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 "On the way to the Sun Graveyard, there is a small village you must pass first. It is very small with only a few hundred people in total, and it never appeared on the map." Old Que recalled those past days, his tone very melancholic.

The village that Old Que was talking about was certainly the place where Du Lang and the rest had been attacked, but, only a few hundred people?

"Old Que, did you say there are only a few hundred people in the village? But didn’t the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps said that there are thousands of people?" Shen Yanxiao said, finding things really strange.

Old Que was silent for moment then he said, "I’ve been there more than ten years ago, and now I'm afraid that place has changed a lot, so having a few more hundreds of people are normal."

More than ten years, few more hundreds of people?


Shen Yanxiao did not find it normal at all. Du Lang said that there were men and women in that village. There were elderly men who were past fifty years of age and young people who were physically strong, yet they never saw any children at all. How could a village that only had a few hundred people ten years ago increased two or three times in population over just more than a decade, and the village couldn’t be seen with a single child to boot?

This was obviously odd.

"I say small guest, if you want to go to the Sun Graveyard, listen to this old man’s advice and don’t spend the night in that village. Even if it just passing by, take advantage of the day and leave as early as you can. You must leave as soon as possible, don’t stay in there for too long. " Old Que cautiously said after hesitating for a moment.

[Annoying Sky: THAT’S A GREAT ADVICE! Certainly! That’s greater than saying what the actual **** is going on.]


"Why do you say that?" Shen Yanxiao sensed that Old Que must have known about the village, and that there was only something that restricted him from telling the whole story, so she could only open her mouth tentatively.

Old Que did not answer Shen Yanxiao's words directly, but instead offered another good advice.

"Believe me, small guest, this old man will not lie to you two children. The village is so strange that you two can't handle it."

After that, no matter how Shen Yanxiao asked, Old Que did not go into details and just repeatedly advised her not to spend the night in the village.

The journey was long, Shen Yanxiao and the old man drove for more than ten days on the road before they gradually saw a small village appeared in front.

In the endless wilderness, the emergence of this village was particularly abrupt.

"Small guest, I will no longer go forward. I will wait for you here and if you have not come back after ten days, I shall go back by myself." Old Que was sitting in front of the carriage, smoking a bag of cigarettes and looking at the village not far away with a trace of fear in the corner of his eyes.

Shen Yanxiao nodded her head, jumped off the carriage and looked at that village where the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had almost been destroyed.

After bidding farewell to Old Que, Shen Yanxiao walked towards the village.

Vermilion Bird was following beside Shen Yanxiao with a look of ease while the small Phoenix was squatting on his head and napping.

"People just like to scare themselves. I think it is only but a small village, even if there is something in there, it will not be so terrible." Vermilion Bird folded his arms on his chest, complaining about the old man's fear while looking at his family’s overbearing master.

"You are a Mythological Beast, he is just an ordinary old man, your psychological capacities are not in the same class." Shen Yanxiao glanced at Vermilion Bird and said lightly.

People were strong because they know how to learn, they could create things, and they have wisdom.

At the same time, people were vulnerable.

In the vast universe, the fragility of human beings was comparable to a grain of sand, too many external things could kill them, so humans understood the concept of fear, and knew to stay far away from danger.

Only when people were truly powerful and strong enough to face all disasters and enemies would they be fearless.

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