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 The man was obviously very eager to use it, but the bow had been fancied first by this little kid. No matter how much he like this bow, he’s still not someone brazen as to snatch it from a kid.


“You can give it a try.” Shen Yanxiao actually had an indifferent manner. She always felt that the bow was much more complicated than what she had imagined. Listening to what the division master had said, it seemed that aside from the person predestined to this bow, other people couldn’t simply pull it. She and the bow had a resonance; it could basically be fate. But she was still curious if the division master was talking nonsense or what he said was really the truth after all.


The man looked gratefully at Shen Yanxiao, and then while holding the bow, he walked to the shooting field. He lifted the bow slowly, his other hand on the bowstring. The man held his breath as if he was holding an arrow in his hand, ready to shoot.


The movement of the man as he held the bow was very beautiful. Previously, in the gold-smelting weapon shop, Shen Yanxiao had saw Meng Yijun pulling a bow to test it. Although the posture was also perfect but compared to the middle-aged man before her eyes, it’s simply nothing.


The man concentrated for a moment, and then the three fingers on the string slightly pulled it back…


It wasn’t pulling back!


The longbow was like a stone model -it didn’t move even a tiny bit. The tight bowstring didn’t move as it remained the same straight line without any shred of changes.


The man was a bit surprised but not believing in such demonic thing, he increased his strength then pulled it back once more…


It still won’t pull back!


The original expression of interest in the middle-aged man’s face immediately receded. Somewhat helpless, his both hands were dangling at sides, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He looked at the division master standing at the side, it was clearly obvious that he was enjoying other’s misfortune. Helplessly he said: “I can’t pull it.”


Shen Yanxiao was somewhat astonished. Just by looking at the man’s posture as he held the bow, you could tell that he’s definitely a strong archer or at least a lot better than that Meng Yijun, who was the top of the archer branch in Holy Roland School. But such a strong archer could not even pull the dark purple longbow?


Did that mean what the master said was true?


Was there really such a strange weapon under this vast sky?


‘Is it God’s might? There’s only one person in this world that can use it, throughout its life only the rightful owner can have its power. Although the bow is still not yet complete but it has some traces of god’s might. Little girl, your luck is good.’ Xiu’s voice was still cold but within that chilling tone there’s a trace of satisfaction.


God’s might...


Shen Yanxiao could not help but swallowed her saliva.


Feels like it’s extremely powerful.


“Humph. I know you’re not cut for that piece of material.” The division master was not surprised with the failure of the middle-aged man. He then puts the two pipes in his mouth before pointing the pipe to Shen Yanxiao and said: “Kid, you try it. If you can’t pull it off, then the bow won’t be sold to you.”


Shen Yanxiao touched her nose and walked over to the middle-aged man before taking the bow from his hands. Imitating the man’s posture, she raised the bow.


Looking at the stance of Shen Yanxiao, both the middle-aged man and division master couldn’t help but frown. The little guy looked like a total stranger with the bow. Although the similarities in posture were seven to eight points but it was still an awkward posture.


Could that kid be able to pull the bow?


The man and the division master didn’t believe that Shen Yanxiao would be able to pull the bow.


However, while the two people were not optimistic about Shen Yanxiao, Shen Yanxiao continued to focus and fixed the energy in her hands before she slightly pulled the bowstring.


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