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With her understanding of Shen Duan, it was really impossible for him to send these two to the Broken Star Palace. Whatever the place they had been sent to, it couldn’t be a good place. Looking at the situation of both of them now, she knew that her guess had basically won the bid. 


But she was still very curious as to where Shen Duan had sent Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei in the end. They seemed to have gone through a difficult situation; but, for them to actually be able to escape? 


In fact, Shen Yanxiao had given up any intention of killing. Not for anything else but for the sake of letting the physically and mentally exhausted old man no longer worry about his unworthy descendants.


Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi had no brains or skills. Even if they were to stay in The Rising Sun City, they couldn’t avoid her eyes and ears. Furthermore, she had some ways to make these two brats honest and well-behaved.


However, to stay clear, she must know where they came from and what had happened to them. 


When Shen Yanxiao’s inquiry had just been made, Shen Jiayi’s and Shen Jiawei’s faces turned pale in an instant, and their eyes were filled with the same despair and fear. 


All of this was not a disguise but a genuine fear from the heart. 


Shen Jiawei shuddered very intensely. He tightly held his arms and his teeth were trembling as he fixedly stared at the ground. 


It was something that he never wanted to remember again in his entire life. 


"We...we were sent to a terrible place..." 


Shen Jiawei tried to describe everything calmly, but his trembling voice revealed his panic. 


However, with Shen Jiawei's words, Shen Yanxiao's face gradually revealed a hint of astonishment. 


After Shen Yue entrusted Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi to Shen Duan, Shen Duan found a middle-aged man who took them away from the Imperial Capital. 


They rode several days and nights in the carriage and were taken to a secluded valley a few days later. 


They thought that the one who would be greeting them was an extremely powerful expert, but they did not expect for everything that happened next to turn into an eternal nightmare.


The men who took them into the valley quickly handed them over to a few expressionless people in black robes. They were stunned when they were taken to a dark room. Without any explanation, they were forcibly imprisoned in a dirty dungeon. 


There were many people who were also detained in that dungeon. Most of them were minors and everyone there had a look full of despair. 


Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiayi were shocked by everything they encountered. 


But on the second day, both of them were taken out of the dungeon; four men put them in separate rooms where they were tied onto a long table. 


Those black-robed people began to use various strange potions on their bodies. Their minds became more and more confused and their bodies seemed unconscious; although their vision was clear and their brains could still think, their bodies were completely out of their control. 


They watched as the men cut through their bodies and put a bottle filled with something into their bodies... 


"I don't know what exactly they did to us, but... But after that, I feet that something is wrong with me..." Shen Jiawei was deathly pale as he stood paralyzed on his position. He was looking straight at Shen Yanxiao as if to prove that he was not lying. He suddenly raised his hand and bit on it, then he stretched out his hand in front of Shen Yanxiao. 


Obviously, it was a deep wound, deep enough that bones could be seen, yet there was not even half a drop of blood in the flesh that had been bitten. The entire wound looked a little gray, like it was drained of blood. 

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