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He really couldn't bear to continue watching his master's nonsense; hence, the attendant finally discouraged him. 


That nobleman was holding on firmly despite extreme adversity, but now that someone persuaded him, he naturally calmed down. He gritted his teeth, glanced at the young man and reluctantly sat back to his seat, no longer bidding. 


On the auction stage, Qi Xia already knew that five million was the final price of the Pearl Milkstone, yet he still asked the crowd three times again. Soon, he hammered down and announced the final transaction price of the Pearl Milkstone. 


The young man who wished to get the Pearl Milkstone wanted to cough up blood. 


That bastard seemed like he was intentionally making things difficult for him. After pressing him directly to his bottom line, he no longer made a move. But if that idiot actually dared to add even one gold coin, he had an excuse to slaughter him. 


Today, although he got the thing that he came for, the price... 


The young man wanted to die; he wanted to die more than he wanted to get the Pearl Milkstone. 


This kind of thing that he could obviously obtain with just a million gold coins had actually forced him to spend five million gold coins instead! 


Who would feel happy about this? 


However, under the eyes of the public, he couldn’t really do anything. He could only have a livid face, and followed the staff in the auction with a grim expression to pay backstage. 


Five million ah... 


This was swindling! 


While someone was in tragedy, someone else was happy. 


Shen Yanxiao almost rolled on the floor with laughter. That piece of Pearl Milkstone was actually sold for five million gold coins? She really couldn’t think what was in the mind of that nobleman and young man. 


Shen Yanxiao was not very kind with her thoughts. If they knew the real use of the Pearl Milkstone, and then they discovered that the real benefits of this Pearl Milkstone had already been used up, she did not know whether they would really die from coughing up blood. 


However, when she thought about it again, there were only few people who knew the benefits of the Pearl Milkstone; even her grandfather, Shen Feng, did not know about it. She feared that only Xiu, that guy, would know such completely undiscovered things.


With this layer of ideas, Shen Yanxiao was much calmer. 


The auction of precious gems and stones came to an end. Under the impact of the shocking five million gold coins, people also recovered their thoughts and waited for the next auction. 


Meanwhile, the young man who received the Pearl Milkstone left the auction house after he had paid for it. 


No matter how fierce the previous auction was, the next thing was what most people need. 


Precious Magic Books, Long-lost Daggers, Bright Crystals from the Moon God Continent…


With numerous rare treasures, the auction seemed to have really started. 


This was also the battle between the influential families. 


Batch after batch of products were sold. More than rank eight magic nuclei were brought out for auction. At this time, not only the influential families battled it out, even some of the experts could not help but want to get their hands on them. 


For a time, the whole auction house was filled with the sound of price increases.


It was very lively. 


Shen Yanxiao counted the gold coins in the backstage. Apart from Qi Xia, the four animals unexpectedly also joined together. 


After the things were carried onto the auction platform, Qi Xia’s combat effectiveness really began. 


Turning tens of thousands of gold coins into hundreds of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of gold coins into millions were not an issue at all for him. 


This fellow’s swindling skills were really at the peak, even Shen Yanxiao could only be willing to admit defeat and worship his eloquent mouth that could convince people to jump into a pit. 


But even though the current scene looked outrageous, nothing could exceed the terrible situation of the Pearl Milkstone. 


After the auction of most of the things was over, the next things to be auctioned were the high-level potions that Shen Yanxiao had personally concocted.

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