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Chapter 730: Soul Formation!!!

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That godly light hit Little White and suddenly shot back toward Hao Ren, and Hao Ren just stood there in shock.

Hao Ren couldn’t see what the godly light was, but he could sense that it was a treasure. However, the cultivator who threw this treasure was not within the detection range of Hao Ren’s spirit senses.

The treasure had appeared before the cultivator!

It meant that the cultivator who had released the treasure was at least thousands of kilometers away!

Hao Ren’s sword energies formed a large round, defensive sword formation, but it shattered under the attack of the godly light.

He had helped Zhao Yanzi with the cultivation of Big Dipper Constellation Scroll, so he was very familiar with concepts of the Big Dipper Constellation. Therefore, he was smooth even though this was his first time using this powerful array.

However, the difference in strength between him and that Soul Formation Realm cultivator was drastic. Even though the sword array formation was powerful, it was no use.

This Soul Formation Realm cultivator had shot out a treasure from far away!


Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were standing on the peak of a mountain. They saw that Hao Ren wasn’t in a good situation, so they flew toward that treasure which was wrapped in godly light.

Bang… The black and white bracelets blocked the godly light. The power of the two bracelets was of similar strength to that godly light.

The two top-tier Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were knocked away for a few hundred meters by the explosion caused by the collision!

Lingwu Master was still where he was, but he was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out.

If he did not see for himself, he would not believe that these two female cultivators could block the attack of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator!

Hua… A five-color light appeared from afar. The Soul Formation Realm cultivator who used this treasure came out directly from Mystic Sound Faction!

Lingwu Master was secretly crying out of despair because they had triggered a Soul Formation Realm cultivator this time!

There were only a few Soul Formation Realm cultivators in this world! They did not ascend into the Heavenly Realm but chose to stay in this world. However, they were Earthly Immortals who possessed great power!

Even peak Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were far from the powers of the Soul Formation Realm cultivators!

Just when Lingwu Master was unsure of what to do, this Soul Formation Realm cultivator of Mystic Sound Faction had already flown from the headquarters of Mystic Sound Faction to the Bull Head Mountain!

The treasure that was covered in godly light stopped a bit. Then, it showed itself; it was a jade flute!

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili stood in front of Hao Ren, protecting him from both sides. The black and white Yin-Yang Bracelets did not stop for even a moment as they continued to attack the jade flute!

Mid-tier Qian-level… Top-tier Qian-level!

Suddenly, Lu Linlin and Lu Lili unleashed power equivalent to peak Nascent Soul Realm!

Lingwu Master had never expected the two maids of Herb King Master to be at peak Nascent Soul Realm.

From all the given evidence, Lingwu Master felt like Herb King Master probably was a Soul Formation Realm cultivator from Eighth Heaven!

Lingwu Master was so shocked that he was speechless. There was no spot for him in a fight between Soul Formation Realm cultivators.

The battle of the gods wasn’t something that an ordinary person could meddle with! Lingwu Master could only watch on the side since he was only at the Core Formation Realm now!

Bang… Lu Linlin and Lu Lili unleashed their powers together to use the Yin-Yang Bracelets, and they were able to block the jade flute of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator!

The two top-tier Nascent Soul Realm cultivators had retreated to the back and were now shocked.

“If they can fight on equal grounds with a Soul Formation Realm cultivator, why are they here to steal spiritual herbs?” they thought.

Hao Ren had over 5000 sword energies around him. They were like layers of curtains, blocking the energy waves. He wasn’t sent flying because of them.


A cultivator took back the flute that was sent flying and snorted.

This noise made all the cultivators feel like a hammer had hit their heads.


The four Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who were hurt by it immediately bowed.

Jitian that was on the top of a mountain created a black energy sphere to help Lingwu Master withstand the aura of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator.

Hao Ren’s sword energies all let out a glow but then fell to the ground. He was barely able to withstand the power of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator.

In these seconds of silence, Hao Ren was able to see who that person was in the light. She was a mid-aged female cultivator who wasn’t pretty and was rather mean-looking.

She glared at the Black Herb Spiritual Field and saw that the few 10,000-year-old Black Herbs had already been dug out. She was immediately enraged, and the jade flute stopped for a bit in her hand before suddenly attacking Hao Ren and the Lu sisters.

She had used another technique to attack Lingwu Master who was at the peak of a mountain.

The black Jitian roared and shot out a black light to block the blue light that was sent out from the Soul Formation Realm cultivator’s hand.

“B*stard. How dare you resist!” This Soul Formation Realm cultivator frowned, and a white jade hairpin flew out from her sleeves. When it was flying in the air, it let out an eye-piercing white glow. Then, it pierced toward Jitian.

A Nascent Soul Realm cultivator would not dare to attack a level 6 snow lion. However, she was at the Soul Formation Realm, and her power surpassed that of a level 6 spirit beast.

A level 6 spirit beast had equivalent realms to that of a mid-tier Nascent Soul Realm, but their combat abilities surpassed that of top-tier Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. In the cultivation world, a level 6 snow lion was almost as powerful as a Soul Formation Realm cultivator in many people’s minds

In reality, a level 6 spirit beast was still much weaker than a Soul Formation Realm cultivator!

Jitian’s entire body was lit up in black lights. It clawed two strips of golden light with its front paws, but they were both destroyed by the white jade hairpin.

The white jade hairpin had the power of the Soul Formation Realm, so it was able to pierce into the thick and hard skin of the level 6 snow lion, Jitian!

“How dare Sky Mountain Sect think of invading Mystic Sound Faction. I’m going to keep this level 6 snow lion!” The Soul Formation Realm cultivator said in a strict tone.

“What…” When Lingwu Master heard these words, he couldn’t maintain his composure. Sky Mountain Sect was damaged right now, and Jitian was their strongest weapon. If Mystic Sound Faction were to keep Jitian, then it was equivalent of wiping out Sky Mountain Sect!

Moreover, Jitian had followed Lingwu Master closely for the past 1,000 years. If it were to be taken by Mystic Sound Faction, its ending would be unknown. It might have to face the destiny of getting its bones and muscles pulled out to be used in making dharma treasures!

One sentence already showed how overbearing Mystic Sound Faction was, and those words came from a female cultivator!

Hao Ren suddenly felt like Old Grandma who taught Xie Yujia was very gentle and kind, and Sky Mountain Sect which had attacked Ethereal Summit was also very generous!

Bang! The white jade hairpin pierced through Jitian’s body and hit Lingwu Master’s heart, knocking Lingwu Master to the bottom of the mountain.

Almost at the same time, the jade flute was violently attacking Hao Ren and the Lu sisters.


This Soul Formation Realm cultivator had attacked in both directions, showing how strong and confident she was.

The Lu sisters used their Yin-Yang Bracelets to block the jade flute that was attacking them from afar, but that only showed how powerful the bracelet-shaped treasures were. However, it was no indication that the two Nascent Soul Realm cultivators could block the attack of this Soul Formation Realm cultivator in a short range.

Although the Lu sisters were pretty, this Soul Formation Realm cultivator had no intention of showing them any mercy!

“This herb-stealing level 5 snow lion also needs to stay!” The Soul Formation Realm cultivator sent out another treasure from her sleeve toward Little White.

“Don’t you dare!” Hao Ren was suddenly enraged!

Little White was a level 5 snow lion. It was far weaker than Jitian, and it might die under such attack!

More than 5,000 sword energies blocked the treasure that was attacking Little White.

However, Hao Ren did not have any defense for himself now!

The bright jade flute that was surrounded by the godly light aimed toward Hao Ren!

“Gongzi, be careful!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili shouted as they moved their fingers, and many white and black lights dashed out, enveloping the world.

The black and white crossed each other, absorbing in all the nature essence in the area.

The pure five-elemental nature essence within Lu Linlin and Lu Lili were peaking, and it seemed like the two girls might be able to breakthrough in a moment!

They looked at each other and felt a bit helpless. Bad things might happen if they unleashed their full strength on Seventh Heaven.

The godly light around the jade flute seemed to dim down a bit, and it let out a purple light under the technique of the Soul Formation Realm cultivator.

It was… a supreme spiritual treasure!

Lingwu Master who sat at the bottom of the mountain watched closely as the jade flute spun in the midst of the black and white clouds. He had been to Mystic Sound Faction before but had never seen the Soul Formation Realm cultivators of the faction.

Amongst the four Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, only the two top-tier Nascent Soul Realm cultivators had seen this Soul Formation Realm cultivator in the headquarters, but they did not see her true power.

The black and white bracelets let out mystical lights in the sky. They were ignoring the power of the jade flute since they were also supreme spiritual treasures!

The Soul Formation Realm cultivator pointed her fingers a bit further, and nature essence suddenly burst from her body.

The jade flute let out purple lights which aimed toward the energy sphere that the black and white bracelets created.

This Soul Formation Realm cultivator did not expect her opponents to own a set of supreme spiritual treasures.

However, she was at the Soul Formation Realm while they were only at the Nascent Soul Realm. The powers would be different!

Lu Linlin and Lu Lili unleashed all of their nature essence.

Buzzing and popping noises sounded as if tiny lightning bolts were spinning around them.

Instantly, they let out the aura of the Soul Formation Realm!

The two had the same techniques, and their souls were connected.

The power was immense and burst up to the sky.

The black and white bracelets indicated the changes in heaven and earth, and they suddenly merged together.

Destruction of heaven, earth, and immortals!

The jade flute exploded into pieces!

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