted to sneak out, he couldn’t possibly escape the eyes of the guards.




Shen Yanxiao was actually outside right now!


Mo Yu was simply dumbfounded.


Not to mention that it was a serious matter to sneak out of the advanced training camp, Mo Yu couldn’t even imagine what method she had used to sneak outside.


It was a pity that Vermillion Bird didn’t give him the opportunity to ask questions as he directly pulled Shen Yanxiao away. Mo Yu wanted to catch up, but Vermillion Bird, who had his back to him, waved the flames in his hand. Mo Yu immediately retracted his outstretched feet.


He was no match for a Mythological Beast, ah ah ah ah!


“What are you staring blankly here for?” Mo Feng suddenly appeared beside Mo Yu. He thought that the tangled expression on Mo Yu’s face was very amusing to look at.


Mo Yu turned to look at Mo Feng and bitterly asked, "Mo Feng, tell me, might there be any elves capable of sneaking out of the advanced training camp?"


Mo Feng froze for a bit. He then immediately smacked Mo Yu on the back of his head and replied, "What are you imagining about? How can there be such an elf? Had we not tried doing that many times in the past, but which time weren’t we carried back by the guards?"


Mo Feng, Mo Yu, Mo Lei, Mo Yan, and Mo Mu, the five of them all entered the advanced training camp at the same time. At that time, they had just turned adults and still had a youthful temperament. None of the five young elves had a steady temper and they didn’t fool around less in the advanced training camp. A few times, they had tried to slip out of the advanced training camp, but each time ended in failure.


On several occasions, they were all pressed back to the dormitory with the guards shooting arrows at them. The generals who were responsible for the advanced training camps in that year had once called the five of them over and severely reprimanded them.


It could be said that in the past, the five of them had used their brains to think of ways to sneak out, to the point of even trying to dig tunnels.


But in the end, it still ended in failure.


The reason why Mo Yu was assured of the security in the advanced training camp was because he had personally experienced it.


"Then, if I said that I saw an elf, who is supposed to be in the advanced training camp, here on the street... would you believe me?" Mo Yu asked.


Mo Feng raised his eyebrows.


"Did you drink too much last night? Are you still not sober? Go back and rest early as we will still need to return to Moonshine City tomorrow. Otherwise, are you going to meet the Elf King like that?" Obviously, Mo Feng thought that Mo Yu was spouting nonsense due to being drunk.


The five of them were not able to sneak out even after much hard work. Now, which elf had such a good ability?


Mo Yu blinked his eyes and scowled miserably.


"Fine. I have drunk too much. I didn’t see anything." He knew that no one would believe it, no matter how much he told them!


Such a chance encounter had ended just like that. Shen Yanxiao was not worried that Mo Yu would make a small report.


First, it was not like Mo Yu’s temper, second...


It was Mo Yu who had sent her to the advanced training camp. For sure he wouldn’t want to drag her back.


With a shameless mind, Shen Yanxiao continued to walk around with Vermillion Bird.


Until the night fell, when Shen Yanxiao finally returned to the advanced training camp, Vermillion Bird was reluctant to part with her, looking at her with unwillingness all over his face.


Shen Yanxiao rubbed Vermillion Bird’s head; she also touched Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon. She then silently left in the night, and quietly returned to the advanced training camp.


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