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Blizzard City. 


The very first city built by the Human Race in the Barren Land. Although it had gone through the destruction of the beast tide, by now it had been rebuilt anew. 


Blizzard City could only be counted within the small-sized cities in the Barren Land. It was located some distance away from the main city of the demons in the northern region. It was surrounded by other small cities. Aside from Blizzard City, the Divine Wind Alliance had also reclaimed another city located not far from the Blizzard City. The two cities were closely connected to each other; far more people travelled between them than travelled to the Magical Fantasy City of the Lan Yue Dynasty. 


Although the Blizzard City was small, its construction was very firm, and though the city walls were not as extravagant as the obsidian walls of Shen Yanxiao's city, the walls of Blizzard City were also made from white stones that had high tenacity. From afar, the white walls were especially striking in this dark Barren Land. It was completely opposite the jet-black walls of The Rising Sun City, and was truly in line with the name of Blizzard City. 


The Divine Wind Alliance was known to have the strongest military strength in the four major countries of the Radiance Continent. Almost every citizen in the country was a soldier. Inside and outside the Blizzard City, the Divine Wind Alliance had stationed a large number of country guards.


On the city walls of the Blizzard City, there were dozens of awe-inspiring artillery. The distance between each of them was very even, and they surrounded the entire city walls, taking into account all parts of the city. 


Artillery was an important weapon for defending the city. 


To resist the invasion of the enemy's army, the most effective way to guard the city walls was to defend using the city’s artillery. 


Artillery not only had a very large attack range, they also had formidable effects. Once a shot was fired and hit a crowded area, this one shot could kill dozens of people, disrupting the enemy’s formation, and was also very effective in delaying the enemy's offense. 


It was not the first time that Shen Yanxiao had seen artillery. On the walls of the Imperial Capital of Long Xuan Empire, there were also dozens of cannons. But The Rising Sun City of hers didn't have a single one of these.


Not that she did not want to make one, but she did not have the blueprints for any artillery. 


The structure of each of the artilleries of the four countries of the Radiance Continent were somewhat different from one another. The blueprints for artillery could be said to be military secrets of each country. Apart from the country's rulers, outsiders absolutely could not get this artillery blueprint.


As a matter of fact, when The Rising Sun City had been built, the Emperor of Long Xuan Empire should have sent her some artillery to guard the city. 


However, she and the Emperor simply did not get along. Moreover, she had also detained Prince Long Yue and the State Preceptor Pei Yuan some time ago. She had shown disrespect to the Emperor. Unless the the Emperor's brain was flooded with water, he would not send some mighty artillery to Shen Yanxiao. 


When Shen Yanxiao went to the Imperial Capital previously, she had been in a rush; furthermore, she also had not thought at the time that she would need to make some artillery for The Rising Sun City. Therefore, she was not able to conveniently get the blueprint for the Long Xuan Empire's artillery. 


Although the city walls of The Rising Sun City were very strong, without the defense of artillery, she feared that there would still be a lot of trouble when they encountered war in the future. 


The Divine Wind Alliance currently had the strongest military forces among the four countries. And their Thunder Artillery was also the most powerful of the artilleries in the mainland. 


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes at the artillery standing on the walls of Blizzard City, and her eyes were filled with malicious light. 


If she could get the blueprint of this Thunder Artillery and bring it back to The Rising Sun City and then let people create eight to ten of them, even if the beast tide struck, she might also be able to safely get through it! 


"Shen Jue, what are you looking at?” Fang Qiu and the others had already entered the Blizzard City. Long Xueyao turned around and saw Shen Yanxiao standing at the city gates looking up at the city walls.

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