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Chapter 88

Proofread by Peter Gong

Yulan King is defeated, even though he has Spear of All Evils . The ending is not surprising . The Spear of All Evils is stunning for real, but Jiu Zhou King has two bodies of the past and the present and has broken through the cycle of birth and death .

If they are other powerhouses, though Yulan King’s Spear of All Evils cannot kill them, they will be regurgitated to death by Jiu Zhou Meed Mor’s breath .

What’s more, when it comes to Jiu Zhou King’s past and present, people will think of his body in the future . He had disclosed that he has a body in the future when he was dueling with Emperor Sakura, but it hadn’t grown up .

So where does Jiu Zhou King’s body in the future grow?

People cannot help thinking it .

“Jiu Zhou King, you are the winner . I am convinced . They day your troops enter the militant way, I will lead gods of our Yulan continent to meet you . ”

Yulan King is also philosophical . He looks up to the militant way which is still floating above his head, and then soars with his Spear of All Evils . Quickly he disappears into vacant space .

The war is around the corner . All the planes are completely in mess .

Status and honor are both meaningless . Only the power matters .

Smokes of war have appeared in every continents, and people are disquiet . Many common cultivators and populace don’t know what is going on and why so many peak powerhouses emerge in a short time .

They have no idea the world is on the edge of destruction .

The initiator of the war is Jiu Zhou King, the Emperor of Space-times and other powerhouses . And where troops concentrate is of course the Jiu Zhou church of Jiu Zhou continent .

As time goes by, passageways in every planes are opened to connect each other . In peacetime, it needs particular methods to cross the border .

And powerhouses of every plane are led by the master of plane and enter the plane of Archaean through the passageway, and arrive at the Jiu Zhou church of Jiu Zhou continent .

Ranks of powerhouses from other planes are of great momentum, which let people in Jiu Zhou continent be more anxious .

“Emperor Sakura, the master of Domephase sect, comes here with gods of Domephase sect!”

The peerless charming Emperor Sakura appears in the square outside the Jiu Zhou church, which can contain more than 100000 people . She restores to normal figure and looks like fairy maiden in white .

Last time in the deep of Domephase sect when she dueled with Jiu Zhou King, Jiu Zhou King’s final move didn’t killed her as expected . And now she seems to be more strong than when she dueled with Jiu Zhou King . Probably she also made some breakthrough in the duel .

“The master of the plane of Barren, Emperor Barren, comes here with gods of Barren!”

Qin Yi looks at there, and finds Emperor Barren, the master of the plane of Barren, is a middle-aged man, who doesn’t have any breath and just like a common person .

Qin Yi secretly motivates his left hand to feel it, and is shocked that Emperor Barren’s cultivation is on a higher layer than Emperor Sakura .

“The master of Yulan continent, Yulan King, comes here with gods of Yulan continent!”

Yulan King and gods of Yulan continent appear in the square of Jiu Zhou church .

“The master of Divine, Zhu Gong, comes here with gods of Divine!”

Gods of Divine appear in the square of Jiu Zhou church .

“The master of Fairyland, Sang Zong, comes here with gods of Fairyland!”

Gods of Fairyland appear in the square of Jiu Zhou church .

Divine and Fairyland are actually advanced world compared with planes like the Archaean, which also call higher worlds . Planes like the Archaean belong to lower worlds .

Cultivators in lower worlds can fly up to Divine or Fairyland if their cultivation is enough . They can also stay at their former plane .

Countless powerhouses are standing on the square of Jiu Zhou church and are ready for the war . A bloody way silently emerges above their heads .

The army flag is waving . There is no resounding oath, but only loud beat of drums . Because they are all that the ending of the war is that they will be wiped out . Every continent will be damaged and a new era will come .

However, that is war . They have to go even though they know they will be killed .

“Emperor Sakura, the master of Domephase sect, is going with with gods of Domephase sect!”


Again, Emperor Sakura departs first . She rushes into the militant way, which is made of blood and fighting will . Gods of Domephase sect follow her .

“Aha, Jiu Zhou King, you defeated me last time . In the foreign world let’s have a competition to see who kills more enemies!”

Yulan King laughs wildly and leads gods of Yulan continent to the militant way, just like Emperor Sakura .

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“The master of the plane of Barren sect, Emperor Barren, is gone!”

Emperor Barren leads gods of Barren to the militant way .

“Zhu Gong from Divine is gone!”

“Sang Zong from Fairyland is gone!”

Masters of every planes leads their gods to the militant way one by one .

Everyone faces death calmly . Everyone knows well that they cannot go back anymore once enters the bloody militant way .

In this large-scale war, all the creatures will be wiped out and there will be no exception, because the story in the future has been revealed . The Hadean era will be finished and the Archaean era is coming .

Qin Yi, the small and weak youth, came from the Archaean era in the future .

“Aha, what is the matter of life, and what is the point of death? Eighteen years later there will be another Wuchen Monk who eats and drinks smartly!”

A tall monk rushes into the militant way with laughter .

Obviously, he is absolutely a dissolute monk!

“All the creatures are about to be finished . How could I live in disgrace? Nalan Qingqing, let’s enter the militant way . ” A swordsman in rough cyan holds an elegant woman .

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“OK . ” That woman named Nalan Qingqing nods . Her exquisite face appears steadfast .

“Daddy, mummy, don’t abandon me!”

A little girl who is only three or four bursts out of the crowd and strides to that young couple .

She falls down, tearing her pants . Her knees and two tiny hands are all bleeding . But she picks herself up and rushes to that young couple as if she doesn’t have sense of pain at all .

Seeing the young girl stumbling towards then, the young couple suddenly shudder . The elegant woman sheds tears at once . “Good Xuanxuan, stay with grandpa . ”

“No . I want daddy and mummy!”

The little girl perversely shakes her head . Her tender cheek is covered with tears . She then accidentally falls down again . Without any hesitation, she gets up and rushes to her parents .

No one cannot be moved by this . Qin Yi can barely hold back his tears . The war is so cruel .

In the end the little girl runs to her parents, and her tearful cheek finally becomes happy, while her parents are already in tears .

The swordsman in rough cyan clenches his teeth and picks up the girl, then enters the militant way with the elegant woman .

Qin Yi frowns . His heart is twitching with sorrow . He can imagine that the little girl will be torn up by murderous sense the moment she goes out of the militant way .

However, Qin Yi believes that she is happy because she finally accompanies her parents .

Countless powerhouses are still rushing to the militant way in succession . They know well the tragic ending, but march on as well . This is an eternal elegy .

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