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"Do you manage my affairs?" Shen Yanxiao left a lukewarm sentence before pulling the little elf away from this unfriendly area.


Shen Yanxiao took the little elf's hand, and felt that this small hand was constantly shaking within her bigger palm.


Shen Yanxiao hesitantly halted her footsteps and looked down at the little elf who buried her head on Shen Yanxiao’s chest. The elf's thin shoulders kept trembling. Shen Yanxiao then saw the crystal-clear teardrop falling on the little elf's chest.


"What's wrong?" Shen Yanxiao asked softly.


The elf shook her head silently.


Shen Yanxiao squatted down, lifted the elf's face with one hand, and looked at the elf’s small face covered with tears. Shen Yanxiao felt helpless.


"Elder sister…"




"Thank you for believing me. Our tribe is really not a traitor, we have not sold out the elves..." The little elf sobbingly looked at Shen Yanxiao, her teardrops the size of beans rolled down from her eyes, her white teeth bit her rosy lips.


Shen Yanxiao froze for a bit.


The little elf wiped away her tears. She looked at Shen Yanxiao and said, "Uncle Yu is a good person, Uncle Wuya is also a good person. They have not done anything to hurt the elves. Human beings are not enemies of the elves." The little elf’s tender voice had a trace of firmness.


Shen Yanxiao was not that clear on who the second name from the little elf's mouth was. She guessed that this one named Wuya was her maternal grandfather, her mother's father, a human being from the Radiance Continent; and the one called Uncle Yu was probably her father, Shen Yu...


Shen Yanxiao really felt that her parents had not really died.


She wanted to ask more, but looking at the emotionally agitated little elf, Shen Yanxiao thought that it was not the right time to do so.


After thinking for a moment, Shen Yanxiao extended her hand and rubbed the elf's head. Shen Yanxiao then said with a smile, "What is your name? I don't know it yet."


The elf sniffed and replied, " name is Tian Bao."


"Tian Bao?" Shen Yanxiao smiled slightly. "It’s a very cute name."


Tian Bao sheepishly lowered her head. She really liked this friendly elder sister. She was the first elf who did not reject her after learning she was from the Moonshine Tribe, and instead protected her from other elves.


"Let go of Tian Bao!" A roaring voice with a hint of immaturity sounded from behind Shen Yanxiao. Shen Yanxiao turned her head around and saw an eight or nine-year-old elf boy hurriedly whistling towards her.


Shen Yanxiao slightly raised an eyebrow. She picked up Tian Bao and gently tapped her feet on the ground, after which her figure jumped directly into the air. The little elf boy that was rushing over like a tiger fell flat on his face.


Shen Yanxiao landed the next second while holding Tian Bao on her arm.


As a result, the little elf boy did not bother at all with his messy appearance, and just got up and rushed over to them again.


Shen Yanxiao calmly stretched out her hand and grabbed the head of the elf boy.


And then…


In such a green field, one could see a little elf boy with short arms and legs trying really hard to wave his little claws, screaming and trying to scratch a certain unscrupulous thief, but was unable to touch her. It was such a bizarre scene.


"Let go of Tian Bao! Let go of her! You groups of bad guys!" The little elf boy angrily roared.


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and looked at Tian Bao who was completely dumbfounded.


Tian Bao swallowed her saliva and looked at the little elf boy then said, "Big brother… Elder sister is not a bad guy..."


The little elf boy who was fuming with anger stopped all his forceful struggles in an instant and raised his head in doubt. Resisting Shen Yanxiao’s fingers which were gripping his head, he looked at Tian Bao.



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