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"The second one, if you don't want to cooperate, I will lock you up and threaten the Emperor with Prince Long Yue's life. It's your choice, whether you want to be a distinguished guest or a prisoner." Shen Yanxiao's hands were folded together over her chest as she stared at Pei Yuan and Long Yue.

The choice between these two paths was in the hands of Pei Yuan.

Pei Yuan was very clear. If he did not cooperate, not only would his and Long Yue’s safety be difficult to guarantee, it was also absolutely unwise to let the Emperor face up against Shen Yanxiao now. With the alliance of the five great clans, even the Emperor was not their opponent.

Pei Yuan sighed and said, "I will do as you say. I only hope that you can fulfill your promise and not treat Long Yue harshly."

A wise man submits to circumstances. Shen Yanxiao liked such wise man.

"No need to worry. I always do what I said."

"I hope so." Pei Yuan was very helpless. He regretted entering the Barren Land, and regretted his arrogance before. He thought that having Bai Ze could let him sit back and relax at The Rising Sun City.  Now it seemed that everything was really ridiculous.

"Very well, then I ask the State Preceptor and the Prince to continue their meal. I also request for State Preceptor to explain everything to the Imperial Guards who came with you. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind killing them." Shen Yanxiao smiled sweetly before turning around to leave. The five animals immediately followed right after her.

The eight Mythological Beasts also retreated with their master's departure.

Not until Shen Yanxiao's back had completely disappeared was Pei Yuan greatly relieved.

"State Preceptor." Long Yue's complexion was not good. Shen Yanxiao's words just now were cold and brimming with murderous aura. He got a feeling like his neck was being clutched rigidly, making him unable to utter a word.

Obviously, she was such a peerlessly beautiful young lady. Why was it that she was giving people the feeling of a demon?

"Your Highness. Your Highness should not panic. I will protect your Highness even in exchange for this old life of mine." Pei Yuan looked at Long Yue guiltily. He actually could not even protect the security of the Prince. He really was unworthy of the State Preceptor's identity.

At the thought of the future wherein they would be living in such a dangerous place, Pei Yuan's heart fell to the bottom. The Rising Sun City was full of demons. Shen Yanxiao's approach of associating with the demons was really alarming. Today, in Pei Yuan's mind, Shen Yanxiao had been painted equally as a demon.

He could only pray that one day in the future, he could find an opportunity to flee with Long Yue.

Long Yue nodded his head. Although he was a prince, he was still young. In the face of such unexpected changes, it was difficult for him to adapt, so he would be more dependent on Pei Yuan.

At the same time, there was a slight contradiction in his heart. Clearly, he had witnessed the coldness of Shen Yanxiao. However, he could not erase her beautiful figure from his heart.

"Ah, I hope heaven will protect our Long Xuan Empire." Pei Yuan sighed heavily, his eyes full of sadness.


After Shen Yanxiao left Pei Yuan's sight, the expression on her face instantly returned to normal. She looked at the five animals that remained behind her without saying anything. She was amused, “What kind of expression is that?”

"Little Xiao ah, I really did not know until today that your courage is actually really big." Yan Yu looked at Shen Yanxiao very emotionally.

"Kidnapping a country's Prince and threatening the State Preceptor. For hundreds of years, Long Xuan Empire probably has not seen anyone who has such courage.” Yang Xi’s look was quite complicated as he assessed the recent situation.

"Are you going to occupy the city as a King? And dethrone the Emperor?" Tang Nazhi's eyes flashed with strange excitement.

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