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The deafening beastly sounds overturned the artilleries on the city walls!

With these terrifying, beastly roars, the people of the Magical Fantasy City covered their ears while terrified, crouching and curling their bodies.


Shen Yanxiao looked at the immediate effect with satisfaction. She swiftly put down her little hand and all the frightening beastly sounds disappeared in an instant.


Vermillion Bird flew forward. Shen Yanxiao impressively went inside the Magical Fantasy City.


The beautiful young girl stood proudly against the wind as it blew up her long black hair. She looked down at the people on the ground and condescendingly said:


“I am the City Lord of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao. Deliver my message to your City Lord. As soon as the construction of The Rising Sun City is over, I, Shen Yanxiao, will visit him personally.”


Visit the City Lord personally?!


All the people shuddered as they listened to Shen Yanxiao's declaration. Although these words seemed very polite, her current tone and imposing aura gave them a threatening and intimidating edge.


Other people were trampling on their faces and giving orders like this. The Magical Fantasy City could be said to have lost its face.


But no one dared to utter a word of rebuttal. Because it would be tantamount to finding death.


In the face of eight Mythological Beasts, even the strong figures of their city became trash.


Shen Yanxiao observed the deathly stillness of the entire Magical Fantasy City. Her mouth curved up into an absolutely confident smile before commanding Vermillion to shift direction.




With a single order, the eight Mythological Beasts faded away from the Magical Fantasy City in an orderly manner.


The domineering Mythological Beasts gradually disappeared from the eyes of the people. Until Shen Yanxiao had traveled far away, people who were standing in the Magical Fantasy City did not dare to heedlessly move as their weakened legs.


Geng Di arrived late under the support of a team of guards. Looking at the city people gathered at the city gates, his face became gloomy.


"What the hell is going on!" Geng Di shouted.


The guards responsible for guarding the city gates climbed down the walls and pantingly ran in front of him.


"Reporting to City Lord, just now... There was a young girl with... with eight Mythological Beasts standing in front of the city..."


"Eight... Mythological Beasts? Are you sure you're not mistaken?!" He looked at the guard in disbelief and wondered if he had not yet awakened from his dreams.


Is this guy messing with me?


Which young girl can be so valiant, capable of pulling out eight Mythological Beasts?


"This subordinates is sure. All the people present are very clear about this."


Geng Di gasped for a breath of air. He couldn't imagine how powerful that person could be, to summon eight Mythological Beasts. In each country of the Radiance Continent, the number of Mythological Beasts was only in the single digits. And eight of them was almost equivalent to the number of all the Mythological Beast of a whole country!


“What happened to the Mythological Beasts and the girl?” Geng Di found it difficult to breathe. Regardless of the identity of the other person, such an army of tyrannical Mythological Beasts could not be offended in any way. [Raz-P: pfft. You already did dumbass.]


"Go... Gone..."


"Gone?" Even though Geng Di was smart and clever, he also could not understand what the purpose of the girl was. She ran outside of my Magical Fantasy City this late at night and brought eight earth-shaking Mythological Beasts, then she actually went back just like that in the blink of an eye? What's this really about?


"She... left a message to City Lord before she left." The guard said nervously.


"To me? What's the message?" Geng Di was even more puzzled. How could he not remember such a powerful woman?


"She... she said she is the City Lord of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao, and she said that after the completion of The Rising Sun City, she would come to visit you personally..."

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