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"Let him in, we have the most luxurious room ere, why can't he come in? Is there some limit on the number of people who can come in?" Su Jingwen walked out asking coldly.

That guard looked at Su Jingwen and then the luxurious room behind her and thought for a while before moving aside.

Seeing this, Yan Zhendong quickly helped his brother up.

The two pursuers of Yan Zhenxin looked coldly at him and then Su Jingwen and Tang Mengrao before sending news with their communication beads.

Those cultivators outside just saw Su Jingwen and exclaimed, that cultivator's wife was so pretty.

"Zhenxin, who did it? Is it Xi Zhong Merchant Association?" Yan Yan looked at the broken arm and asked angrily.

Before Yan Zhenxin said anything, a cultivator outside the hall doors said coldly, "You're right, it is the Xi Zhong Merchant Association. How can those who offended us roam freely?"

Then, Yan Yan saw the cultivator at the door, it was Meng Sha.

Meng Sha saw Su Jingwen who wasn't in the room and suddenly grabbed at her. But his attack was immediately dispersed by another cultivation essence giant hand.

Meng Sha saw a cultivator walk out of a room and saluted with his fists. "Luo vice city lord, why are you doing this? They're just a few insects without backing."

Luo Yujian was truth realisation state level two, a little lower than Meng Sha.

Luo Yujian smiled calmly. "I admire the cultivator who went into the 36th domain, plus this is the observing palace. Do you not know people can't fight here?"

Meng Sha's face looked bad. "Even the palace lord didn't come out to stop me, yet you do. It's very astounding that you stayed here till now."

Luo Yujian said slowly, "You can ask the palace lord. If he allows fighting here then pretend I said nothing and you can do what you want."

Meng Sha's tone calmed down. "In that case, I'll give you some face but I wonder how long you can stay here for?"

Su Jingwen knew now wasn't the time to stay outside so she quickly ran inside the room. Even a cultivation essence giant hand wouldn't be able to reach in, she thanked Luo Yujian and went inside before sealing the formation."

Luo Yujian saw this and said, "I'm going now, but are you going to attack the room? If you do, I won't intervene."

Then, Luo Yujian walked out and disappeared.

Meng Sha glared coldly at Su Jingwen's room but didn't keep attacking. He said something to the two pursuers of Yan Zhenxin and left.

The two stayed at the door and didn't leave.


Ye Mo stopped now, he saw a skeleton in the surveillance formation. The skeleton sat by a dried up pond. There seemed to be some formation marks in the pond. The means were extremely advanced but they weren't purposely hidden. Ye Mo saw that the endless killing chi here was caused by the space kill formation.

After watching carefully, Ye Mo saw that there wasn't just one formation inside the pond. They were all very high level space kill formations. Ye Mo knew he didn't have the ability to set up such formations yet.

Soon, Ye Mo saw that there were two extreme grade spirit range supplying the spirit power. These two supplies were separate and they were part of an exchanging formation. The power supply would switch to another spirit range after a period of time.

This way, the spirit range could digest more spirit chi and thus, even after countless years, the space kill formation wouldn't be ineffective due to lack of spirit chi.

But there was a flaw in this, the instant during the rotation of power supply, the space kill formation would pause momentarily. It was very brief but very hard to grasp. That person had to be at least a top grade formation grandmaster and be watching here constantly.

Ye Mo knew if he could grasp this time, he could damage the unprotected formation heart instantly.

Ye Mo started to calculate the period of spirit range rotation. The time he calculated scared him. It was 49 years for every rotation, did he have to wait for 49 years here?

He calculated more and got the result that the last rotation was 40 years ago. This meant he needed 9 years. He couldn't even wait for 9 months.

In this formation, he could only stay in the Golden Page World. He wasn't able to break it. Ye Mo turned his eyes to the skeleton beside the pond.

The head was looking down. Even in the Golden Page World, Ye Mo could feel the power and loneliness of this skeleton.

Ye Mo sighed, perhaps this person came to the 36 Domains like him. He didn't have the Golden Page World and was a very significant cultivator to be able to reach here. It was a pity he wasn't able to leave.

Ye Mo felt sympathy for this person.

Ye Mo collected his feelings and then saw a jade slip next to the skeleton. Ye Mo moved the Golden Page World over and used a whole day before he took off the jade slip and the storage ring.

Ye Mo scanned with spirit sense and saw there were just a few words. North Far State's Chu Xiaoyi was tricked at Heaven Domain, this domain is a trap…. Chu Xiaoyi from North Far State? Ye Mo had never heard of this name but Ye Mo knew since this cultivator could come here, this person must be very powerful, perhaps even more powerful than Chu Jiuyu - but this person wasn't famous. One could see there were powerful people all over the ancient cultivation realm.

After removing the restrictions in the storage ring, Ye Mo saw at first glance that there were seven immortal crystals. They were exactly the same as the ones he got in the All Herb Mountain Range. Seeing this, Ye Mo took them immediately without noticing the 9 chipped key next to them.

What time difference would be created using these seven immortal crystals?

Ye Mo made a timer with sand in a glass and put it outside the time formation disk. Then he put the seven immortal crystals into the time formation disk without hesitation.

They fit perfectly inside.

The instant the time formation disk was activated, it ran crazy fast. Ye Mo couldn't feel the time formation disk inside it. He quickly closed his eyes and started cultivation.

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